Monday, August 15, 2016

No Fear

So the past couple of weeks (Has it been that long? Maybe only one week? One and a half weeks? This is why we blog--to remember all the things.) I've been experiencing a weird phenomena.


Some trepidation perhaps, but my mind has suddenly gone into full on analysis mode in the canter, and it's taken up all my brain cells so that there's no room for death mantras.

With the hunter show coming up this weekend, I've been hyper-focused on working on those long approaches to jumps. Obviously no guarantees that any of that work will carry over once I get off property, but I can go into this show knowing I've done my homework.

jumped this oxer A BUNCH. if we didn't nail it, i just circled back around and tried again.

For whatever reason, my brain has decided that it can function well enough again to aid in the decision making process of jumping instead of simply shutting down and blanking out. Thanks, Brain. As such, I now have a nice long list of things to distract me as we canter for ten minutes up to a single oxer on the other side of the ring (For real though, what's the appeal there, hunters?!).

How's the pace? Is it open and forward, or pulling and rushing and forward? Do I actually--gasp--need to add leg? Do I need to half halt to re-balance? Do I need to half halt to make sure his mind isn't wandering? Or is he being such a pro that I can go all chillski on him and just sit there? One last finger squeeze three strides out, or is the rhythm so spot on that I can just let it happen?

zero chill. baby horse in the background got to go first which made bobby ANGRY.
jumped it anyway because SO BRAVE.
(also it was 2'6" in the middle. we measured. because maybe wanting to feel braver.)

Ain't nobody got time to freak out when you've got all that going on!

In other news, Bobby and I went out twice for our barn's baby hunter pace Sunday. He was awesome the first time around. Aside from just being super chill and pleasant about everything, he was also a flying change machine which is always super fun when you can just ask for those wherever you please and he hands them out like candy. (Helmet cam on my facebook and youtube if anyone is so incredibly bored to death that they want to sift through 25 minutes of footage.)

happy horse is happy to be out jumping in the field.

The second time around, however, he was too sleepy to give any fucks. Even with my spurs dug into his sides on take off over jumps, he was like, "Ugh, fine. I will jump literally one half and inch higher than what I'm going over."

go, heifer! 

That lasted until we were waiting for the baby horse to make it over one final jump in one of the fields. Baby horse finally made it over and went trotting off on landing to continue the way which of course put him in front. Bobby was all hell to the no, and had a minor tantrum. Very minor in Bobby's world with only minimal sideways running and jigging, but enough to be annoying.

"hurryyyyy, we cannot let that baby horse win the race!"

I don't know why he's been such a tool about having to lead this year. It never used to a be a thing before. Whatevs, Bobby. Whatevs.

My second team came in third and the first came in fourth (because we were so speedy), and it was a fun way to spend the weekend. Overall though? I really, really just want to jump some real cross country jumps that are giant and legit.

too tiny.

And maybe we'll hit the 2'6" division instead of the 2'3" this weekend.


Because not scared right now.*

*Of tiny jumps at home.


  1. Yay for confidence! That is awesome. Love the pictures - you two look great.

  2. Yay for confidence! The photos are terrific

  3. This is my favourite post of the day! Hoping this is heralding the return of the BAMF!

  4. Awesome!!! The confidence is returning!

  5. Awesome!!! The confidence is returning!

  6. Confidence for the win! Go Carly, you can do it!

  7. Woohoo! If you happen to see any of my confidence floating around, feel free to borrow it for the show. But maybe send it back after?
    Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. Confidence is great! Go have fun at the show!

  9. YEAH! I knew if you jumped enough jumps you'd get your groove back :D

  10. i've more or less stopped trying to understand how or why the fear works. all that matters is capitalizing on when we feel GOOD. get it girl!!

  11. Poor little cow, being forced to lose all the races. I'm glad you're feeling better about jumping. Have fun at the show.


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