Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Bobby!

Old Bobby Magee is just one year away from being a teenager! How do they grow up so fast? And how, after twelve years of knowing this horse, am I still somehow stuck with him?

The mysteries of life: horse edition.

so boring on decorations this year, but i wanted a change from the same old pink
stuff i use every year.

i tried to get a better picture outside, but it was too windy

his main present was a pound of carrots. his fave.

listening to the indoor roof try to fly away

momo is pouting because i shooed him away. he was trying to stuff his head into the
hat. neither of them are renowned for their brains. 


so angry

"durhhh i hate this hat!"

"charging" momo who was incredibly unimpressed and just continued standing there

i'm not all mean. i only made him do a couple circles before pulling it off.

Besides carrots, his other present was getting out of yet another lesson. The barn lost power yesterday from the wind (We win--81mph at the airport.) and the arena roof stands a very good chance of not making it through the weekend if this wind doesn't calm the fuck down. Everyone was stuck inside waiting for fence to get fixed and power to come back on (most of the fencing is electric tape, but the post and board paddocks also suffered serious damage). We're doing short, supervised indoor turnout while keeping an eye on the roof, so hopefully things return to normal asap!


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha those pictures are amazing! Sorry to hear about your facility though, that wind was crazy! Hope everything returns to normal soon.

  2. Happy Birthday Bobby!!! Love the pictures of him prancing around with his hat on!

  3. Wooo Happy Birthday Bobby! He makes such a fancy unicorn donkey ;)

  4. Haha omg his face!! Happy bday big guy!! And good luck with all that wind

  5. Wow, that is one ANGRY unicorn. BWAHAHAHAHA!

  6. Happy birthday to the most majestical horse on the interwebz!!

  7. Charging birthday unicorn is sooooo uphill!!

  8. Happy birthday Bobby!! Hope the wind dies soon.

  9. Wow, that's scary! The wind keeps blowing our arena door open but there's no real risk of damage here. I hope everything calms down there soon.

  10. Happy Birthday Bobby. He looks like a majestic unicorn with his party hat.

  11. Happy Birthday Bobby! I wonder what Irish would think of a unicorn horn.....

  12. HAPPIEST of birthday's Princess Bobby!

  13. Happy happy birthday Bobert!!

  14. Happy birthday Bobby! (Holy winds batman!)

  15. This weather is a total nightmare. Wind, snow, sub zero temps. Where the eff is spring!?
    But otherwise, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY!
    Bobby gallivanting around with that birthday hat for a horn wins the internet this week!


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