Sunday, November 17, 2013

And a one, and a two

I will try to keep the continuation of yesterday's rambling saga shorter, especially since it will also include today's rambling saga! Yay, rambling sagas! And boo, no good pictures.

Horse One: Spyder

extremely difficult to snap a picture of due to an addiction to peppermints.

BO asked me yesterday to start riding Spyder. Again. She asks me periodically, I start riding him, he starts getting ridden by other people mostly-regularly, I stop riding him, and then everyone stops riding him. I'm not sure why that cycle repeats for every horse BO asks me to work, but it's idiot proof. Always fucking happens, so don't expect too many continuous Spyder updates.

Yesterday I just did a lot of trotting with him since he likes to alternate between being a slug (his fave) and being a racehorse. He responds beautifully to half halts which is nice since he's a little fussy with his bit, but once I half halt to slow him down from jetting around, he reverts to sluggishness. So I put my leg back on and he shoots away. I finally got one full lap of consistent forward without being a brat and called it quits.

Today, he was more consistent all around. He really just needs to be worked every day so he knows what the fuck is expected of him, and he'll be a solid citizen. We did a good bit of cantering which is usually his downfall since he enjoys ducking his shoulder, or scooting across the arena sideways, or spooking at himself in the mirror. However, he was about as gentlemanly as he gets today and I got to enjoy his giant, lofty, jumpy canter without snatching for my neck strap a single time. Coming back down to the trot was...a process, but we'll work on it.

Horse Two: Sir Robert

split second ears forward picture! it can happen!

Robert got a jump school today--I'm not counting yesterday as a "schooling" for anything. It was a fuck off day. He was a BOSS. Maybe not a boss for people with well trained, quiet, forgiving, "I love you!" horses, but a boss for him.

Here was our mini course I set up:

it can't be helped how good i am at paint.

The blue barrel was laid flat on its side all by its lonesome with no wings or standards. I started him off over that at the trot. He happily popped over it without even considering ducking out. Once more at the trot, picking up the canter one stride out, and then again at the canter. No problems whatsoever. Time to go school skinnies! Because jumping a 2' barrel is totally the same thing!

Shut up. I was excited.

Warmed up with a few fences singly before stringing a couple together and finally running through the above course twice. We got one chip the entire ride. ONE, people. That is a fucking new record for us. The jumps still aren't big, but I like that my tiny brain was able to run through a course without frying itself. Go, brain!

No barn tomorrow. I may have torn an ass muscle. Not sure how that happened.

Also, got check out the contest at Equinpilot!


  1. Loooooooove that picgture of Bobby. That looks like a fun course and I'm glad he was so good :)

  2. Torn ass muscle? That does NOT sound pleasant.

  3. Yay for one little tiny barely there chip!

  4. Jumping the single barrel is no small feat! Seriously. Skinnies on the XC course at least have flags that sort of resemble standards, which set one up for success. Lone barrel on its side? Sir Robert is, indeed, a BOSS!

  5. Soooo, along with being a massive fan of yours (though my laptop is not such a fan considering the frequency with which you make me spit various liquids in its direction) I also blog about horses and healing from mental and emotional disorders. I'm no where near as entertaining as you are, but I do include talking horses! Incidentally, Bobby and Tia should really meet and talk, I doubt the blogosphere would be able to contain themselves.


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