Saturday, November 23, 2013

You're Welcome.

I know I just got done extolling Hubby's virtues, but he did something so mean tonight. I got out of the shower and wandered back downstairs and he greeted me with, "So-and-so's coming you should probably put a bra on." I mean, really? What kind of fascist facility does he think he's running here? Rude.

I'm kind of in a self-inflicted state of emotional turmoil. I'm a horse girl. It's a state we're constantly in, I think. I've been working my balls off in the outdoor to get Spyder lighter and more responsive to my seat--mostly at the canter--and I had a great break through with him yesterday. He's so stiff to the right that it's like cantering a board with no steering or brakes. But I worked him through it in his fat snaffle without pulling his face off (thank you, standing martingale), and finished with an amazing trot. I was really happy with my ride, and I was excited to update BO this morning on the work I've done with him this past week.

that foam is from genuinely working, not fussing with his bit for once.

I pulled in early just as BO was headed into the arena to start her first lesson. I went over to lend a hand (she's still recovering from her back surgery, so she's using a walker), and who's in the arena? Spyder. I let it roll off my shoulders since he is BO's horse which means he's supposed to be getting used for lessons. But remember what I said? As soon as I start working with someone, they get ridden more. Once I back off rides, people will back off rides, too. It's magic, I swear.

I got Bobby tacked up instead and went to join the riders in the indoor since the outdoor has been alternately rained on and frozen this week and I knew he wouldn't like the footing. BO went on to teach the girls everything I've been working on with Spyder this week--forget the reins, forget the front end, it's all off the seat, and forward should always be the first answer. It was a pretty thorough dressage lesson for a few hunter girls, and their horses responded well to it....especially Spyder. BO went on to tell the girl riding him that it was the best ride she's ever had on him and he looked amazing. Well, yeah he looked amazing. He was just continuing what he's been doing the past six days!

see? bobby isn't the only one capable of taking awkward pictures.

That kind of irked me, but it really shouldn't because I go out of my way to ride when no one else is around so I don't get in anyone's way. I don't run up to the house and tell BO about my rides, and I'm not the type of person to undermine someone else's riding. The girl was doing a good job--in the segunda and in the indoor where's he's pretty chill. Spyder is a tough ride, and I have to work hard to get the same results she was getting in her lesson. But I'm sure it helped that he'd basically been given a week's worth of training rides and then she was able to show off what he'd learned. Maybe I should have gone up to BO and been like, "This is exactly what I've been doing with him. I hope you realize that I'm progressing his training." But I'm definitely not that type of person either.

Basically, I'm feeling whiny and under-appreciated. Nothing new to see here, folks.

early august picture of bobby being fed by small child.
taken by fellow boarder.

On the plus side, BO did compliment the improvement in Bobby's canter so that was nice to hear. He also made me look like I knew what I was doing by trucking right along quietly and softly and doing everything I asked. Well, except for leg yields. I know I keep saying I'm going to get him massaged or adjusted, but I keep running into other bills. Like, I don't know, a $150 Lyme test and farm call. I'm sitting on a large chunk of money budgeted for Doxy, so maybe I'll get lucky and I won't even have to use it. Maybe?

BO gave me her old Passier dressage saddle after my ride to see if it fit Bobby. I will die and buy it if it does. (And by buy it, I mean tell my parents it's what I want for Christmas this year.) I miss riding in a dressage saddle so badly.

I might have pictures or video tomorrow. The Nikon is on its way back from Geek Squad fulling functioning again, which means some time soon Hubby and I will be doing a family Christmas picture, and it will involve Bobby and lights. I am so excited.


  1. People who don't appreciate never will, and that is a super annoying part. Know the feel, and sadly we gotta move on :( in other news I hope you don't need the doxy and I hope you do get a nice dressage saddle.

  2. That's how it always is, a horse get worked and looks fantastic = everyone wants to ride it. Praise is excellent and I like feeling appreciated too. Since you got to see how great he was with another rider really shows to you at least that your riding is helping him positively than negatively.

  3. Well at least you can get praise here for all your hard work. We all get being underappreciated. And now I really want to try a dressage saddle if your fiending for one so bad ;)

  4. Frustrating!! Maybe she knows your riding him? Either way we are proud of you!! :)

  5. well, I doubt BO thinks his current rider is capable of fixing him or she wouldn't have asked you to ride.

  6. Ok, that same thing used to happen to me at a barn I used to ride at. My boss would ask me to ride some of the horses that werent being used in lessons and all of a sudden once I started working them, they were on everyones top of the list! Why do we even bother. This even happened with my old pony Fandango before I bought him - I knew I was going to buy him and I didn't want these other hooligans ruining him! So annoying!

  7. You know, IMO the way to deal with the Spyder issue is to put a huge grin on your face when you pass by BO, and explain that you are so happy that what you've been working on with him is so quickly transferring to his normal rider! Be proud and pleased, because really you should be! You did that work so own it! =)


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