Thursday, May 10, 2018

Right back at it

We do a quick turnaround this week and head to Opie's second show Sunday. It's another dressage schooling show, but more low-key than the last one.

This is the first show for my GMO and it's not even being placed. You go in, do your test, and then grab your score sheet and go. Normally I wouldn't show somewhere without the chance of ribbons because I'm a shallow child, but the scores do count towards year end awards. I also won't be able to attend their next show because I'll be showing elsewhere on that Friday and Saturday. I'll be getting some volunteer hours in though!

For a $30 entry fee to get some more test riding feedback and off-property experience, I'd say it's worth the trip out. Hopefully.

getting in some extracurricular grazing while waiting for the farrier 

Opie got Sunday and Monday off after the last show, and then had a very light w/t/c school in the ring before heading out on a trail ride. It sounds silly, but he feels like a more grown up horse after just one field trip. I mean, he still almost fell down at the canter this morning because he was too busy doing Not Smart Horse things, but the overall feeling is there.

I put my leg on and it means things--different things, not just Go. He feels a little more in-tune, and a little more like maybe he could listen to me and think my request through instead of making a snap decision between canter or quit. Because #thereisnoinbetween.

Guys, he did one whole show after all. He's basically as worldly as they get.

surveying his domain in a confident because he runs the world way.
or looking for his friend in the field even though he was left in the
stall next to him to babysit. #sogrownup

The spring weather has finally put together a long enough run that the outdoor was able to get some serious loving from the tractor and drag, and we headed out there the last two days. Opie wandered through there a few times when I first got him, but these were his first real works in it. I thought I was going to have a distracted, staring, screaming baby horse because you can see other horses from the ring, but he settled right in without fuss.

Tracy's post gave me a bit of a mental kick in the ass that if I want the weak work to improve--that being the canter transitions and the canter itself--I have to actually....canter. For shame.

Fortunately the walk and trot work have been good enough to carry through the week without having to linger on them. There's room to improve of course, but it's good enough to get through the next show. Instead the canter has been the focus.

I was holding out hope all winter that having more space in the outdoor would help with the canter, but the first day it was a whole lot of motorcycling to the left. I had no control of what his shoulders were doing and since the canter isn't particularly maneuverable anyway right now, adding in that extra problem was a whole lot of extra work for my poor legs.

He came out much better this morning though. He started off heavy, but several serious halt transitions that showed him plowing through my aids wasn't going to be tolerated lightened him right up. The right lead is usually his better lead with a worse transition, but it was the opposite today. He picked up the wrong lead going left a couple times because crooked, but once he got it the canter was lovely.

I've finished with some stretchy work at the walk and trot and lateral work in the walk every day. The lateral work is getting there. It's not trot worthy yet, but he's finally (mostly) doing it without being a llama at the same time.

i have to say it's nice to have a horse sound enough to outside again.

He gets tomorrow off as I scout out the facility we'll be showing at which is theoretically just down the road from where my barn is at a multi-day hunter show. So I'll get to swing in and cheer them on for a bit. You know, if it doesn't take them ten hours to get to their classes because hunter land.


  1. oh man, i love me a worldly horse haha <3 sounds like Opie is gonna be an old salt by the time the month is out!!

  2. Go Opie go. Ain't nothing but a thing he says! :) Have fun and I am glad you are getting to ride outside again...:)

  3. Congrats on Opie's worldly adventure :) I noticed that you do a product review now and then? If you would be interested in doing one for us please send an email to : and put my name JACKE in the subject line.


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