Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Suck ittt

No apologies for the brief absence. I've been busying doing all sorts of things without feeling the driving desire to share any of them with the interwebs, and it's been pretty fab.

There is a wild fucking mongoose running around my house at all hours of the day, and she makes strange dinosaur noises at you when you don't participate in whatever satanic ritual she's in the process of completing. Her favorite thing to do is run at you on her hind legs with her ears pinned flat back and her mouth wide open, which quite frankly is not normal feline behavior and has solidified my opinion that she's some sort of of extraterrestrial here to suck your soul out of your face. That's why she's constantly trying to gnaw on it.

trying to read, but also considering calling in for an exorcism.

Bobby and I have been doing a whole shit ton of trail riding, even convincing Farrier to join BM and I on an hours long trail ride around Mendon Ponds Memorial Day weekend where she played tour guide so I wouldn't have to make loops of the same fields over and over again anymore.

We did some cross country schooling in the front field where I wasn't scared to jump; jumping in the ring; there's been much soaking in the pond on hot days; and generally anything that doesn't involve flat work has been played with.

Bobby developed some nasty hoof separation in his front feet overnight last week, enough that I handed him over to Farrier to get her advice on what to do. She didn't think it was white line as she was able to find the bottom of the separation pretty quickly (I quit digging after half a millimeter because gross, my horse's hoof is falling off), but suggested I treat it like that's what it was anyway. He's been sound on it after that initial discovery day, and it's quickly filling back in.

not normal.

I owe you two and a half show recaps. One from the dressage schooling show where last we left off, one from our rated/recognized/whatever show this past Friday, and a jump school off property at a hunter show that I didn't compete in but also didn't cry.

I did end up scratching the rated show where I was going to do First because of my ride times and BM correcting me last minute that the venue was in fact at least four hours away, not two like I'd originally thought. I also scratched my second day of tests at Second because of ride times...but honestly the eight hour wait between tests was just a good excuse. I didn't want to go. I changed my mind about even going to Friday's show just about every hour up to the afternoon before.


You see, I threw an epic tantrum when I got home from that schooling show a few weeks ago. I was going to scratch every single show I was already entered in, and had decided that I was no longer going to compete ever again ever.

I came out of the ring after doing my tests feeling like, while our work was far from spectacular, we'd done a pretty okay job especially for the type of show we were at and compared to our competitors at the level.

However, I'd gotten a bad vibe from the judge who had laughed several times during our test, loudly enough that I could hear it from different points of the ring, and who was incredibly snide in her comments after our last test. The comments I received on my tests were in general catty and/or unhelpful. Her markings were consistently awful, even when placed next to a comment conceding we'd done the movement just fine.

Travers right: Correct angle. 4.5


what the judge must have seen.

Way to not encourage amateur riders to want to try your sport, Judge. Way to make someone feel completely useless in their riding and training.

I'll get more into the tests in that show recap--Bobby actually was quite naughty for his simple changes--but there you are. The reason I quit cold turkey on blogging for awhile. I didn't want feedback from anyone after that. I didn't want your sympathy because I wanted to stew. I didn't want your encouraging words because I wanted to quit.

But I went and did the one show, and where we'd gotten a 4 from an L judge, the S judge gave us 7s. Instead if getting comments that backhandedly suggested we try again at another discipline, the bottom of my 2-2 test was adorned with a great big "Good test! Good job!"

No regrets for the many names I called L judge over the two weeks leading up to our last show where we got some redemption. There's never a good reason to be a bitch to people.

I'll try to squeeze out ALL THE RECAPS this week!


  1. I'd encourage you to let the organization putting on the show know how disappointed you were in the L judge! (Especially if it wasn't just a barn putting on a show, but something like a GMO.) Send them a polite email saying something like "I enjoyed your well organized show and great venue, but wanted to let you know that the judge did not give helpful or appropriate feedback. Please take this into consideration the next time you're thinking of hiring her."

