Saturday, November 9, 2013

Well, boo.

First of all, boo on Hubby's picture taking skills today. Someone hasn't taken the new Nikon to get fixed because we moved and now live ten million miles away from the nearest Best Buy, and I just don't want to drive ten million miles. So Hubby was stuck with the old as hell Olympus that sometimes feels like turning on and sometimes not, and when it does turn on it hates your face. But he still could have taken better flat pictures the first time he was there to witness Bobby going like a Prance-a-saurus in his hackamore outside where there's good lighting. But he didn't. 

because he does not look as fancy as he was being here!

Really, I'm just being a whiny bitch because that's the mood I'm in. We've had one too many uplifting posts around this joint. It's time for my Stephen King novel to take a turn for the worse. (I've never even read a Stephen King novel, by the way, but isn't taking a turn for the worse what they're all about?)

Bad news first, or good news?

Yay, bad news!

my, what large ears you have.

Yesterday when I wandered into the barn, BM was like, "Let's shoot you down." No, she wasn't actually like that, but she did tell me that when bringing Bobby inside in the morning, he doesn't want to move to come in. He just stands there like he'd be perfectly happy to be left alone all day. Normally, since this is Bobby and Bobby is a giant dope, I'd be like, "Meh." However, it's a new behavior for him and a few horses in the barn have come up with high positives for Lyme disease. 


Then that got me thinking about how he feels under saddle. He's been warming up the past week and a half feeling like he's footsore, but he's not showing any signs of being footsore--even walking up the gravel hill! He just starts out kind of short-strided, but then once he's had a forward trot and a canter on a loose rein in half seat, he's absolutely one hundred percent sound. He feels great once he's warmed up. 

warm up canter in my ballin' Horze coat!

It's easy to write that off as "It's getting colder, his muscles are taking longer to warm up, yada yada" except that I've known this horse from Day One and he's never had a problem warming up in cold weather. 

But he's not running a fever. Once warmed up, he's supple, he's relaxed, he's excited to be working, he's moving into the bridle, and he's jumping great. He hasn't gotten grumpier. He's not grinding his teeth about anything (which is a big deal for him). The only difference is that he's reluctant to move to come inside each morning, and he's stiff warming up.

That's enough for me. Lyme is easily treatable, especially when caught in the earlier stages, and thanks to the awesome BMs who are quick to notice and point out any little change in the horses, I'd say there's just enough there to go off of. So I'm waiting for my vet to get back to me with an appointment time, and I'll have the test done. Hopefully if it comes off positive, it's really fucking low because treatment is currently really fucking expensive. 

oh, hey, fancy horse at really awkward angle.

On to the good news!

I got a video of Bobby jumping! 

Those were the last two jumps we did. I asked BM to watch since she was turning a horse out in the paddock next to the arena, which is who I'm talking to at the end. Also, I threw that chip in there on the last jump just so you guys wouldn't think Bobby and I were getting to full of ourselves. We do still occasionally bite it. That's just how we roll, okay?

slightly overzealous on a mid-air lead change while warming up.
don't judge.
the type of high quality photos you're missing out on.

obviously excellent timing.

That's all that's going on in Bobby Land at the moment. He's going to get his sheet switched out for his medium weight tomorrow in preparation for a week of highs in the thirties. That is clearly not exciting at all and just very depressing.


  1. Lyme disease is a sneaky mofo. We've had a lot of horses at my (old) barn that got Lyme, and it is hard to diagnose, because the symptoms are so vague! At least it is easy to treat

  2. I hope whatever it is, its NBD. "It's time for my Stephen King novel to take a turn for the worse. " - this line seriously made me spit out my drink with laughter.

  3. Tickbourne stuff is awful but as you said, easy to treat! Hope it works out, doxy is amazing stuff!

  4. Lol at all the captions. And the Stephen King reference. I've only read one book of his, the Dead Zone, and it was good.

  5. Your chip doesn't look that bad! I bite it all the time, like today. Look forward to fail video on Monday. I hope you get the vet appointment soon and the news you want!

  6. Your lucky your BM pays attention. Hope its NBD with the vet. Stephen King twist would probably include a demon clown or much more creepy twist like Bobby becoming a zombie horse from mystery illness. ;)

  7. LOL Love the Stephen King reference as "I am his number one fan!" LOL (Sorry couldn't resist the quote from Misery) Anyway, I hope everything turns out to be OK~

  8. I agree- so nice your BM notices things!!!

    Heres to everything being a-ok!

  9. Highs in the 30s? Your weather=fail.

    That said, I refuse to check the forecast here.

  10. I hope he doesn't have Lyme, or if he does that it's not bad. Both of my dogs have tick diseases so I probably should check my horse too. I hate ticks!

    I saw a comment you left on someone's blog about supplements and you mentioned a joint supplement for sticky stifles... sorry I'm new to your blog so I don't know the details. Is it for locking stifle? My young horse has locking stifle, so I was wondering what supplement you were using and if it was helping. Thanks for any info!

    1. He's never locked up badly, but when I first got him off the track, and when he gets very unfit, they "stick". I don't know how else to describe it--it's not full-on locking, but definitely restricted. I do a lot of hill work with him and he's on Recovery EQ. Between the two, he hasn't had a problem with them. But I do have to make sure I don't slack on the strength work, or he gets sore quickly.

    2. Okay thank you. I'll look into the Recovery EQ. Sadly I have no hills (unless you count the pond banks and dirt pile in the pasture) so I can't use them for strength building. I was thinking of trying cavaletti though...

  11. I think we should team up and teach a class. OMFG. MULTIPLE CLASSES! But the first one: How To Photograph Your Wife Riding a Horse, For The (fucking?) Inept But Forcibly Willing.

    And then: How To Properly Pepper A Post With Gleefully Salty Language.

    And then a riding class, for shits and giggles. But I think every time someone chips, a chippendale has to leave the stage.

    Have your agent call my agent.

  12. Fingers crossed its nothing too serious with Bobby!! I too love the Stephen King reference.


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