Monday, June 17, 2019

Two Thirds

Two thirds: The ratio of Dopie's body parts that work.

The missing link? That whole kit and caboodle in the middle.

is that opie's rib cage napping in the wilds?
oh, no, just an old man haffie.

To further complicate matters, the front half and the back half work...but not often simultaneously. We've been working on leg yields and quarter lines--both things that really highlight how wiggly and not straight young Dopie Horse can be. Also, am I the only one that just really loves a circle more than long sides? Because in my brain long sides are only for lateral work and I hate straight lines. Hence the teeth grinding work on quarter lines, but ugh. Fundamental dressage is the worst.

Opie is not a fan of the whole leg yielding thing. They were something Bobby found easy, and I kind of thrust them upon Opie expecting the same result. As a result, he hasn't progressed much beyond moving sideways in a rudimentary way accompanied by immediately tensing up. I know it's been a weakness, but in the throes of kicking off show season, they got lumped into "I got 99 problems and leg yields are just one of them."

We have to finish out this season at stupid First level though, so they've got to get cleaned up. Knowing that it's a lack of understanding on his part, I've reverted them back to kindergarten. From the counted walk, one straight step over. That is all. This makes #childsatan VERY ANGRY. Why go slow when you can go FAST. He hilariously got so annoyed with my insistence the other day that he slammed on the brakes and stood there flipping his head until I told him to knock it off. I continued to sit there on the buckle and let him have a think, but he felt his tantrum wasn't getting through to me so he started stomping his front leg like a toddler until he'd made his point and walked off on his own.

he's so shiny and thicc and gorg right now, but he's still a
baby horse at heart.

Speaking of baby horses, I've done a bit change. I wanted something less and decided to try a fat hollow mouth. He gets very confused with new bits so I let him hang out in the aisle with it for awhile. After a whole lotta weird where he tried to figure out the two ounce thing in his mouth, his past few rides in it have seemed much quieter in the mouth. He still makes angry chomper faces when he gets tense, but he does seem to be carrying it quieter so we'll see how it plays out.

Speaking of not baby horses, next weekend he makes his fake Second level debut. I really hate First. If I could have skipped First from the onset and gone straight to Second, I would have. Sadly the whole muscling up and education things needed to be installed. Also sadly I don't like any of the Second tests but 2-3, so he needed to be a little more ready than sneaking by ready.

But at the same time I'm aiming for only sneaking by ready.

perfectly capable when he feels like it

We're doing a ride-a-test clinic thing--ride the test, get judge feedback, ride the test again. I'm going in expecting him to be tight and tense, and hoping that the feedback will help me figure out how to work around that when he does 2-3 at the rated show at the end of July. He feels more than sneaking by ready when he's not locked up from tension so fingers crossed.

He's tricky because you have to walk the fine line of riling him up a little bit to get him to put forth a proper effort ("Ugh fine, lady, I'll do that just to show you that I can! Take that!") without crossing over to, "Fuck you, lady, take your ask and stick it!"

Trickily, I have to reinstall the canter-walk-canter transitions--which I like better than the trot ones--and then switch back to the stupid c-t-c for a show the weekend following the ride-a-test where we're back to First.

Shit's about to get wild again. Hopefully we get to go hunter pacing this weekend since Sunday's got rained out!

u so pretty tho


  1. he maybe a turd.. but he's a shmexy turd!!

    do you think bobby had a longer body than opie does? Both indy and runkle were pretty easy to teach sideways to but Indy felt easier because his body was longer. Maybe there was more for my leg to catch on.

    1. Bobby was definitely the size of a cruise ship whereas Opie is more yacht length. I think Bobby had such an easy time with the lateral work because he had so much practice flinging himself sideways multiple times during every ride just cuz.

  2. My sassy pony is like that. She's the laziest ever, so you have to rile her up a little to get her moving (literally, that's all we're working on right now...) but too much and she just gets PISSED. Horses and all their feelings...
    He looks amazing though! I'm sure he'll get sideways figured out, hopefully soon!

    1. I would love it if I could explain in English to lazy ponies that if they just did the thing, they'd end up working so much less in the long run.

  3. Ooohhh baby horses. Excited for you to do the 2nd level test, though!

    1. Hopefully #childgenius shows up and it's actually enjoyable!

  4. 2nd level is wayyyyy better then first. I agree 100%. I always joke that if Rio did a dressage show it would be at 2nd because first sucks so bad. Cant wait to hear how it goes!!

    1. I'd rather suck at Second than linger at First. Worst level ever.


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