Saturday, November 2, 2013

Much better.

Friday was kind of a "meh" flat ride.

Bobby and I had different interpretations of what should happen once I got him straightened out. I felt that he should continue being straight, but at the canter Bobby was confident that me putting my leg on him to get his hips aligned with his shoulders, and then adding a half halt to keep him balanced, was the cue for a flying change. Granted they were very nice flying changes, but not what I was going for. Of course then we had a discussion about how I was right and he was wrong and OMG BOBBY CAN NEVER BE WRONG SO NOW WE MUST FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

Puh-retty typical ride with my dear, sweet, kind Thoroughbred. We are such good friends.

But he redeemed himself today! K reported that the outdoor was slop, but there was no way I was riding in the indoor with half a dozen beginner kids, and I'm determined to stick to my alternating dressage-jump schedule, so we went up anyway. I rolled some poles together between a pair of standards and started the Baby Jumping Horse exercise.

He was a total star! I set up the jump so he came off the long side and jumped "on" the short side in the middle of the ring, and we did a figure eight over it. No rushing at the trot or canter over the poles, X, or 2'3" vertical. A couple of not-perfect spots, but they weren't like, "Oh sweet Jesus, how did we not just die?" They were like, "Grr, needed to take that spot, but it was a little awkward."

I only rode him for about fifteen minutes because he was so good, and I'd like to reinforce that calm jumping = best thing ever.

Even better than calm jumping?

Oh my gosh, he is so fucking sound. I jumped him out there completely barefoot and he was totally okay with it. He walked up and down the gravel hill to get to the ring, and he was almost totally comfortable. Still walking a little cautiously over some of the worse spots, but good. So, so good.

Just before soaking his feet this morning, I was cleaning his RF out and noticed that part of his frog was looking pretty manky. It's been like that for about a week, but I'm honestly a little afraid of my hoof knife and have been ignoring it. I could almost yank it off with my fingers, so I finally caved and cut it off, which revealed....

see it?

Looks just like an abscess blew out there, doesn't it? It would make so much sense, too. He was progressing really well, and then for a week he came out super foot sore and lame. I blamed the thrush, which was certainly also getting worse and needed more aggressive treatment regardless, but brewing an abscess under there fits right in with that timeline.

So lesson learned: when you see gross frog that needs to be cut back, put on your big girl panties and confidently wield that hoof knife.


  1. My TB often retains sole and frogs rather than shedding them. I find this out like you did, when having a WTF moment during hoofcare. Then the entire frog starts coming off, or big chunks of retained sole will come off with just the hoof pick.

    As his feet get better, I've been able to get more proactive about it. You will too I think!

  2. Love the new banner. So classy. ;)

  3. We love a sound Bobby! It is much preferred.

  4. Yay for calm jumping Bobby and for soundness! It took me a long while to get comfortable using the hoof knife, but just start doing it and it gets easy.


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