Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Blog Hop: Fuck Yeah!

This blog hop is brought to you by I Will Jump Sweet Jumps, and I think it's exactly what a few of us need right now--myself most definitely included!

Jumping is without a doubt my biggest hang up in my confidence right now (although there are days when my Second level horse can't make a left hand turn to save his life and we almost careen headlong into the wall that make me feel a little unsure of my chosen hobby), so I want to share a few pictures that remind me that once upon a time I jumped big things without fear.

And damn it, I will do it again!

One day. You know, when they stop being scary.

fave bobby jumping picture. clearing almost 5' like it was nothing.

in slo-mo because fuck yeah.

prelim skinny like a mother fucking boss. (photo by paul rehbock)
blasting through our first training locked and loaded
what stadium issues, bitches? (photo by niamh o'connell)
and one of red who never scared me,
even when he took off from a full stride out to maxed out tables

Fuck yeah, I'm a baller! Maybe a baller on hiatus, but those days will come again.


  1. Hell yeah you are a baller, just on hiatus indeed. That slo mo video is just amazing. Way more balls than I have!

  2. The top picture is also MY favorite picture of you and Bobby. If that picture doesn't scream "IM A BAD ASS," I don't know what does.

  3. I love this!! You really are an incredible rider <3

  4. Fear pisses me off. So nice to have visual reminders of what we can do! You'll get there again. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Awesome pictures. You'll do it again.

  6. Straight up gangster! Love it

  7. Once a baller always a baller, you guys are legends no matter what you do ☺☺☺

  8. I still think you are a total BAMF regardless of how you feel :)

  9. That's some bad ass jumping, right there.

  10. Love the skinny photo. In my head, Bobby is going "Ooh, shiny!" and couldn't care less about the fact he's jumping big jumps.


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