Monday, March 6, 2017

Holding Pattern

Wow, that return to regular blogging thing went off spectacularly. It's not that I haven't been riding, it's just that there's only so much that one can accomplish while trying to gear up for dressage show season in an ancient jump saddle.

Also maybe I haven't been blogging to save you all from the daily angst rants about how I'm going to have to start from scratch once I get my ass back in a dressage saddle because my body will be like, "wtf is this, bro?" And I'll have to be all, "I don't know, all I've been riding in is this ancient jump saddle for the past three months."

So. You're welcome.

This Friday I can start shopping, which is not sounding as fun as I thought it was going to be because now I have several really good sounding options to try and that just seems terrible. Saddle shopping (and selling--someone please buy my saddle!) is the fucking worst.

someone always gets a little swagger to him when the tiara and boa comes out

A quick recap of rides in hopes that once I'm caught up I'll keep pushing forward. Or at least not feel guilty when I instead devote my time to get my Eventing Bingo story written out.

On Tuesday, I had the arena doors open since it was sunny and sort of warm. I was going to end our ride with a trail ride, but Bobby started off in full retard mode. He was legitimately spooking--not just Bobby sidestep spooks, but tucking his butt and shooting forward over absolutely nothing--and just being a complete fucking pill in general so I scrapped that plan and stuck in reverse. He plowed out of the ring and set off down the trail on the buckle completely relaxed.

The ground is still super saturated from cycles of snow, snow melt, massive rain fall, and then the whole shebang over again. It's not good footing for doing anything but slogging through in spots and carefully picking our way through others. I don't want him to pull a shoe or tendon, or tear up the ground for later in the year, but I've been trying to at least let him walk around for five to ten minutes any time it's not horrendous weather outside.

Once he was back in the ring, he was amenable to working. His best work was in the canter which wasn't too exciting itself, but at least it wasn't a complete wash of a day. We'll both be happy when things dry out and warm up for good. Nothing beats a good dressage school in the field.

outfit adjustments. can't have a janky tiara.

On Wednesday, the only thing I remember was that he started off really heavy in the trot. Several rein backs from the walk before sending him back to the trot got him bouncing right away. Must keep that in mind for show warm up!

Thursday was our jump lesson. It had dropped forty degrees overnight, I had calling hours I had to get home to get dressed for, and my horse is a naked, super fit Thoroughbred who started out like a complete raging psycho, but I was not missing another fucking lesson!

ever since mags got zapped in the butt brushing up against the electric fence she
blames all horses for what happened. bobby just likes to rub soft things with his nose.
pig dog is in the process of turning around to sit to pose. someone has to be good.

I warmed myself up since I'd gotten on early to use up as little time of my lesson as I could since I had to get out of there on a very set schedule for once. Bobby was a leaping, pulling maniac at the canter. I wasn't feeling too confident about how things were going to go, but once BM started us over fences, he was perfect.

We started off alternating between lengthening and shortening the stride to adjust distances while focusing on maintaining the forward. Bobby is incredibly adjustable, and he listens so well to my voice and seat that it really puts all the pressure on me to not fuck things up and make the right choice. I have to be a smart, aware rider for every single stride and that's way too hard ohmygod.

From there we did a course which I only got a little bit left behind on one fence (a tricky bending line off the diagonal to an oxer on the wall), but nailed every other distance. Bobby was really being a gem for the jumps themselves, although still being a little RUNFAST between fences. We finished doing a few roll backs in different spots and called it quits. "It's hard to teach you when you're being so good, Bobby!" Now we just need to carry all this over to some bigger fences.

"i love you, puppy!"

He had Friday and the weekend off for a funeral and horrible, freezing weather, but we were back at it this morning. He came out with a big, open stride but no crazies this time around. He stayed soft and responsive the whole ride, and it was a good breather for me and reminder why I haven't sent him to the Amish yet.

Since he was being so civilized, I was able to work on all things Second and a few Third. SI, travers, leg yield, half pass at trot and canter, ten meter circles, turn on the haunches, rein back, medium trot, and counter canter serpentines. He made me stay focused and ask for everything correctly (what a tool, I know), but he was such a gem for once. Lots of cookies and scratches were doled out throughout so that probably helped.

going for the hay in the back of the gator

It feels like everything is kind of on pause for me right now. We're not quite close enough to show season to start really pounding away (and I don't have a new dressage saddle yet, in case you guys didn't know), but we're also getting close enough that I feel like I should be doing something. But the weather is shit, I don't have the right tack, and I don't want to jump my princess footed horse into the ground. Come on, dry weather!


  1. needs moar bobby in a tiara plz!!! also yas i can't wait to see what you come up with for eventing bingo!!!! does it involve feather boas???

  2. I think we've all reached that point in the winter where it needs to be over. That fake spring we had last week made this sub zero stretch absolute torture. Wahhhhhh.
    Glad to hear Bobby is being so good (for the most part)! I hope it carries over to show season for you.
    I'm sorry for your loss also.

  3. Saddle shopping is the fucking worst. Hope it is as painless as possible! Love the shirt :) :) :)

  4. I'm in the same boat as you -- I'm antsy to get started preparing for show season, but the weather isn't cooperating. And really, it's still a little bit too far off!

  5. Ugh dry weather would be great! And sunshine!


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