Friday, November 29, 2013

5 Day Challenge - Day 4

Be on the lookout for a Friday double post for a full update on Robert and his many ailments--including the results of his Lyme test! (Assuming Vet really does call me back....assuming Cornell really does call her back.)

16. One thing you'd like to change about your horse

Um, everything? His pissy attitude? His mental meltdowns when he gets an answer wrong? His sticking stifles? His weak feet? His inability to focus at shows? His inability to focus anywhere? He creepy infatuation with mares years old than him (which includes, but is not limited to, suckling their coolers after they've been worn)?

Noooo. I wouldn't be able to have such a fun blog if I changed anything about Bobby!

straight up besties!

17. Your horse's future

My long (long) term goal for Bobby and myself is completing a Prelim event and showing Second Level dressage. I think he can go further with the dressage (though probably not much further), but soundness-wise, I don't think we'll ever sneak past the 3'7" mark. Which is fine because jumping around an Intermediate cross country course is not something I ever want to do.

although he does like making sure he clears the 4' standards for no reason at all.

18. Your worst show ever

Oh, hey. I already blogged about it!

it looked like we were well prepared to go in, but we weren't.

19. Favorite horse show venue

It's not some fancy multi-million dollar facility, but I love showing at Burgundy Hollow. The atmosphere is always super laid back, the owners and the volunteers are super friendly and helpful, and while the courses can be tricky--especially the stadium--it's the best place to take someone new to eventing.

warming up at burgundy.

20. Your show day routine

Get up super early, turn on Hubby's coffee and stick cinnamon rolls in the oven (the only thing I can force myself to eat so early in the morning), make lunch, and throw the last couple things in the truck. Throw Bobby his grain, hook up the trailer, wrap Bobby's legs, and get him on the trailer making sure to thank him for being such an easy loader.

At the show, I check in with the dogs while Hubby unwraps Bobby. About an hour before my dressage test, I start getting both Bobby and myself dressed. I give us fifteen-twenty minutes to warm up before doing our test. Bobby gets sponged down afterwards and put back on the trailer to eat hay paw while Hubby, the hounds, and I walk the cross country course, take a peak at the stadium course map, and check dressage scores.

I eat lunch and drink a bottle of Gatorade (no kidding) before getting Bobby and I dressed again about twenty minutes before stadium. Warm up quickly, watch at least one rider ride the course before me to memorize it (I've never walked a stadium course before. I think it would confuse me.), and bumble through. Head over to cross country, bumble through that, and head back to the trailer for a sponge down with liniment.

Stuff more food and Gatorade down my throat, wrap Bobby's legs back up, pack up all my scattered crap, and head over the secretary's stand to turn in my pinny and number, pick up my dressage test if I haven't already, check final score, and pick up the appropriate ribbon (because the only time we've finished out of the ribbons is when we haven't finished at all).

Drive home!! Let Bobby romp in the indoor quickly, give him his grain, and chuck him outside for the night. We bring the trailer home so I can unpack it the next day, but all laundry goes in the wash as soon as we're home. Actually, I'm a little OCD and usually the only thing that needs to get done the next day is picking out the poop and dropped hay in the trailer and scrubbing the water buckets.

it's obviously an exhausting day for doggies.

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