Monday, February 27, 2017

TNEC Jumper Night

Also known as, Bobby is the slowest jumping Thoroughbred of all times.

And I like it.

no doubt somewhere just out of frame of this picture is bm yelling, "go faster!"

I put him on the longe  Friday to assess soundness after he came out a little gimpy on Thursday, and he went around with a big, swinging stride with no sign of ouchiness until he got bored and started "broncing" on the line (Being a bronc on the line for Bobby equates to head tossing and minimal leaping. So crazy, look out.). It was pouring outside and I was already wet and covered in mud from doing turnout, so I decided it wouldn't kill him to give him Friday off, too.

I don't think I can really call this a show since it ended up being in-barn competitors only and a whole lot of rule bending went on, but there were ribbons....which everyone immediately knew were mostly for me. Okay, so I might have a little bit of a reputation of being a satin whore/five year old child, but it's all in good fun. You know, as long as I get them.

doesn't it look like we're going super fast?!

I signed up to do the 2'6" division which got turned into the 2'3" division because I don't think BM trusted us all that much a) because we're a bunch of whiners, b) we all go a little retarded riding in front of other people, and c) the other two divisions had already proved her point on the previous two things by having multiple unnecessary run-outs and a couple falls, and I think she wanted to end with no one dying by that point. Poor BM. I don't envy her at all.

Our first course was pretty flowy so rode nicely. Bobby didn't get the warm up the other horses had because they were lesson horses and had to pull double duty between divisions. I managed to get some w/t/c in by darting between the other horses and the people resetting the course, but he was basically doping along without much energy. That was probably for the best because I knew I had to really get him revved up from the very first stride to make it around the course.

With a good pace established right off the bat, we coasted around the course with zero issues. Nailed the distances, got the striding, never felt panicked, easy peasy. The jump off was similarly easy. I was like, "Woo hoo, we are going so fast and making such good turns we might even get close to the jumper pony's time!" Dudes. We got beat by the jumper pony by almost ten fucking seconds. LOLOL. Still good enough for third since there were a couple rails and refusals scattered through the rest of the people.

Bobby was a good pone and waited patiently in the corner between rounds after he got his cookie at the finish of each trip. I'm so happy with this--his ability to go and wait and go again without coming unhinged somewhere in there. He's not always been like that, and it's a really nice change.

I think because the first round felt so easy, I quit the killer mentality for the second round and went into useless lump mentality instead. I didn't really ride to my fences, and I stared down the first jump into the one stride and got in really awkwardly. Bobby knocked the rail down there, and then it was a crazy turn to the next fence which we barely made it over. I was too frazzled to get my brain together to sit up for the next crazy turn to the two stride and opted to circle to reorganize. This is why I find hunters so soothing. So much more time to think! Everyone got to do the jump offs because the actual rounds weren't timed. We went clear there, but again so slow and came in sixth.

The last round was gambler's choice. I had a good plan in my head starting off, and the very first fence Bobby tapped the rail down. The rider after me did the exact same thing so I didn't feel too bad. The rest went pretty well. I had to improvise a little bit since that jump was down and couldn't be used again, but Bobby had fun slicing and dicing a few of them.

angled jumping champions. 

 When we were done, I brought Bobby over to the corner and he started stomping his foot incessantly. I was like, "Oh, great. I did break him after all. What the fucking fuck." I hopped down and immediately saw what his problem was. He must have smacked that first fence in the last round just right and peeled back the skin on his ankle--of course on the cursed RF no less--and it was dripping blood onto his hoof.

I took him to his stall and got him all scrubbed clean and spritzed with Blue Kote, on top of his Equiderma and hoof packing. Because Bobby had to be medically attended to (what's new?), we didn't get to do a jump off for our tie between second so instead flipped a coin and got kicked down to third. Thanks, Bobby. Have I mentioned how ugly I find yellow ribbons? And how very, very many of them we get?

"i get cookies for these ribbons?"

Overall it was a good "show" for me. I didn't have a mental meltdown because there were a bunch of people there watching. I didn't really step up and ride better either, but small wins. BM pointed out that while we were slow, that's what we've been asking of Bobby so he was just doing his job. I'm okay with that. When I put my leg on to ask him to go, he went. When I asked him to slow down, he did. When I got us into a bad spot, he carted my ass over anyway. He can't do much more than that!

here is the barn's own tiny, sassy, squealing, and grunting  pony to compete with leah


  1. I mean, that pony is pretty cute. Should we have an adorable jumping pony contest??

    Glad you and Bobby had some successful rounds even if you didn't like your yellow ribbons. Also, I'm in awe of how much Bobby tries to damage himself. Bad Bobby.

  2. You guys look good! You know for us weenie ammies, it's all about the mental victories!!

  3. ""b) we all go a little retarded riding in front of other people"" <---- this. always. all the time. why? i will never know lol. yay for bobby's ugly yellow ribbons for being a good slow boy tho, even if it came with a side of dripping RF blood. tho, now that i think about it, maybe going all medieval on that limb and blood letting regularly will cure it of its bad juju?

  4. Sounds like a fun night, and yay for ribbons!! Of course Bobby would find a way to hurt himself!

  5. Congrats for getting through the show! And omg that pony is so dang cute, luckily Bobbi is just a smidgen cuter.

  6. Hey some ugly yellow ribbons are better than no ribbons right?

  7. Sounds like a pretty great day minus the yellow ribbon causing wound. A rideable Bobby sounds like a lovely Bobby to me!

  8. The "we get retarded riding in front of other people". YES.



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