Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I find it a little spooky (or suspicious) that one of the eventing bingo cards I was assigned has one row that can accurately sum up all of Bobby's eventing career. We're going south from N here folks because #thetruthhurts.

I don't often find myself nervous about dressage. In fact #never because #dressagemoose #whatisthejudgelookingat #notthesamehorseimriding #clearly. I've been guilty of dialing it in plenty of times and losing scores that way, and sometimes Bobby loses his shit because #bobbyreasons, but if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know the real issues have always been with the jumping phases--mainly #stadium #fuckthatbitch

wow, does looking at old pictures make your current self feel like a #fatty

I feel a little guilty about claiming our first box because rarely are rails Bobby's fault. But from Bobby's point of view, every rail he knocks is a #cheaprail because his pilot #rideslikeshit.

"you are #useless, lady"

Flowing right along, the main reason we take rails is because I prefer to gallop around stadium at the #speedofaslug #sofastwow #waithaveyouevenmovedyet.

trying to asses if we're in some sort of jumping #timespacecontinuum 

Ironically, while jumping I also run into the problem of #nobrakes #whoadammit.

the day the #hackamore got banned from competition #isaidwhoayoufucker

But the main love of Bobby's life is #crosscountry and he'll put up with a whole plethora of rider errors to jump around clean.

"you're an #incompetentidiot but #okay"


  1. Ha ! I've been enjoying the true stories quite a bit! Alas mine is complete fiction.

  2. awwww bobby is such an xc star!!! goddamn stadium just really sucks tho sometimes (pretty sure i have some pics identical to the onese you shared above lol!). also? i'm so glad you brought up the "way too slow" AND "no brakes" thing bc somehow i see that in charlie's future too lol.

    excellent story and walk down bobby memory lane!!!! thanks for playing!!! :D

  3. Looking at these photos makes me so sad you're no longer competing in Area 2. *sniff* Great true story!

  4. I love this and your space time continuum photo made me lol

  5. LOOOLL I knew that was your row as soon as I saw it. GO GO BOBBY GO!


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