Thursday, August 2, 2012


My lesson was supposed to be at nine this morning so I got to the barn at 8:30, groomed, tacked up, and went down to the ring to warm up. BO is always late by a few minutes, but at 9:15 I finally rode back to the barn and asked BM if BO was even home. Nope. She went to get her hair done first thing in the morning with her friend, completely forgetting she had a lesson with me. Needless to say, I was about two seconds away from just finishing my ride on my own and leaving. Buuuut I didn't because I wanted some help with lateral work which is hit and miss and we had a few comments on our last dressage tests that Bobby needed more bend.

So I untacked Bobby and stuck him back in his stall and got on Spyder. Here's the thing about Spyder: he sticks at 17.2hh at his shoulder and he's built sooo downhill that his butt must be a solid 18hh. He has to die for gaits, but when riding him, you always feel a little bit precarious. He also started off our ride walking like a total drunkard. I ended up grabbing a whip and giving him one solid whack behind my leg and that woke him up enough to be nice for the rest of our ride. This weekend when Hubby comes out for his obligitory pony time, I'll have to jump on Spyder so you can see me go all Hunter Princess. I don't know what it is, but whenever I ride him, I seem to fancy myself a bit of a hunter rider. We fnished with a little jaunt through the woods.

spyder's first solo hack.
There was a lesson before mine that got started fifteen minutes late so I watered the barn to help BM finish chores and went to watch two sixty year old women do some quasi dressage. I read Intro A and B for them then got Bobby ready. Again.

BO asked if I wanted to run through any of the tests. No, I know BN A and I don't have to any more real dressage for the rest of the year. I wanted help with my lateral work. "Ok, well if you don't want to do the tests I have something I want to do with you." (Oh, PS I never found out what it was.) Clearly we were off to a great start.

Bobby, as always during lessons it seems, wasted the first twenty five minutes on making me correct his way of going. Never can he just go right into a nice working trot like he mostly does with me. Oh, no. He won't even fake putting his head down. We had to get that sorted out which was hard as balls, and then we worked on backing correctly. Bobby now knows how to back on a loose rein, so that's fancy I guess.

We did some cantering and worked on getting him to stretch down. BO said he looked really nice and we'll get really good scores on his canter. Um, thanks. If I run into a stretchy canter circle, I'll be pumped. Can we do some shoulder-in now? Even a little leg yielding?

No. We then worked some more at the trot, trying to get me to feel the difference between forward with impulsion (which felt too slow to me) and rushing (which felt too fast). So I either felt I was going too fast or too slow. But BO said all the bajillion half halts she was making me do were getting him to step under himself and go truly forward and when I bathed him after our ride, his butt cheeks were foamy.

Sooo....what did I learn from my expensive private lesson? Ehm.....


BO did nit pick me the whole time about my position which I appreciated, though now that I'm home I'm so sore it's ridiculous. It's just really frustrating to only be able to take a lesson once every month and I go in knowing exactly what I need and want to work on, and we don't even touch upon it.

I know if I lessoned with her every week, I'd probably make leaps and bounds in my position and with Bobby in general. But I can't afford to lesson every week. I can barely afford these monthly lessons. I need homework that I can grind through on my own, not "Can you schedule another lesson some time next week and I'll get on him?" No. I honestly cannot. I have zero more pony dollars for the month.

There's a Michael Page clinic at my alumnus that my advisor wants me to attend September 30th. He's getting me more info, but I think if that doesn't go through (it's a four hour drive into NY) I'm going to see if I can't trailer over to the eventing barn by my house for a jumping lesson before we go Novice at Burgundy Hollow at the end of October.

Bobby also came in with a new bite on his bum, which is supposed to finally get Bennie moved out of that paddock. Just in case that doesn't happen tonight though, one of the BMs' daughter's joked I should put chili powder on his bum to ward off unfriendly advances.

Poor, Robert. Forced to play along with the things we find funny. He was rewarded for his patience with some of BM's Mountain Dew when she made the mistake of opening her bottle in front of his stall. Bobby loves Mountain Dew.


  1. boo sorry that your lesson wasn't what you wanted :(

    BUT that chili powder pic is great!!! Did it work?!


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