Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Baby Steps

Baby steps towards achieving BM's goal of me actively riding my horse over fences that is. A tall task, I know.

I debated giving Bobby today off. I don't like doing the same thing more than two days in a row, and trail riding is certainly out of the question as we'd go all Artax lost in the swamp if we wandered any further than just behind the pastures. I have a doctor's appointment today that I don't want to smell like horse shit for (Fingers crossed they figure out why my eyes still can't focus since my last concussion!), so it was either get there super early or just chuck him out in the pasture and get back to work tomorrow.

I ended up being roused super early by Hubby so Bobby missed his chance to be a lazy bum for a full twenty four hours instead of just twenty three.

I'd cleared the ring of jumps yesterday so we could do a test run through. BM dragged the ring after my ride and this morning there was only an outside five stride line and a single along the other long side set up. Perfect for me, I just wanted to give Bobby a break from drilling dressage.

sorry, no jumping media!

Our warm up was long and low and staying light which he was perfect for. He's always perfect for that in the dressage saddle too, it's just the hard stuff that comes after where he gives me the finger.

We started off circling over the first jump in the line that I'd left set low at 2'. To the left it was off a short approach so I went right to work making sure I had control of his haunches and was making a square turn so his butt wasn't fishtailing all over the place. I got that down right away, but then forgot that I also needed to keep both legs on to maintain the forward. SO MANY THINGS!!!

Once I forced myself to buckle down and really focus I was able to put the two together and get good jumps. Part of me wonders if I have such a hard time making these things that I technically know click in my head in a timely manner because I keep painfully jostling my brain, but the other part of me is like....well, you kind of have always sucked at jumping so there's that.

From the right I cut into the line and had a nice long approach to get my shit sorted out. That was easy peasy and I let Bobby have a quick break before moving on.

so glad the purple bonnet finally went on sale at the local tack store

I started with the line off the right. Jump in and immediately lift Bobby up with my seat and legs to make sure he didn't splat on landing. Nailed it and he cantered down the line not feeling like a runaway train burrowing into the ground. We came around to the 3' single and I whoa-ed too much and got him in too close which made him roll the rail out with a knee. Second time around, just as easily through the line and nailed the distance to the single.

Back to the left again to the line. He jumped in awesome, landed uphill and I felt like I could have added or subtracted as many strides as I wanted because of it. He handles like a fucking sports car when he's not dragging himself on his forehand. And, you know, is being a listening polite horse and not a raging asshole.

Easy over the single though I did come around the corner and realize I had to add a lot of leg because he wasn't paying attention and hadn't even picked up on the jump yet. But I was active and did it without hesitation which made the jump a breeze.

riding bestie's puppy came to visit on friday. the black bear loves her.

I get down on myself sometimes because we do a lot of small jumps in lessons, and I feel like I'm never going to get back to where we were. But we also do a lot of repetition in lessons and BM knows his feet aren't going to last forever. She's also drilling basics that I never learned or have never been very good into me, and those don't change no matter what the fence height is. When I'm on my own I can make the jumps as high as I want and use all the information she tries to hammer into my brain while only doing a couple jump efforts.

And there's no fear coming up to big fences. Just calculation and how to best ride my horse. BM earned an honorary therapy degree last year, for sure.


  1. Ummm, I don't think you can "suck at jumping" when you have amazing eq over a 4' oxer. Just saying :)

    1. Have to agree with this! It's also hard to "suck at jumping" when you're coming around to a 3' single like NBD schooling by yourself. When I get up the nerve to jump a 3' fence there's like a parade.

  2. Ugh I love that sportscar feeling! It makes you feel superhumand and like your horse could jump over a skyscraper. It's just GETTING there that's the issue...

  3. This is all so exciting! I love when the pieces come together. I haven't been diagnosed with any concussions (knock on something) and I still have all of the same problems. Sounds to me like BM is doing it right. Teaching the concepts and working out the issues with the least amount of wear and tear on Bobby. You'll get back there. Or maybe you'll just pass right by where you were to someplace better.

  4. Honestly I kinda love the intense technical exercises repeated over low fences. There is SO MUCH to learn ugh. Tho personally I do need to practice over bigger fences too bc they scare me into being active in all the wrong ways lol.... It's a balance.

  5. Man, I hope your head examination gives you some answers. That would scare the poop out of me to still be having issues after a concussion.

  6. Don't get down on yourself, like others said jumping big is awesome and you are killer at it, but doing small jumps lets you save bobby's joints and feet and also lets you practice the technical stuff.

  7. He listened he turned he jumped out stride, sounds amazing to me! Hope your head stuff gets sorted out at the doc, no bueno!!!

  8. Practice small to save your horse for when you are feeling more confident and ready! It's tough to jump small when you used to jump bigger, but in the end it's worth it for both your health, pony's health AND your confidence

  9. Boo-ya, jumping jumps of all sizes, WITHOUT fear!

  10. Way to go! Was hoping the cute pup was yours :(


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