Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sunshine Award

Just when the smoke from the Liebster Award has cleared, another round of blog awards is spamming your news feed. I think I'm going to behead the next fucking flower I see.

See what a positive person I am? It is clearly why five bloggers have nominated me. So thank you to My Life on HorsesForging FictionEventing in ColorPrincess Diva Diaries, and My Equine Odyessy.

why there's a picture of a flower instead of a sun is beyond me.

Here is what the sunshine award means: Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. Rules below.
  • First, the nominee must thank the blogger that nominated her and link to her blog. 
  • Next she must nominate ten bloggers for the award and let them know. 
  • Then, she must answer a list of ten questions and post to her blog.  
  • Finally, the Sunshine Award button must be posted on the blog. 

1. Do you prefer Mares or Geldings?   
Truthfully, I am such a raging bitch myself that I think if I ever owned a mare we would kill each other.  

2. English or Western?
I actually really enjoy both. I'm probably more comfortable in an English saddle, but I love a lot of the western sports.

3. Do you prefer "younger" or "older" horses?
Mm, as long as they're not babies, younger horses. I've never had an affinity for babies, but it might have something to do with dealing solely with Thoroughbred babies for years in college. Want to take the joy out of hacking? Jump on a 20 month stud colt with minimal manners. Remind me to one day tell the tale of how my roomie ended up hanging from the bar of a stall door when she "parted ways" with a baby.

it was this baby, as a matter of fact. little shit.
(see how well this picture shows how much i love babies?)

4. Have you ever trained a horse from ground zero?
Why do you think Bobby and I have such a special bond? (Time out. Go wipe off your keyboard.) I started a couple of babies from step one in college, and have restarted several fresh off the track TBs into riding horses.

the key to starting babies? a good pony. jackson was the best.

5. Do you prefer riding or ground work?
Riding. I'm too lazy for serious ground work most of the time, though I don't mind longeing every now and then.   

6. Do you board your horse or keep it at home?
I currently board my horse. The last year we lived in NY, I kept my horse at home, and I leased a pasture and barn the first few months we moved down here and did full care on my three horses. Boarding is far superior. 

7. Do you do all natural things or commercial stuff? (In the sense of products.)
I'm proactively anti-organic everything. Bring on the chemicals.

8. All Tacked up or Bareback?
I accomplish more tacked up, but I like riding bareback, too.

9. Equestrian model?
Doug Payne. Because even when he's falling off, he still looks like an amazing equitation rider. If I could ride even remotely like him, I would die happy. He is amazeballs. Someone find me one of his clinics. 


10. What's your one main goal while being in the horse world?
To learn all the things.

I really was going to list ten blogs to pass this on to, but after scrolling through my reading list, I'm not sure there's anyone that I haven't seen already nominated. And if you're reading this, and you haven't seen yourself on anyone's list yet, give it another day. I'm sure you'll pop up eventually. 


  1. Doug Payne is the number 1 underrated rider out there I think!

  2. I was wondering about the flower vs. sun thing too. Now I'm going to hide behind a wall as I say I nominated you too (with a disclaimer that I knew some had already been nominated and to just keep being awesome), please don't kill any flowers;)

  3. My #1 answer is the same... there is such a thing as too much equestrogen! ©


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