Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tune Up

Bobby recieved an A+ on his lesson while I was away on vacation for not killing anyone.

lolz, no, Bobby is always good.

LOLZ, no he's not.

But anyway, riding buddy W who I handed him over to got to take a lesson on him, do some trail riding, and play over some xc jumps. BM reported back that W had a hard time on him in her lesson because she doesn't have the beating gene in her, and Bobby really needs to be beaten (get over it).

she did tide me over by sending me pictures of my horse looking super smart.

As Tracy found out, Bobby doesn't start off taking a light hand and works up into the contact. He doesn't come out a fluffy, floating cloud machine. I wouldn't say you need to pick a fight with him, but from the first step you have to set the tone. "Bobby, you're going to walk forward and straight, and you are not going to lean on that left rein, so help me God." Usually it's nothing more than a couple of boots in the ribs in the first ten minutes to get him off your leg and moving along, but he does need someone to be a little "mean" with him.

W is not a mean person. She doesn't have a mean gene in her. You can walk Bobby and be nice to him for hours as your warm up, and he will never go to work for you. So the two of them didn't get to jump much in their lesson because BM pulled W's stirrups and was mean to her instead. Sorry, W. At least riding Bobby away from the trainer's eye was fun?

return of the flash to nip that wandering tongue habit in the bud

Bright and early this morning I got on him for the first time in a week to feel him out. For sure not a lot of dressage training went down while I was gone, but W kept his hind end moving which is all I wanted.

He started off pretty sluggish at the walk, but I got that sorted out before too long and we moved on to the trot. Right away he vomited onto the forehand in the grossest trot ever. Lots of trot-halt-trot transitions got him working better so I let him have a good stretch before putting him together.

His trot work after that was actually really, really good though he was getting a little over-exuberant in the lateral work. He was heavy in the canter, but I fucked up my back something good beating Mags yesterday (No, I really did beat her. She went to bite Pig again and we had a little CTJ in the shallows of Lake Ontario. Sorry not sorry.) so it was painful for me to work through. We threw down a clean flying change each direction with zero drama and called it quits.

so hot already at 8am. 

It was a good little jaunt about the ring, and we should be right back on track for the rest of the week. I also sold my saddle Friday, so once paypal/ebay frees my monies, it's saddle shopping time! Really old, cheap Stubben saddle shopping, but hey--at least that's the easy kind, right?


  1. Have fun saddle shopping! Glad Bobby didn't kill anyone while you were gone.

  2. He's looking particularly cute in today's pictures. Ugh saddle shopping whyyyy!?!?!?!

  3. I feel like all my rides usually have, "So help me God" spoken out loud multiple times. But I try to say it with a smile so I maintain some semblance of a positive outlook.

  4. At least Bobby doesn't require an expensive French saddle?

  5. Sometimes, animals just need to be beaten, lol

    I say that jokingly, but like, for real. CTJs are needed all around sometimes.

  6. Good luck with the saddle search!

  7. Bobby is both difficult and easy at the same time... it's SO hard to describe. Like on the flat he will go and do the simple stuff, but if you want anything more advanced you have to work for it. But I will say, I've never ridden such a broke, talented horse on the flat.

    So... dressage works.

  8. Bless you for going saddle shopping. Good luck

  9. Ha! I have an old, cheap Stubben that I will be selling. I guess if I sold mine, I would have to hurry up and buy a new one LOL! My beloved is a Siegfried VSS (MW I believe) in black if you are interested. Good luck in saddle shopping, I know how it is :)

  10. I commiserate on the saddle shopping. Good luck.

  11. i'm sure you will find the old cheap stubben of your dreams - they are out there!!!

  12. I love reading about Bobby. It's nice to know my OTTB isn't the only one with opinions. Glad he only semi tortured his pony sitter!

  13. Good luck on saddle shopping... I greatly regret selling an older stubben I bought when I first got Apollo, I didn't find it very comfy so I sold it...and I have never found anything that fit him as well. Shame.

  14. Sydney is much of the same. If you start out the ride wandering, you are going to have a wandering pony for the entire ride. If you start out the ride setting down the ground rules and asking for a forward pony, you are going to have a forward pony for the entire ride. Too bad it took me so long to figure that out!


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