Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Foto Finish: KITTIES!!!1jhfskh!!!

It's finally time I shared the story of my teensey tiny little baby kitten because she is so cute and I just want to smush her and hold her and kiss her and carry her around ALL THE TIME KITTENSSSSS.


Now that that's out of the way, I'm taking a page out of Emma's book and doing a glorified photo dump of Winona and friends. If you don't like pictures of cats, please leave.

And never come back. I don't want your type around here.

first full day home. she instantly settled in.

i went in adamant that i would not come home with a female.
i played with all the males, but she just kept staring at me while everyone else ran away.
obviously i came home with a female.

she hissed in mags's face the first time they met and mags instantly dropped to the ground,
making herself as small and unintimidating as possible. instant besties after that.

poor old fat cat is just a peace loving hippie, and he was more interested in stealing
her food than anything else. he tolerates her extremely well though.

sometimes she turns into satan at night.

bffs playing bitey face

pig dog is not a fan of cats. she either runs away
or tries to act like they don't exist. kitten don't care.

making caves out of pillows is the best

sometimes she gets too crazy and oscar has to
casually step on her and tell her to calm down.

just chillin'.

zomg look at it!!!

purple platypus travels everywhere with her.

she has an umbilical hernia that's going to get fixed when she goes in to get spayed
in a few weeks. in the meantime i have to push it back in on the daily. gross.

never a bad time for puppy loves.

"hai, i help you make the dinner?"

she loves snuggling her black kitty the most

only one paw on the counter is ever allowed. fat cat teaches her all the rules.

nap time after the olympics

helping unpack food after camping.
ok, so those rules are sometimes broken...

I hope that's enough kitten pictures to tide you over for the weekend! Don't worry, I'll keep being a crazy cat lady and taking more.


  1. OMG, she's adorable. I love her cute, adorable (and sometimes evil) face. Fat cat reminds me of Martin who will sit on the rambunctious kittens until they calm down. It's really quite funny.

  2. Omg. That kitten tho!!! Obviously she came home with you bc who could resist her charm?!? Also lol at Oscar's face when she plays with him !!

  3. ZOMG KITTEN!!!!! She is impossibly cute!

  4. Zomg! ALL the cuteness!! I just lost my older guy a few weeks ago. Not ready for another cat, but kittens are irresistible!

  5. 😍😍😍 oh my gosh I can't even handle all the cute!!!

  6. kitten....KITTEN!! I miss that my fuzzball isn't a little kitten anymore but I still say "Poor Kitten" ALL THE TIME when she doesn't get her way and she is pouty about it. I can relate to so many of these pics

  7. OMG ALL THE KITTEN LOVE! Squeeeeeee! I see so much of Felix and Sophie in her (or maybe it's just the friskiness of kittens). They both have/had toys they carry around with them everywhere! Except Felix's is a fluffy tail thing that came off another toy... it's black like him, and since he's a manx, we joke that he's carrying around his missing tail, lol!

  8. KIDDONS. While I haven't always been the biggest cat fan, they are growing on me and I now want one.

  9. I have such a soft spot for calico's <3 <3 <3

  10. As a fellow crazy cat lady, I totally get it. She is sooo cute!!!

  11. She is just the cutest damn thing! I love her and Mags together :)

  12. I'm not a cat person, but that is a really cute f'in kitten.

  13. I just want to smoosh her. A lot. SO CUTE!

  14. The Satan photos are my favourite! She's ridiculously adorable.

  15. She is so cute!! You almost make me miss having a kitten. ALMOST BUT NOT.

    Little devils.

  16. Dammit. Now I want a kitten. The pics of her smooshed up against Pig's butt and the one paw on the counter one with Fat Cat are my favorites. I'm feeling all grabby paws towards a kitten right now. But I shouldn't get one. but I want one. but no. but yes.

  17. KITTYYY. Now I want to do a cat spam post for my siamese...


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