Monday, September 30, 2013

Dressage, and a bear, and hair down my bra--Oh my!


still my favorite horse meme ever.

This will come as a shock to most of you everyone: Bobby was amazeballs on Sunday doing straight dressage.

I warmed him up on a loose rein at w/t/c, sneaking in a flying change across the diagonal each way. We were joined by J and went to work on transition. I didn't worry about head set or geometry (something I also never worried about in school), focusing only on the quality of the transitions between all three gaits with lots of halting and backing thrown in and varying between posting and sitting work. Obvi that got him moving like a large, fancy dinosaur instead of like the large, angry dinosaur he likes to impersonate for about half of our flat rides.

Since he was being so cooperative, I asked him for the counter canter from the walk--which he stepped right into--and we continued around for two laps of the arena before J called out that she was going to circle at one end. To stay out of her way, I planned on doing my own circle, but didn't want to do it at the counter canter since we haven't worked on it in months. So, just before the corner, I got greedy and asked Bobby to switch over to the correct lead--which he did quietly and correctly and carried on like he performs flying changes from counter canter to true canter every day of his life.

I don't know what magical fairy trains my horse while I'm not there, but she can stick around.

A Bear

Hubby was at a NASCAR race in DE all day yesterday, so I was home by my lonesome. I was sitting on the couch watching football when I heard Pig Dog sound the Invader! alarm. Since I hadn't heard anyone pull into the driveway, I figured the neighbor's dog had wandered back into the yard again. I yelled at her to be quiet as I strolled out of the house to collect her. She wouldn't come when I called her, but she was standing in the yard with her hair raised barking her brains out. I stomped over to her and grabbed her collar before the thought slowly trickled into my brain: "Why isn't the other dog barking?" At which point I look over and see this:

not our bear, but literally the exact same pose. it even looks like our yard!

Standing in our yard, on the other side of the driveway (the length of my Saturn and Hubby's truck away), was a black bear. I scooped up my vicious guard dog and hauled ass into the house (meanwhile, my other vicious guard dog was snoring away inside).

About an hour later, I was sitting on the front porch talking to my mom on the phone and the bear went hauling ass out of our yard, across the road, and down the steep embankment where there's a creek and crop fields. I figured that was the last I was going to see of it, but no. Around 7:30, I let the dogs out, and as soon as they rounded the corner of the house they went ballistic. I peeked around the corner from the safety of the porch and caught the back end of this fucking bear crashing back into the hedgerow on the opposite side of our giant yard from where it had been before!

Of course, Hubby didn't get home until 11 so I got to freak out by myself for four hours. I haven't seen any sign of it today and it didn't go near Hubby's bee hives, so hopefully it's moved on to creep on someone else.  Oh, the joys of living just down the road from the state land where the nuisance bears get released!

Hair Down My Bra

One of the reasons Bobby isn't currently pulling a cart for the Amish is, that while we have our differences under saddle, his ground manners are impeccable. I did a quick bib clip on him yesterday before riding and he stood quietly in the wash stall without his halter or lead rope on while I fucked around with my blades. He had a hind leg cocked and he was so relaxed he was dropped.

just chilling while the jet engine clippers go off around him. 

He was absolutely soaked after our ride so I went ahead and gave him a blanket clip this morning.

like so.

He ground tied in the aisle as I crouched underneath him to get his belly, and then hung out while I tidied up his feet.

Speaking of feet, here are some truly poor quality pictures from my cell phone of how they're looking at the moment:




the fronts



They're not great by any means, but they're not completely horrible either. Just a little horrible. I'll try to get better pictures with a real camera in the next couple of days. Eventually I'll even have someone come out and do a real trim on him.


  1. His feet are looking so. much. better. already!!

  2. They are seriously looking so much better... they were like swiss cheese before:) Also, bears? No thank you.

  3. I feel like I need to get on the counter-canter band wagon, but I'm so stinking excited when the correct lead is picked up anyways.

    We once had some wild hogs at our apartment complex. I figured that they had to be domesticated pigs, because I had never even realized that our area had WILD HOGS. WTF? I didn't know that shit existed. I got a stiff lecture from the hubs about not approaching strange animals that could gore me.

    And the feeters are looking much better! Screw you, ominous-note-leaving farrier!

    1. I grew up in suburban Chicago, so even though everyone in the area is all, "Psh. Bears. They hang out on my back porch all the time." I was like, "WILD ANIMAL!! RUN AWAY!!!" I would have shit myself if it was a wild fucking hog. I watch too much animal planet.

  4. Holy crap a bear!! In your backyard!!

    1. My exact thoughts as I ran in the opposite direction!

  5. Yay decent-ish feet!!! Those can totes be barefoot if you find a good trimmer.

    Also, that meme. It is my life.

  6. Oh heck no to the bear!!!

    Yahoo for a fancy dressage Bobby!

  7. umm... even in the country bears should be scary... my grandma had them at her place, my eyes got huge, but the barn cat would just sit there cleaning itself, so I guess they learn their boundaries. Those feet look way better!

  8. His feet look so much better! And yikes on the bear. Good thing you have dogs!!

  9. Holy smokes! BEAR!!!

    Bobby's feet look so much better. I was very curious to see how the barefoot experience would go for him. His feet look like they are taking it really well now. :)

  10. I laughed out loud at the "fancy dinosaur" comment! I'm so glad his tootsies are looking better! :)

  11. Ahhh, bear in your yard!?! At least your dog was smart about letting you know it was there and didn't try to run the bear off or anything!


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