Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thank you, Dapplebay!

The winner of my 100 Followers Contest, L. Williams, chose Dapplebay's Jumper tee for her prize.

The owner/creator/creative mastermind behind Dapplebay, the wonderful Leah, was amazingly generous following the contest and she offered me my choice of shirts as well! Obviously I accepted. Who wouldn't have? My choice was the 3 Days/ 3 Ways shirt in grey.

I got it yesterday and I'm wearing it today. I. Love. It. Super soft, super classy looking, super wearing-it-everywhere amazing. I cannot recommend it more. Leah has designs for the english rider in all of us. Who cares if you ride western? You'd still look super cute in one of these bad boys.

Dear Hubby,

I know I keep telling you I need a new OTTB Tee for Valentine's Day, but I'm pretty sure you could swing an Eventer tee, too. Just throwing that out there.

Your adoring fan,



  1. Awesome! Way to go Leah & Dapplebay!

  2. Mines hang drying right now, I'm hoping the weather is decent enough for me to sport it outside!

    Thanks so much and thank you Leah @ DappleBay it's an awesome shirt :D

  3. Yay! I am eager to purchase one as well! :)

  4. Love the note to the hubby!! Those tee's look sooo cool, i might have to think about investing in some for myself you can never have to many clothes :)

  5. Both t-shirts look fab, well wear girls! :D

  6. They are amazing shirts. I want one so bad.

  7. That's awesome!I will be ordering one (or more) for sure!


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