Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oh Hey

OMG, where the holy fuck has time gone?

I don't know. It's mostly lost in a fog of cold medicine and sleeping pills. #raginginsomniaftw

However, I'm pretty sure quite a few things have happened since I last blogged....however many weeks ago. So many things, in fact, that I think we need a list! Maybe even some mother fucking bullet points? Basically my fave, let's try to work them in.

I'm starting to feel less zombie-like, so I'd like to get back into regular blogging again. Since my last post, such topics need to be covered to catch back up first:
  • Lessons!
  • An abscess. :(
  • Looking pretty!
  • Normal horse feet!
  • A training ride!
  • A massage! Not for me, but for Bobby. :(
  • The return of Pongo! (Also maybe a :(, that little asshole.)
  • Jumping!
  • Cellulitis. :(
Fortunately for ease of recapping, between Bobby's abscess, BM's sickness and then my sickness, not a whole lot of riding has gone on. Also because I still haven't sold my dressage saddle yet (omfg someone please buy it), and I'm starting to get rage bitch pissed about having to school on the flat in my Stubben. Like, why bother riding when this saddle does nothing for me? NOTHING.

Winter is really doing wonders for my winning attitude, lemme tell you.

fucking hate it for anything but jumping.

I know recapping lessons is at the top of my list, but even though I've only had one (two? I don't even remember.), and then converted the other one to a training ride so I could get BM's opinion on whether it was my horse that was broken or myself, I--as always--got a ton of good information out of those rides so I'd like to make those into their own posts to come back to later. Record all the information, all the time.

So. Cross those two items off. We're flying here!

A couple weeks ago Time is relative here. At some point, Bobby got an abscess in his RH that knocked us out for the week. Bobby is the easiest horse to deal with abscesses ever. It's basically the only thing he does drama free. It popped out of his frog the day after he was like, "Oh, p.s. I have an abscess plz fix." Being an abscess though, it did take some time to close back up and toughen to where I felt comfortable riding him again, so we had to miss that week's lesson. 

That same weekend, Hubby and I went down to PA for Riding Bestie's wedding. Oh my goodness, the food was the most delish, the vibe was super fun, and Riding Bestie looked gorgeous and B looked adorable. Love those kids. We finished up Sunday stopping by at the barn to catch up with everyone there and snuggling the Dutch Hippo.

we're not wearing dirty barn clothes! there's a first
time for everything! (shamelessly stolen from sarah)

In the same week as Bobby's training ride, Farrier came out to put flat shoes on him. He had flat shoes for all of a week when we were first trying to help him with his "heel pain", but they did nothing to improve his lameness and we quickly switched to the pimped out aluminum wedges after getting rads done. But Farrier felt that his feet had improved so much since last September that we could try them again. She even said that if he wasn't in such heavy work, she'd feel comfortable letting him go back to barefoot altogether. Yay, Bobby! Doing something right with your life! He's felt exactly the same since he got them as he did with the wedges which is obvi fantastic. 

One of these Saturdays, Massage Lady came out to work on Bobby. After his full week off, the thought crossed my mind to ask for the SI and Bobby straight up lost his shit. Instead of clobbering him upside the head with a heavy object, I got off in disgust and didn't ride him again until BM forced me to sit on him after she was done with him. The training ride and the massage were my attempts to solve this apparently reoccurring problem with fairness instead of violence. Because things hadn't escalated to violence yet, but a severe lack of sleep and another concussion (Don't even fucking get me started, fucking windshields.) were making bad thoughts seep in.

bobby's really stepped up his posing game to keep up
with the new camera.

Anyway, the massage was definitely needed. ML found some things going on in his hind end--on the left side she attributed to chronic soreness, on the right acute soreness from the abscess, ndb. He was really tight in his hamstrings which was no surprise since he's a dressage horse that works in collection a lot. I was feeling the resistance most in the shoulders, and she found quite a few spots there and in his neck that needed to be worked on. Overall though, he wasn't in too terrible of shape for someone that works hard. She'll back back in April, and in the meantime Bobby feels a lot looser in his entire body.

Pongo should also be his own post.

his tongue is rarely in his mouth

Jumping? Yeah, we rock at it. I've found that I'm super, super comfortable at a strong hand gallop. Like, the stronger Bobby feels, the better I ride and the less anxious I feel. Go forth and be a beast, Bobby. I'm fucking loving it.

And finally, yesterday my horse walked out of his stall with his RF swollen up to the size of a fucking tree trunk. His RF is essentially Satan, and if I could I'd amputate it and send it off to be dissected because I'm sure there's all sorts of interesting things going on in there. I finally got the skin fungus on his knee that had a horrendous reaction to MTG under control by switching to Equiderma, and then he got a boot rub on his ankle from the same boots he'd been wearing for two months. Whatever, treated that two weeks ago, left the boots off, and thought nothing more of it.

knee after mtg reaction, before equiderma rescue

Yesterday the sore had grown (who knows) and opened up to spew pus everywhere (why even). I dug out my first aid box only to discover my iodine bottle had exploded over everything (awesome), so spent some time cleaning all my first aid supplies before scrubbing his leg clean and throwing a quick bandage on it. I started him on a course of SMZs, and after just a day he came out of his stall with that leg looking almost normal. That leg never looks normal when he first comes out in the morning so that was nice to see. Still didn't ride--I called off my lesson due to the sub-arctic temps, lingering sickness, and a violent uterus.

Riding Bestie will be up tomorrow with her NEW HEELER PUPPY (!!!!!!!) so I will ride tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll be working on lesson and Pongo posts to get back in the groove of blogging again. It will be show season in no time after all! (Ha. Haha.)

low key v-day celebration


  1. Whoa lots of things going on! I loved your vday pictures so much. Hope you and Bobby stay sound and well for the rest of 2017!!

  2. Omg I want pictures of the heeler puppy.

  3. Oooh Bobby has never looked better in portraits!! Damn tho it's always something with him isn't it. Glad things seem to be clearing up tho!!!!

  4. Your vday IG posts were about the only ones that didn't make me want to vomit haha. Glad you're back!

  5. You could blog once a year (please don't) and I'd still actually lol at my computer screen and happily come back for more.

  6. I was starting to have Bobby withdrawals. Thanks for catching us up! Um, windshield/concussion?! Hope you're ok!

  7. You're the best at update recaps.

  8. Welcome back! Bobby, keep your dang legs on.

  9. Welcome back! Great recap but why another concussion??? Boo!

  10. Paddy wants to know where you got that fantastic headband from because he needs one.

  11. I stole it from my mom who had it for her dogs. I have no idea where she got it, but I knew I had to have it!

  12. Bobby is super gorgeous!! Damn about the concussion.

  13. Bummer about the concussion and bobby ailments :( Glad to see you back on the interwebs though!


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