Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Fail and Fotos

After two days of storming, the wind and the snow finally settled down this morning. We started off with a roasty toasty 11* which was warmer than it got all day yesterday, and I was able to get everyone turned out to frolic in the fresh foot of snow--or to just stand around and eat their hay because fatties. Obviously this meant the day's priority was a bareback snow ride!

even the best backdrop i could come up with
can't make bobby look dreamy

I barely had my leg over Bobby's back before he was plowing off into the drifts, out on his own Bobby mission. I'm glad I have a horse that loves snow rides as much as I do, although I do wish he'd keep the porpoising in the canter to a minimum.

just really loves snow, okay?

We strolled around for awhile, enjoying the beauty of nature and occasionally getting offended when snow dropped from the trees onto us. I eventually jumped off, hung up my quarter sheet on a jump, and sent Bobby off to be photographed.

"wait, where are you going?"
distracted by having to stuff his face back in the snow.

When I was done, I kicked the snow off one of the log jumps and lined Bobby up so I could get back on. Bobby kept stepping forward to try to eat tree branches right as I was about to jump up, but I eventually got him wrangled to where I needed him. Or so I thought.

I don't know if this counts as a fall, but it was bound to happen with my last post. I pushed off with one foot while swinging the other one over, but the foot still on the log slid on the snow and I crashed down underneath my poor, tolerant horse. He stood there like a statue while I laughed hysterically until he finally took one careful step sideways and looked back at me like, "What in the actual fuck are you doing down there?"

"y u so stupid, human?"

I brought him around to the other side of the log which was a bit taller, and after some exceptionally awkward scrambling, I was able to shimmy my way back aboard. Poor, poor Bobby.

"y u so ugly, bobby?"

We spent another ten minutes out wandering around before heading in. I stuffed half a bag of butterscotch candies down his throat and then sent him out front to hang with his boyfriend for the day.

how can you not ride in this?


  1. I never thought to give butterscotch candies as treats. I need to try that!

  2. omg the little conversation between you and bobby via captions.... hilarious! and yea that snow, how could anyone resist such a frolic!!!

  3. I really hate winter except for bareback snow rides. Gorgeous!

  4. Love riding in the snow. Minus the temps generally associated with the snow!

  5. Those snow photos are so gorgeous!!

  6. Wow, that is sooooo much snow.

  7. That's cute he loves the snow! I think Apollo likes it too... except that he insists on deer jumping through it... which is lovely. I love riding a paint dolphin.

  8. I slipped getting on the other day and only didn't fall to the ground because I landed half on the fence I was trying to get on from and half hanging from Levi's neck. The snow looks so pretty though; I want to ride there.

  9. I love snow rides. They are so much fun. I laughed at you falling, mostly because that is my kind of move.

  10. I loved seeing these winter pics yesterday while mom and I were out and about. We both laughed at his snow face, lol.

  11. I've never ridden in snow before... and I really want to!

  12. I love this post. I don't trust any of my goons enough to ride in the snow. Maybe the next one?

  13. I love when the trees get all frosted! Still a little pansy to ride on the snow, but soon I will be brave!


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