Monday, March 27, 2017

Bad Horse

Ugh, Bobby, you're just bad!

one of us is pointed in the right direction

I guess I should have seen this coming. Bobby is a horrible monster during the winter, every single winter. But we did a lot of fucking around and not a whole lot of real work this winter because my motivation was down since I didn't know if I'd have a sound horse to compete this year, and a lot of days it was just too fucking cold to function seemingly more so this year than the years before. I had a relatively pleasant winter for once and now I'm paying for it in the spring.

I should be fair and say that while the tantrums are as violent and absurd as ever, he's actually coming back down to earth in a relatively short time frame for him. I don't feel like I've lost a whole ride fighting with him lately. Maybe five minutes max and I can start finessing some work out of him again, and we're able to end working normally.

lots of stretchy trot breaks to try to be nice. doesn't always work. 

Yesterday his problem was that he just wanted to canter. He also didn't want to steer and I was hit hard upside the head with how often my legs are off my horse when I steer. If I tried to get him to turn with just my legs, he blew through all my aids and then got pissed when I had to kick him over to avoid ramming into the wall. That obviously necessitated a fit, and while I got him working better, I still wasn't really putting my leg on like I needed to. That's going to be a constant work in progress. You have to respect my leg and not get rage bitch pissed when it's telling you to do things.

We also had a discussion about how you don't get to just canter whenever you feel like it. Oh, I picked up my reins from a free walk? BETTER CANTER. You want me to lengthen my stride? SOUNDS LIKE CANTER.

i've been working on letting him be way more forward at the canter which has resulted
in him really starting to lift up front. of course now i can barely ride it. 

It should come as no surprise that today's issue was that he didn't want to canter at all.


yesterday's reaction when i wouldn't let him canter.
today's reaction when i did want him to canter. 

It's a humid sixty degrees here today so I opened the arena doors and started our ride off with a meander around the pond and some of the trails that weren't too underwater. He was happy to be out and seemed better for it when we got back to the ring. He warmed up at all three gaits well. We did all sorts of fun things at the canter--changes of direction through walk and trot and counter canter shallow and three loop serpentines. He got a little tense a couple times, but no dramatics and stayed focused.

I let him have a long walk break while I looked up 1-2 on my phone. I'm doing 1-2 and 2-2 at our first rated show Memorial Day weekend. I never bothered entering any First tests last year because I never planned on sticking with dressage. Now we're mostly stuck here so I have to swing back down and grab those scores towards my bronze.

lengthenings are good to go. far too close to face planting for anything else.

He seemed pretty...mild, I guess, when I picked my reins back up to run through the test. Lengthenings were good, leg yields were fine, walk was fine, picked the trot right up, and then lost. his. shit. when I cued for the canter. I eventually got him into it and headed onto a forward trajectory, but when I turned in for the 15m circle he went winging sideways and lost his shit again.

bye felecia 

Lots of kicking got him moving forward even if it was up and down like a rabid rocking horse forward, but then he slammed on the brakes and refused to move. Ughhhhhhhh, Bobby. I got him out of that eventually and finally wrangled him at a walk onto the 15m circle we were supposed to be cantering. I let him walk on that for several minutes until his brain slunk back into his ears, trotted it a few times, and then--tah dah! I asked for the canter and he did two circles just fine with zero drama and continued on through the rest of the test quite fancily and without any fuss whatsoever.

casual every day warm up trot now

I let him be done there, did another outside walkabout, and hosed him off. Farrier and I had been talking before I got on about how everyone thinks Bobby is so sweet and perfect, and then I got off and she was like, "Good ride? LOLZ. Bobby you're the worst."

Some days, bro. Some days the Amish are calling you (metaphorically of course).


  1. Oh, Bobby. I read your riding recaps thinking to myself, "He must be related to my horse." I love it when they are 100% on board to do ALL THE THINGS one day and then the next day they're like, "lol, nope, checking out now."

  2. They're so spicy and opinionated right now!

  3. Ahhh talk about #BobbyProblems!! The changing of the seasons won't be helping anything.. I have to admit I HOWLED at the last sentence.

  4. Oh Bobby. You are a very special horse. :)

  5. So I just skipped every naughty Bobby picture so I could drool over every fancy dressage Bobby picture. Is that wrong?

  6. The fail pics make me laugh so hard.

    Because yeah. I have them too, just without the glorious success to lay next to them. ;-)

  7. He wouldn't be Bobby without a few tantrums now would he? He really does look fantastic in all his good boy photos. You've made a lot of progress even if Bobby doesn't want you to know.

  8. I always imagine your rides just consist mostly of "BOBBY NO. BOBBY YOU ARE A HORSE. BOBBY."

  9. Spring is such an iffy time for remembering how to horse...


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