Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oh no he didn't

Oh yes he did.

The vet was out yesterday with Bobby on her list. His leg has been off and on blowing up to epic proportions despite going on a week of SMZs, and the skin kept splitting open around the fungus sites. I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing, or enough of what I was doing for it, so I wanted her to take a look. Of course when she pulled in first thing in the morning, his leg was tight and not looking any worse for wear.

She agreed to look at it for me anyway--and not charge me for it, which was nice since my car just needed its own vet work! She said that the reason she thinks it's taking so long to heal up is because the two spots are right over his joints (the knee and ankle) and basically every time he moves they're going to split a little bit. But she thought the Equiderma was doing a good job and to keep applying that. If the healing really looks like it's stalling she'll give me another anti-fungal ointment to try. She also said to up the SMZ dosage a bit since she weight taped Bobby at a whopping 1300 pounds and to continue it for another week.

serious hulk monster at the moment

All was well and good, he got kicked back outside with a new pasture mate who he desperately tried to ignore because #antisocial is Bobby's middle name, and then we had a good lesson that evening.


Because Bobby, once the vet was gone and a split call charge was off the table, he came out of his stall this morning lame. Ugh, BOBBY. I popped him on the longe and it looked like he was completely crippled. That's pretty typical for Bobby on the line even when he's sound though, but even after ten minutes of trotting both ways, while he looked significantly better, I could still see a little gimp in the LF.

I packed his feet, gave him some bute with his other drugs, and tossed him outside while crossing off yet another lesson. Hopefully he's back to normal tomorrow. He was sound and happy when we were done with our lesson last night, so who knows what he managed to do to himself in such a short period of time especially while confined to his stall.

i think i shorted you guys on PUPPY PICTURES!!

Anyway, on to the lesson itself. It was a good group of people, and we got to ride at 6:30 at night in February in t-shirts so we were already winning. At the trot while warming up, BM reminded me to ride Bobby with his nose more out in front since he'll fall into the dressage trap and face plant into the first jump if he's not in the jump-jump mindset from the get-go. She had everyone post the canter which broke Bobby's brain going right. Every time he felt my seat brush the saddle--that being almost every other stride--he kept offering up a flying change, and every time I got back out of the saddle he tried to jet off. To the left he was fine, though he clearly found group canters very exciting.

Once everyone was warmed up we started the jumping with a single bounce. I kept second guessing whether Bobby was going to be sane and not crash through it so I'd either reel him back or sit there like a lump and sing Jesus Take the Wheel in my head. Bobby's not a complete idiot though, and he's been through bounces a zillion times so he always figured it out himself and got through without issue...or input from his rider.

complete sass monster had no problem bossing my hounds around

From there we moved on to a mini course--diagonal single to diagonal single to a two-to-one stride line on the long side. We nailed the first fence then got in underpowered to the second one but lurched over, and then my brain was like, "That was not the perfect distance, everything is going to end, just sit there and stop making any decisions." Bobby puked over the first fence in the line and waited for me to give some input, but I was just like, "I DON'T KNOW GO FORTH AND DO SOMETHING DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I'LL BE UP HERE DOING NOTHING." so he loped through the two stride in three and popped out of the one before coming back to a walk on his own.

Way to make good life choices, Bobby. I'm glad someone is stepping up to the plate because it's sure not me.

We tried that course again with better success all around--I listened to BM and drove Bobby forward through the (short! the reason for the problem!) turn on the second diagonal and got to a better distance which made me feel better about coming through the line. I have such a hard time mentally moving on when I biff one fence. I mean, I have a lot of problems when it comes to jumping, but that's probably my biggest one.

trying to get all three of them to stay still at once was a challenge.
also mags looks like a moose.

We finished with a full, relatively simple course. The very first fence I completely upchucked and almost died. I could see that we were getting into a little bit of a long spot and all I had to do was close my leg and Bobby would have taken it with ease. Instead I just assumed he would go with zero input from me and went to jump while he decided to #throwbackwednesday and stuffed in an extra half stride so I ended up hugging his great big dinosaur neck. BM was like, "You know what you did there!" I did and went back to start again.

The second time I got the first fence, made it through the bounce just fine, and then got in too close to the third fence. We made it through the line while getting the distances. I felt like Bobby was flying through it, but....yeah, no. Just an appropriate pace for a real two stride. Next fence was spot on, and then around to the oxer off a long approach which also was spot on.

While on course (why can't I just show with an ear bud with BM's voice?), BM pointed out that I like to whoa coming up to a fence, so I needed to really get Bobby cruising so that I wasn't throttling him back down to too slow. She also reminded me to use my voice if I want to slow as Bobby will cut the thrusters right down if I just say whoa. "You guys have such a great partnership and bond that it's really kind of amazing he'll slow right down with just one word from you." I think I got a little misty eyed, but that might have just been the sweat dripping down my face.

why bobby and i are the same.

Overall a really good lesson with some predictable screw ups. BM said it was the most together Bobby and I have been working over fences in a long time, so I'm glad we're chipping away there. There's still plenty of time until the first real jumping show I'm tentatively aiming for (so long as he stays sound) to keep working. In the meantime, I hope the old pone will be feeling better tomorrow and Saturday so we can play at the barn's show!


  1. Maybe Bobby wanted the vet to come back because she didn't prescribe enough cookies? I love how you describe your lessons.

  2. That sounds like a great lesson! I need a coach D earbud in my ear. Even just a repeated recording of "close your hands." would do. Hope Mr. Bobby is 100% soon!

  3. I sing jesus take the wheel way too often when riding

  4. That's frustrating. I think I would have ulcers if I dealt with perpetual lameness on a regular basis 😬

  5. Oh my god... "Jesus take the wheel"... I just had to explain to my coworkers why I was crying with laughter.

  6. I feel this lame one day sound another game you're stuck playing. It's only fun for the horses I swear. Glad you had a productive lesson at least! Fingers crossed Bobby quits the limping shenanigans and you're good to go again.

  7. I constantly tell myself I just need to record my trainer and then put it on reply while I hack or show...since ya know, it's basically the same 3 statements over and over again.

  8. Puppy! I think the whole horses being sound when the vet is already there is an unwritten rule. They just have to do it.

  9. Yay for feeling more together over fences!! I'm right there with ya on just sittin up there failing to make reasonable life choices. It's a struggle.

  10. Sounds like some really good feedback from your BM!! Fingers crossed Bobby stays sound.

  11. I enjoy the fact Bobby is led around with a "dog collar". It just kills me.

    As a sidenote, I just wanted to let you know I have changed my blog name, so it may not show up in your reader list anymore. The new url is www dot twoandahalfhorses dot blogspot dot com. You may have to re-enter it into your reader list to follow again.


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