Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Batten down the hatches

Because shit's about to get real up in here.

Show season is three weeks away and counting, although I very cleverly allotted a few weeks between the first show and the next for both volunteer hours (because you guys know how much I had to beg for them last year), and to fix all the hot mess areas the judge pinpoints.

Right now I'm identifying them as:
  • Everything.
  • The end. 

Opie has been suffering from an intense case of Spring Stupids and it's really starting to wear thin. I started him on ulcer meds yesterday just to cover all my bases, but to be perfectly honest I think the only ulceration he's got going on is in his brain. 

Between the screaming, the flying backwards during/after the screaming--even when he's on the lead rope "just chilling"--and the general attitude of, "If I can't do it fast, I'd rather not do it at all.", I have removed all emotion from my rides. Which is great because I react to nothing. I'm like a fucking zen ninja. But also I kind of ride to enjoy myself so when we do stumble onto something good and productive, TOO BAD BECAUSE ZEN NINJA FEELS NOTHING.

feels the need for cookies. except when weaving himself into
an angsty mess because no zen ninja over here.

I've ridden through both 1-1 an 1-3 the past two days. The tests themselves have ridden great. If we go with the trend that Opie is better off property than on, we should be just fine to show. If we go with the current trend of flying through the air or getting obscenely stuck behind my leg while warming up, we might not get to show because someone will be banned from the premises.

LOL JK, Bobby went flying through the air in the middle of tests and everyone was just like, "Wow, so well handled, good for you." #ZenNinja

an accurate depiction of how short and gross he can get that cobra neck coiled up

The biggest problem with this horse is that from day one "Try" has not been in his vocabulary. If he can get away with kind of sort of doing it and looking cute, yay he's the winner let's take a breaky break! But he's a grown up First level horse now with an eye on Second and the body parts must do things. 

I think that's been part of his recent drama. I'm asking him to step it up and really do the work now, and that's hard and he'd rather just not, thanks. It's not new work though. It's still transitions and lateral movements and adjustability, it just all needs to be sharper and better. Which sucks. Because hard.

would rather play bitey face with BFF all day

It's in there though, and it will start to come out more consistently eventually. This morning, after he got done trying to bolt to X because things happen there (Spoiler Alert: nothing was happening there, I was trying to ride the counter canter loop.), he threw down some of the bounciest and biggest lengthenings yet and got done feeling very good about himself. 

More of that, less of this:

"sorry not sorry i just reared in your face because bff screamed
and i had to scream back."

In other news, the vet was out today to do vaccines on most of the horses in the barn so I had her take a looksie at Opie's never-healing pastern wound from getting cast three months ago. She agreed that it seemed like an interference issue and if he never stopped knocking it, it was never going to close. Her other thought was that he might have chipped off a bit of bone and it's trying to push through, but with how sound he's always been and complete lack of signs of infection she found that incredibly unlikely. 

She gave me a steroid cream to use sparingly to see if we can combine that with his ankle monitoring bracelet snugged up against it to get it fully healed before show season starts. It's maybe dime sized now--at most--but it really shouldn't be there at all at this point. If that doesn't work, we'll xray anyway to make sure things look good on the inside and go from there. 

he's looking butt high lately. hopefully we don't go through another summer of
ugly growth spurts!

He has tomorrow off because it's been four straight days of the hardest leg workout of my life and I'm over it. Hopefully Thursday finds us both in better shape.


  1. Usually 5 is the 'you're not the boss of me' stage and they become jerks. Maybe he's a late bloomer? I am sure he will settle in. I laughed at you 'zen ninja' because I legit try to be that way.

    1. Can confirm - Annie was a jerk-face mid 5/ early 6 year old year.

    2. He spent his whole 5yo year being #childgenius so hopefully that doesn't mean he's rolling it into a year-long 6yo demon spree!

  2. I'm sorry the spring stupids are never ending. BUT, he looks AMAZING! I'm sure once all of this gets easier for him, he'll get over himself a bit. Hopefully that's sooner than later for your sake.

    1. He looks good and when he's not being naughty he feels good. Hopefully those two come together on a more regular basis soon!

  3. My baby horse turned 5 a month ago and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Hopefully the spring stupids are short lived in your neck of the woods though!

    1. Plus he's blond and we all know blonds are slightly fruity anyway. ;)

  4. Work is hard. Pretending to work while feeling mighty proud of yourself is not. I agree with Opie.

  5. gosh he looks good tho, cobra neck and all! <3

    1. A little less cobra, a little more beautiful swan, thx.

  6. Have you considered that Opie is perhaps actually 2721 western hognose snakes in a very large horse costume?

    1. Like treats.
    2. Have spots.
    3. Do weird neck things.
    4. Full of drama (but still really adorable)

    He's adorable no matter WHAT he's fullof, though.

    1. Oh my goodness, why are those so cute tho?? I think I've been misrepresenting his true breed of snake self all along!

    2. I think you should research this a bit more and make a post about it because I am honestly extreme intrigued!

    3. Excellent snooting skills, can be sassy, makes a good pet. All signs point to Dopie.

  7. He's a gorgeous little brat, tho!! Can't wait till your first show, he's gonna kill it as usual ;)

  8. Work is hard! But he is adorable...

  9. The 5 year old year was seriously the hardest/stupidest for me and P. 5 year olds just have *opinions* and they're typically wrong. P has always been better off-property than at home, which I'll take any day. Being a #zenninja is definitely the right path to take!


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