Thursday, January 19, 2017

For Sale

No, not the horse. At least not at this time. Maybe a lesson recap tomorrow, but I'm too lazy at the moment. I'm also too lazy to post real pictures at this time, so please enjoy stock photos of a couple things I'm trying to clear out so that I can buy Aimee's saddle. See? You wouldn't be helping just one blogger, but two! And if Aimee sells her saddle, think of all the tack ho posts she could do!

BR Premiere Dijon Bridle

Horse sized, but it also fit Shooter who has a pretty clunky draft head. So it can get tight enough for a regular horse, but stretch out for a bigger head. Extra wide crank, flash, anatomical crown, sparkly browband, yada yada. I can throw in a pair of cheap black rubber lined reins if you want them. I fucking adore this bridle, but Bobby has made it clear he's only going to work well in a Micklem, and I can't justify letting it hang around looking super pretty but not doing anything. $100 plus shipping. 

Bell Boots

Absolutely nothing wrong with these, they're just too small for Bobby's fat legs and too short for his wedge shoes. I bought them off ebay so I can't return them. Size large. $20 shipped. 

Tekna S Line Dressage Saddle

Boooooo, I don't want to sell this! I LOVE this saddle, but Bobby has filled out so much behind his withers and in his shoulders it pinches him now. I brought it home, cleaned it up to list it, and then took it back one more time today to have BM look at it again just in case it magically fit again. It didn't. It's an 18" seat and currently has a MW gullet in it, but I have M and W plates as well. It's a synthetic saddle, but it's so nice. $500 plus shipping.

Nothing fancy as I am not a fancy person, but if you guys know anyone looking for good, sturdy budget friendly dressage tack, send them this way! I'd really like to get this stuff sold so I can flat in something besides my rock hard ancient Stubben again. I'll happily send real pictures if you want them.


  1. Can you shrink your saddle? Because then I'd buy it.

  2. I am so glad I spent the Christmas break cleaning 3 of my 4 bridle bags (at just the house, not the barn or trailer) and making me realize just how many bridles I still have. Cause otherwise that bad boy would be mine. I should follow your idea and post stuff for sale... Good luck, this all looks like it is priced very competitively!

  3. If I hadn't just bought a bridle from Aimee, yours would be coming to live with me. Tragically, I have an embarrassing number of bridles already.... 😊 I need to make a sale post too, to repay my credit card for said bridle 😂 nice stuff, hopefully you can sell it quickly!

  4. Yes! Sell all the things! Buy the saddle! Everybody wins!

  5. If I didn't already have a half plastic dressage saddle (that I also adore) I would totes grab that one haha

  6. Ugh I want your saddle soooooooooo bad. Just let me have it on an indefinite trial :P

  7. Ohhh I am tempted.... Dh thinks blogging is safe from me shopping, mwahaha


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