Thursday, July 28, 2016


No not that sort of Milestone! Bobby had two days off to recover from his weekend of being a mostly well behaved show pony, and then we jumped back into work Wednesday.

And when I say "work" what I mean is I let him have a long stretchy warm up, and then we jumped maybe six times total.

hanging out with chance while waiting out a storm.

Now that recognized dressage season in my realm of distance-willing-to-drive is over, I'm putting all my focus on jumping. There's one last baby schooling hunter show around the corner at the end of August that I'm aiming for with the goal to make it around the 2' division--you know, like the whole damn course this time. Training level eventing last year, baby hunters this year. Whomp whomp.

There were two verticals set on each diagonal when I went into the ring and I immediately bumped them up three holes so they sat at a whopping 2'6". After warm up, BM put two 2' jumps on each long side and away we went.

I had to circle the first time because Bobby was all la-di-dah in dressage canter land and figured I was about to run him into the jump so he broke to the trot, and there was no way I had my shit together enough to actually leg him on over it. BM scolded me for it anyway and the whole time kept telling me, "Nothing is going to happen. Noooottthhhhhinnngggg."

Obviously nothing happened.

Bobby hopped over the first jump like it was a ground pole (which 2'6" basically is when you're as giant as him. Plus, you know, he's pretty well schooled at almost a foot higher.) and then came around to the second one and threw in a chip because I was sitting in the fetal position with no leg and pretty much just kind of, sort of pointed him in the direction of the jump. To which BM sagely pointed out, "That was ugly, but nothing happened."

Phew, on to the 2' outside line jumps!

kittens are so bad.

We were fine off the shorter approach from the left, but with a loooong (hunter course type) approach from the right I couldn't find a spot from the canter to save my life. From the trot it was fine though, so if I have to trot in to my first fence at the show every time I will. Because schooling show. And I'm a chicken.

Once Bobby was in jumping mode, he brought his head and neck up to look for fences and we got back into a jumping canter which made the 2'6" jumps come up easier. We did those a couple times more apiece and then called it quits.

Those were my first 2'6" jumps that I did more than one time since January. Rebuilding confidence is slow, kids. And it sucks.

This morning I went into the ring and saw one of the verticals had been changed to an oxer. Today's mission: jump an oxer.

As long as I focused on the task at hand, I didn't get nervous about the giant, looming oxer in the room. Good flatting, that's okay to think about. Approaching the oxer? Not okay.

We got our jumping canter right off the bat so I came around to the vertical first. Leg on, sit back, eyes up, easy peasy.

On to the oxer. I was probably hyperventilating coming up to it, but I made myself repeat the process, changing my leaning back to leaning so far back I probably looked like I was dropping off a 6' bank. But I kept my leg on, and when I saw what I thought was a long-ish but perfectly acceptable spot I told Bobby to take it. He happily obliged and I was able to follow him over the super enormous teeny tiny jump easily.

And then I quit right there because that was my first 2'6" oxer since our crash and I was shaking like a leaf, but so fucking proud of myself.

"you know i school 3'+ when you're not on me, right?
what is the big deal, lady?"

Hubby and I are on "vacation" for too many days with his family, so I told barn friend W to play with him while I was gone if she wanted. I know she's at least going to take a jumping lesson on him which I cannot wait to hear about!


  1. Ahw Bobby way to be semi trained haha! I understand that fear thing and think you're so bombass to keep pushing through it

  2. Hey, you were terrified, but you did it! And every time you do it, hopefully it will be a little less terrifying. You should definitely be proud of yourself.

  3. Being nervous and doing it anyway = totally badass.

  4. you'll always be a badass in my book!

  5. You did it, and that's what counts! Also, kittens + blinds of any kind = disaster.

  6. YOU DID IT!! Hope you survive 'vacation' with your in-laws (I feel your pain on that one) and that Bobby is a good mule for his jump lesson!

  7. You're awesome, and I'm so excited to hear you and the Bobby are back at the jumping gig.

  8. Awesome! It's so, so, SO hard to make yourself do these things when you're afraid. Trust me, I KNOW! But the more you try the better it gets. Nice work!

  9. You're braver than a lot of us, cause people like me will never go over 3' (or 2'9"). Even if you never do it again (which I think you will get back there be next year), you are a total bad ass.

  10. Small victories are victories nonetheless!


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