Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SS Bobby

Not to be a complete and total whiner, but I feel like the theme of every post I want to write is, "I want a dressage saddle."

Boohoo, woe is me, first world horse problems, still want one.

an exquisite equine shirt and diy purple spurs thanks to hillary's post on doing her own!

On Monday I finally dropped my stirrups five holes from what I jump in (which isn't particularly short), and kind of, sort of pretended it worked for a dressage school. I'm still in a forward flap jump saddle, but it did allow me to wrap my leg around Bobby a little bit better which makes subtly cuing for things a million fucking times easier.

Yesterday's ride was our first hyper-focused dressage ride in awhile. We've had plenty of flat-only days, but they've mostly been w/t/c working on changing the frame around and, of course, fighting about the SI.

first day the arena doors were open and bobby really just wanted to peace out

Bobby started off with a great walk, into a good warm up trot, and then crashed and burned into a shitty walk. I was never able to get the walk back, but a return to the trot got him unstuck and I was able to get him working well enough there that his canter was bitching and the trot after that was also super. We ran through SI, leg yield, and half pass.

I'm so pumped with how his half pass work is coming. He could use more bend (story of his life), but he's starting to find it really easy and in turn he's more fluid and flowy through it instead of stilted and forced.

staring wistfully towards the trails. never fear, he got to go out afterwards.

Today was another dressage ride. His canter to start was a hot mess express. Actually, the canter itself wasn't too bad as long as we were going straight. It was like steering a fucking sinking battleship to make a circle though, like SOS SS Bobby is going down in a hurry, and then we lost the haunches to the right and he swapped behind. Remembering BM's advice for this, I got him super round and collected and worked on squaring the turns up so his hind end wasn't just wheeling along behind him. That worked well and we finished there with a couple of clean albeit....er, flamboyant changes.

After a long stretchy walk break, we went to the sitting trot asking for more collection. He started off a little sucked back, but once we started getting lapped by the pony sized OTTB in the ring with us, I got my head out of my ass and sent him forward. He was so relaxed through his back for once that it just oozed out of him, and I couldn't help but ask for a few passes of extended trot.

cookies to make him hold still. poor creature.

Yeah, dudes. We've moved on from medium to extended. The strength in this horse's ass makes me giddy when he uses it for good instead of evil. When I put my legs on, he sat and went blasting off without ever changing the rhythm. I contained myself and only asked for it once more with the same results. Ugh, so strong, so dreamy. Please keep your psycho brain under wraps this season, Bobby. I don't have money to go crazy chasing my Bronze. We gotta make every show count, bro.

sometimes loves going crazy

We finished with some SI, HI, and more leg yield with multiple breaks interspersed and homie kept it cool, calm, and ultra collected. (#dressagepunftw)

In other riding news, I did a pretty incredible thing Sunday. I jumped a 2'9" oxer off a ridiculously tight turn one whole time without fucking up. We I fucked up lots and lots of times to get there, but hot damn I persevered and got it done! Short turns, I will win the battle against you. One day. Maybe in this lifetime.

owned it. after it owned me...multiple times. 

Tomorrow evening I finagled my way into a group jump lesson as one of my makeups, regular jump lesson Thursday, and then our first show Saturday! Don't get too excited, we're not even going anywhere for it. It's a really low key jumper show the barn is hosting, but a good chance to get in a few rounds in a competitive atmosphere that's sure to undo my brain before the real season starts.


  1. Woot for colored spurs! Glad someone else tried this too!

  2. I love hearing happy Bobby stories! I mean, the naughty ones are fun too (as an outsider)... Nice work telling the oxer where to go. Can't wait to read all about your jumping lessons and the horse show!

  3. You really do need a dressage saddle- then it will get so much easier. (I might be lying- just a little though). :)

  4. For half passes that lose bend: My old trainer used to have me do 10 meter circles like it was my job and that did the trick. Start with one, every few strides of half pass add another one and so on. It definitely requires a new strength for them to hold the bend so that really helps in developing it rather than throwing it at them all at once.

    1. I'll definitely try that! He needs all the help in the bend department he can get!

  5. Eeee extended trot!! Also, I'll ride all your short approaches if you ride all my long approaches into short corners, k?

  6. YAY Bobby! If he gets too stuck you could play battleship with him. Maybe with nerf darts? How many pins do you think it would take to sink the SS Bobby?

  7. Low key shows are best shows - y'all sound ready to kill it!!!

  8. Alright, I missed the colored spur boat because I wasn't ready to introduce them to B... until our ride the other day. Must find post! Saturday's show sounds like it'll be a super fun start to the year for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures! And you're not alone... I to am starting to do the dressage saddle whining hahaha


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