Monday, March 13, 2017


I hope I can stop bitching now.

My saddle still hasn't sold (Oh my fuck, someone please buy it. Do you want a blogger discount? Done. Sold. It's yours.), but I was finally able to take the plunge and buy another dressage saddle.

pause for celebration

ignore wonkily placed saddle pad. i'm used to having
to pull his jump pads up to his ears.

It's not fancy, but it was under budget, a brand I'm familiar with, and was coming from right over the border in PA so it shipped up to me practically overnight. I'm all about instant gratification, what can I say?

It's a Stubben Roxanne which is far from their nicest anything saddle, but I'm hardly a leather snob and this is probably the nicest saddle I'l ever own. If it fits my horse, fits me, and isn't falling apart, I'm a-okay with life.

So. Does it fit?

"does this process involve cookies?"

Um. Well.

It wasn't a magical unicorn fit that--once settled onto my horse's sky high withers, massive shoulders, and relatively narrow back--shot glitter and fireworks down the barn aisle, but I didn't immediately take it off and chuck it in the manure pile either. I want to get BM's opinion on it since she's far more knowledgeable in that area than I am, but for now my impression is that it's something we can make work with some tweaking. I think it's a touch wide, but I'm hesitant to stick anything under it without BM's advice because Bobby's shoulders are enormous and I don't want to pinch him there.

In the meantime, I jumped on for all of two minutes to do a quick w/t and see how we both felt in it. Bobby hasn't been ridden since last Tuesday and is going on his third day with indoor turnout only, but he went right to work as always without any grumpiness or indication that he absolutely hated it. It fit me well in the seat, although my knee tips over the front just a touch. I have absurdly long upper legs so getting a dressage saddle to fit me is tough. It's one reason I went with the most minimal knee blocks I could find. I was worried something big and bulky would yank my leg back into some weird contortionist position or bang against my knee and annoy the shit out of me.

I'm currently dying of tuberculosis/pneumonia/black lung/the plague/a death cold of epic proportions so I had to stop the ride pretty much as soon as it started anyway. I also didn't want to irritate Bobby's RF's latest malady either:

pre-cleaning. there are three different gashes there.

Dudes, I left him at 9am in his stall happily munching away at his hay with nary a scratch in sight. I had to go home to sign for my saddle, but then I was back at 11:30. When I pulled him out of his stall, I saw that.



"but do i still get cookies?"

I scrubbed it clean with some borrowed betadine since mine froze again (which prompted me to finally move my first aid box into the heated tack room since I clearly need to access it on a full time basis), threw a wrap on it, and locked him back in his house. The vet's coming Friday for other leg things and vaccines so she can deal with it then if it decides to go rogue.

I have no idea how he did it. Unless he picked a brutal fight with his rubber feed tub, my best guess is that he just straight up stepped all over himself. I don't know. It's Bobby. Is there ever a clear reason? How did he injure his DDFT overnight? Why did he suddenly present as a severe navicular horse and then magically become fixed the second shoes were put on? #bobbyproblems

The massive snow storm starts tonight so depending on how easily I can breathe, he'll either get more indoor turnout tomorrow or a good frolic in some fresh, clean snow. Or I might just kill him at this point, I don't know.


  1. Yay for new saddle arriving! Sorry to hear about the death cold/maiming :(

  2. Idk I kinda heart Roxanne. Stübben seems to be an all round reliable brand with a lot of folks (at least around here) who are very familiar with them. I'm kinda in saddle fit purgatory myself but am getting by with a little help from my friends, the shims. Good luck!

  3. Yay for new saddle!! Boo for booboos. What would you even do with all your free time if you didn't have a Bobby to constantly take care of?!?!?

  4. That RF is totally the devil :( Have you tried an exorcism?

    Yay for the new saddle!!

  5. I totally hear ya on it always being the same TB has chronic Left Hind-itis: if she is going to have a limb problem, it's always that leg!!

  6. I totally hear ya on it always being the same TB has chronic Left Hind-itis: if she is going to have a limb problem, it's always that leg!!

  7. Well uh, yay for new saddles? C'mon Bobby, stop breaking yourself!

  8. It's ALWAYS the same leg. Always, dammit.

  9. Congrats for the saddle! As for Bobby breaking himself, well, he is Bobby. Maybe he will decide to keep his leg attached until the vet comes at least?

  10. Rio, in his younger days, had three separate suspensory injuries on the right front. THREE. In totally different parts of it. In his old age, he prefers left hoof problems. So now he's pretty even.
    Hope BM gives the thumbs up on the saddle!


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