Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Doing it up

Two good things happened in the past two days!

The first is that I finally bought a replacement jump saddle for my now long-gone Tekna. For whatever reason, the person that bought the Tekna off ebay can't be bothered to click a couple buttons to acknowledge that she got the saddle and all is well, but she can message me back to tell me that.

Click a few buttons < write a paragraph detailing how great the saddle is, and how happy her daughter is with it.

As such, ebay/paypal sat on my monies for a month to make sure I wasn't a saddle scammer and only released the funds yesterday. I missed out on a couple cheaper saddles that would have been perfect fits, but I was able to jump on a good old fashioned 17.5" 31cm Stubben Siegfried for just under my tiny budget that evening. BM warned me that the 31 probably won't stay wide enough for him in the long run, but I fully intend on investing in something nicer in the spring, and we both think it will work for him that long without issue.

It's only coming up from Virginia and it shipped first thing this morning, so I'm desperately hoping it will scurry its ass up here for my ass by Sunday's show. If not, BM dug out another slightly decrepit but still usable Stubben for me to borrow since all the other ones (Three other ones--best barn mates ever that let me use their things!) will also be going to the show.

identical to this saddle. i mean, it's an old stubben. they're not exactly eye candy.

The other good thing was that we jumped in on the jumping half of barn friend W's lesson this morning and did our first 2'6" course.


when your horse is giant, that shouldn't elicit much excitement.

We warmed up on the flat with her while BM coached her on getting the giant sleepy dragon she was on to lift his shoulders around the turns. Bobby--while not as light and fluffy as he was on Monday where he was the lightest and fluffiest--still acted like he'd maybe had a day or two of dressage training in his life and trucked along like a pro.

I was happy enough with that start honestly. If I hadn't shown up at the exact same time as W and conspired to hijack her lesson (with her permission of course), I was going to focus on getting Bobby super tuned in on the flat in a jump saddle in preparation for the flat classes anyway.

After warm up, BM sent W off to start the course first. (After I made her check that the jumps were really only 2'6" because they did look a little giant. They were though, and she shooed me away.)

We started off with a single outside, and then a long approach to a single diagonal, around to a three stride line, and then back around to another single diagonal. Okay, so it was an abbreviated course, but it hit on all the hunter points so good enough.

teeny tiny jump from the pace sunday

As is Bobby's MO, he wasn't really with it for the first jump and we stuffed it in there a bit. We landed in a heap, and he pulled the reins out of my wide open fingers. I had to do a circle to get reorganized both mentally and physically before coming to the first diagonal. Not enough leg and too much picking made him stuff an extra one in (or two or three...BM: "You guys would fit twenty seven extra strides in there if I didn't yell at you to come in with more pace!"), and I decided that before heading into the line that we'd start all over again.

The second time through was better though we still landed after that first jump slightly discombobulated. Like, what even is holding onto your reins? Don't ask me! The line felt like was raced through it although of course that just meant that we hit the three strides easily, and then a quick turn to the final jump.

W went again, and then Bobby and I went back at it. I closed my fingers on the reins while still working hard to make sure I wasn't pulling. BM told me to square my turn and let go of the inside rein so our turn to the first was better, and I landed aware of my surroundings.

Key points:

  • Sit the fuck down in the saddle to sit my fucking horse down.
  • Lean the fuck back with my whole collapsing upper half.
  • Put my fucking leg on and keep going.
We nailed the diagonal, and then got in good to the line. We came out a hair tight because racing, but still got to the last fence alive. BM rides him tomorrow which should have him not landing racing through a line in about two seconds flat.

The best part was that we had an audience of a few other people aside from BM and W which would normally freak me out, but I was able to completely ignore it. AND, even though I thought 2'6" looked a little on the large side, I wasn't scared to come up to them at all. It was just, "Hmm. Those look bigger than 2'6. That will make me feel like kind of a bad ass to jump those."

big show standards make 2'6" look downright tiny.
also how cute is hunter bobby? so cute.

I'm still undecided on which division we'll do, and I probably won't decide until after we've schooled that morning. Hunter shows, you may be the worst, but sometimes you're kind of the best.


  1. #LTFB (lean the f back) or die is a motto. And Elisa Wallace actually told me "don't be shit" in the clinic this weekend. The sitting and leaning struggle is real!

  2. Wait, ebay doesn't release money to the seller for a full month? Even if you use paypal? I know they're dicks about the echecks (a friend got screwed by that). I bought stuff off ebay using paypal and they never prompted me to do anything! eeeeek! *scurries off to go click yes, all is well!*

    I hope your new saddle arrives in time for the show!

    1. Because it was over a certain monetary amount and because I don't have a long history of selling things on ebay, they put a hold on the funds. They would have released the money sooner had the buyer acknowledge that the sale went through without issue--which it did, she just wouldn't click the damn buttons!

  3. That hashtag though, lol

    So many good things in this post!

  4. Yay for lots of happy things! Nothing wrong at all with an older stubben, I wish I didn't sell mine. :)

  5. Love it! Hate saddle shopping. Hope it comes in soon!

  6. I hope your new saddle makes it to you in time! Yay new saddle!

  7. Fingers crossed that your saddle gets there on time!

  8. I had that happen with a saddle I sold on eBay and k just provided my tracking # showing it arrived and they released the funds. Anyway, good luck at the hunter show.

  9. Have fun with the show! I have my fingers crossed that it arrives in time.

  10. Haha, that last line is so accurate. The waiting around is awful, but you get to jump all the jumps all the time pretty much... which is kind of cool. Good luck, and have fun! All you need to remember is eyes up and leg on, and you'll do awesome :D

  11. that feeling where they look big but i'm still ok riding up to them turned out to be serious progress for me - and it's not very far away from "they actually don't look big anymore." just keep doin what you're doin!! can't wait to read about the show!

  12. Fingers crossed that your saddle arrives in time for your ass on Sunday. And that you rock things Sunday. :)

  13. I look at those jumps and be like "those are small!" Until I am sitting on my giant tbred approaching them, and then they are huge

  14. Yay for a great lesson! I love that photo of you and Bobby being hunters. So cute!

  15. Nice!! I hear you on those 2'6" fences. When you haven't jumped in a while everything looks huge!

  16. Nice! Good luck at the show, you've got this!

  17. I had one lady be the winning bidder on my saddle on Ebay. Then thought she could make payments after she won it. That was a mess. But you know what isn't? You and Bobby jumping the things.

  18. I know that you probably sold your Tekna jump saddle for a reason, but I'm currently looking into them, so how did you like it? Pros and cons? I just cant seem to find any reviews for them online and want a real person's opinion.

    1. I actually really loved it! Super comfy, and the gullet system is seriously the easiest thing on the planet to switch. My only complaint is that they don't come in different size flaps so my super long femur hung right over. I sold it because the shape was no longer right for Bobby with his new muscling. I still have my Tekna dressage saddle and still really like that. I'd absolutely recommend them!

    2. That's great to hear as it seals the deal for me! Thanks for the help :)


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