Friday, July 5, 2013


Did I say frustrations? Because I think there might be stronger words for it.

On Thursday, I tack walked Bobby for forty five minutes (with a lot of standing around since a lesson was finishing up when I got there) and then freed him from his jail cell for awhile longer.

He got to do some of this:


And a little bit of this:

this lasted all of five strides. wild horse!

Then he sadly had to go back to his stall since all of his shoes are clinking now and the flies are so awful, I didn't trust him to not rip his feet to shreds getting turned out for the night.

Hubby, the hounds, and I went out to watch the fireworks that night. I have a little laugh whenever I see the "ZOMG, Doggies must not go near fireworks EVERRRRR because they iz TOO loud and TOO scary!!!!" posts on Facebook. We go down to the fairgrounds every year where we watch the fireworks get set off over the river. We're far enough away where the noise is only a dull boom, and the puppies get a topping-free sundae from McDonalds for a treat. They spend their time during the show eating fireflies and staring down the empty sundae cups as if more icecream will magically appear if they give it a sad enough face. When someone sets off fireworks near the house, they don't even acknowledge the noise. They're very brave, food motivated, desensitized puppies. 

so scary!

Today, I got to the barn half an hour before the farrier was due to show and gave Bobby a good grooming. As he was standing idly in the aisle, two ponies wandered calmly in and made their way through the barn to stand in front of their closed stall doors. I let them in, put Bobby back in his stall, and looked around for BM. When I didn't see her, I went up to the house (because after nearly two years of being here, I still haven't figured out how to use the barn phone) and ratted out the escapees. BM and I threw them back out and double latched their mysteriously open gate.

I went back into the barn and Bobby started screaming his head off, assuming he was once again being left behind. I felt bad for him and took him out to wander around while we waited for NF. He was being exceptionally rude so he was reunited with his friend The Shank--at which point he walked around the driveway on his naked foot totally sound. Oh really? Someone might be trying a barefoot transition sooner rather than later....

After we both got sick of the bugs, and the farrier was close to an hour late, we went back into the barn and were informed that NF would not, in fact, be coming today--that he had a waterline on his truck burst on the way out and had to turn around and go home. He said he's going to come out tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. 

The thing is, he's got five horses to do. All are now two weeks overdue. Two are missing shoes, one is sore from being overdue, one has navicular and needs to be on a regular schedule, and one has arthritis that's acting up from needing to get done. It's not like this is a "Please come shoe my pony so I can go to a show!" deal. NF is not cheap. He's going to get a big check from this visit. I understand things happen, but I don't understand why he couldn't have been out two weeks ago.

I'm buggin', is what I'm trying to say.

Who wants to take bets on whether or not he comes out tomorrow?


  1. Is it possible to get a new farrier? It sure sounds as though you need one. I do not know why farriers are so unreliable. It's almost like a prerequisite!

  2. Wow, he must have plenty of business to be so cavalier about letting you guys hang on the line so long. Any other decent farriers around?

  3. My dog couldn't care less about fireworks he's all, 'mmm food, ooo tummy rub, play ball?'

  4. One of my past farriers was like that, it was so frustrating!!

  5. If the farrier should've been out there two weeks ago, then I would find another one. I hope Bobby feels better, but yes, frustrating!

  6. Ugh what a pain!! I don't get how ppl just don't hold their appointments... Obviously you are waiting for him.

  7. I am a day late but I hope he came out.

  8. I'm in the process of changing farrier, reminds me actually must text friend to remind her to ask her farrier if he can do my two too...They can be so frustrating, one of my girls was two weeks without a shoe (she only has front shoes) and it came off a week after his visit - as far as he knows I am still waiting for him to come put it back on as he never rang me back! That was 5 weeks ago!

    Delighted to hear that not all dogs are bothered by fireworks, did you train them to be like that through desensitization or are they just pretty chillaxed in general?
    I'd love to get a dog someday, so collecting training tips before that day comes. :p

    I hope the NF came or you'll be looking for a NNF!


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