    My GMO has hired some lousy judges in the same vein as this person, but if competitors didn't tell us about it, we wouldn't know. Sometimes we hire judges who score low, but give great feedback; sometimes we hire judges who score high but give very little feedback. If competitors feel that they're not getting the feedback they paid for, that's a problem which eventually leads to decreased numbers of competitors, which leads to less money!

    Anyway, you're probably not alone in your assessment of the judge, and she sounds like a bitch.

    1. At a schooling show, I'd prefer to show under a judge that scores low and gives great feedback, as opposed to a high scorer with no feedback. Unless something is an 8 or a 9, I expect to see something written.

  2. I have said it before, and will continue to say it all of the time.

    Most L judges are not accurate above First level. They just aren't. They haven't seen enough, and many haven't shown enough. Maybe in my area (DC/Maryland/VA) they are better, just because of the quantity of shows. But in most areas of the US, they suck. I refuse to invest any of my give a shits in their opinions, because most of them seem to expect you to perform Second as if you are riding a confirmed GP horse.

    Just wtf L judges. No. Stahp. Stick to S judges. Or big Rs, at a minimum.

    1. lol it's cute how you think there's a choice

      Oh wait are there places where that's a thing? Damn.

  3. Well, glad to see you back to blogging. I'm glad you didn't quit showing entirely because of one bitchy judge.

  4. Heyo. I contemplate stopping blogging fairly regularly. It's a lot of forced intimacy with strangers on the internet. The internet houses a lot of weirdos. Otoh, I have met some amazing people this way.

    So anyways. Glad you got good scores to balance out the weird L judge thing.

  5. man. seriously. fuck that judge. ugh.

  6. A judge LAUGHED during your test? That is bloody unprofessional. Screw that.

  7. I hope that L judge gets kicked in the face. LAUGHING?! Outrageously unacceptable!

  8. Too bad about the schooling show, but glad the rated show went well! Can't wait to hear more :) I try to avoid L grads, some are okay but all of them need more mileage. The ones that are serious about becoming judges (L grads are not judges btw) and graduated with distinction tend to be better than the ones that just did the L program for funzies.

  9. Looking forward to the recaps. Kitty (aka "Satan") is very cute.

  10. I love how evil can be so adorable when it's dressed in kitten clothes.

    I am a person who has organized many dressage shows and dealt with the complete lack of choice in shows because of where we live. As a result our group was very careful as to who we chose as judges. I would suggest that you give feedback to the organizers. We would look for that and if it seemed that it was more than one and we saw the comments we would not get that judge again.

  11. 1- I love your kitten and if the exorcism doesn't work, I'd be happy to take the godzilla kitty (the one we lost on Feb used to walk around on his hind legs and flail his arms, so we nicknamed it "godzilla kitty")

    2- Please tell the show organizers about the L grad. Laughing during your test is very disrespectful, and unconstructive criticism just isn't helpful. I had what I knew was a dreadful test, and the L grad judging it made some horrible, snide remarks. You just have to chalk it up to "they're cray cray" and move on. I'm curious as to who the judge was (so if I see her name I can avoid her!), but I know you can't put that on here. If you think it merits it, I'm sure there's a place within the USDF or USEF that you can inquiry to to report unprofessional behavior. The judge shouldn't be laughing at you with her scribe, or laughing with the scribe at a non-related subject while you're riding your test.

    3- Glad to see you're back though :)

  12. Kitteh! So cute, yet so evil :) Glad that you are back.

  13. DUUUUUUDE. I would have called the judge out after my test. Which I'm sure is highly unprofessional, but I would have at least asked her if she was laughing (and why). Rude.

  14. I'm with Codex. Tell the show organizers. We had a judge like that at our schooling shows, and SO MANY people complained. She hasn't been invited back. L judges are pretty hit or miss, which is sucky.

    Your kitten is... I'd say adorable, but that might only be true when she's asleep. We'll go with weird.

  15. How unprofessional. I think you should write a letter like Stephanie suggested.
    Looking forward to the show recaps.

  16. OMG kitty is too much. TOO MUCH hahaha

  17. Man. How rude. Especially when you are paying money to get an honest and appropriate view.


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