Thursday, June 9, 2016

Eastside Hunter Classic II

Our sanctioned fancy prance show came first, but since once again I was showing by myself I have zero media. I'm hoping photos from the photographer there will go up soon, and I'll have something to share. I know there's at least one where I must look constipated because I saw her swing around to take our picture as we prepared to do the halt-rein back and I was like, "I should smile for this! No. Stop. Pay attention to your test." >grimace, poop face<

You can refer back to the first show in this series here if you're so inclined. If you're not, I'll sum it up for you: I passed on the opportunity to school before the show started, Bobby was a nutter in all our hack classes, and we jumped one jump before I broke down into tears and excused myself from the ring.

It was awesome.

When the next show came up, I really wanted to go to it solely to jump around before the show started. I'm starting to transition from being scared shitless to jump period to just being scared shitless to jump off property. Yay, small wins!

bobby had just launched over a jump like a looney and i was debating whether or not
to ask BM to get on him for me. but i didn't. because i am so brave.

Originally I was going to have to pass because I was showing Friday and Saturday and I would have felt bad making him jump around after hauling two hours each way for two days straight on top of doing two Second tests each day. But then I scratched Saturday which I gave him off to recover from Firday, and off we went first thing Sunday morning.

I was smart and put his twisted dee on him from the get-go--learned my lesson from last time! I also put my rubber reins on because schooling, and also because fuck those fucking leather reins. I'd forgotten my schooling boots at the barn, but I still had my dressage boots in my trailer so at least I didn't have to borrow a car to run back and dress myself. I just couldn't really put my heels down or move my ankles. No bigs.

learning about hunter hair though!
bobby's hair not so much.

While Bobby was still rocking a little bit of a floofy fro from having his braids taken out Friday afternoon, there was no other remnant of fancy dressage horse. He wasn't bad, he just wasn't know, on the bit. Whatevs, we're here for the jumping.

if i'm in as much pain as i look, it's probably from my boots.

After picking out a fence that didn't look too scary and wasn't being congregated around by other horses, I casually wandered up to it to let Bobby see it. I mean, this horse has carted my ass over Training cross country without blinking an eye, but surely he must need a look at this 2'6" picket fence! Bobby ignored the jump and tried to make off with the shrubbery instead which BM then had to come return to its rightful place, and then thankfully remained to started yelling at me as we began the jumping.

super easy

I think I took Bobby by surprise with the first jump. Not that he stopped or did anything bad, but exactly the opposite. He loped over it and I was able to follow BM's order of "Soften your hands, let him go." without second guessing any of our party. BM told me I needed "Let it go" to be playing in the background at all times when I jump. Probably true. But then the switch turned on in his head an he catapulted us over it the second time.

I had a walk/breathing break before doing the smaller gate to get my balls back a little bit. Bobby was good for that (again, I think it took him by surprise that we were doing the jumping), so we came back to the picket.

"rawr, i am here to do jumpies!!"

He was on to the game now, and there was much snorting and head flinging, but when we got to the actual fence, he jumped it quietly. BM pointed out that he's getting the distances fine, he's just being Bobby and throwing in all the theatrics on the way there. She told me to play her favorite game with him: canter around like you're going to jump the jump, but then go right past it instead. It keeps him guessing instead of letting him lock on and take over.

The first fence we did it to he was like, "OK, OK. Not that one then. BUT NOW WE ARE JUMPING THIS ONE INSTEAD!!!11hJ!!" I had to use a pulley rein to get him off of it. Lots and lots of looping and around and psyching him out finally got him settled, and I felt confident enough to turn into a little bitty vertical.

it was the first jump in a four stride line to a fucking huge (when you're a wimp)
vertical, so we angled it so he didn't get his eyes on the second fence.

He was really good for it, and we popped over it a couple more times before calling it quits.

yay, so brave!

Bobby didn't want to pull up. He just wanted to pull me down into the ground.

BM: kick him!
me: pulls back

me: lifts hands really high

me: aw, you walked. good boy.

Yeah, I'm working on the whole kicking thing, okay? Baby steps here.

Poor Hubby was very confused about the purpose of hunter shows in general what we were doing here when our group of riders left the ring and headed back to the trailers. He kept asking if I was going to show now, but I held firm in my decision to keep this as a schooling opportunity only. My horse was a little naughty, I worked through it, and we jumped a few different jumps several times apiece OFF PROPERTY!

I love satin as much as the next person, but that was a big enough win for me. Maybe I'll be ready by the next show.


  1. GO YOU!!! Also that new helmet looks great!

  2. Hey, any win, no matter how small, is a win. Go girl!

  3. Nicely done! Nothing wrong with going out to practice. There will be plenty of time for showing when you're ready.

  4. "BM: KICK HIM.
    me: lifts hands really high"
    I have totally done this. I am so good at listening.

  5. You go girl! Glad you had a good experience jumping off the farm. One step at a time will get your confidence back :)

  6. Yay for jumping off farm! Small victories are good too!

  7. booom. mission accomplished and jumpies jumped. also "BM: kick him!
    me: pulls back"

    yuuuuuuuuup sounds about right.

  8. yay Bobby. Love that your husband was confused- I am picturing his face....

  9. There should really be ribbons that say "I did the scary thing and didn't cry all day." Like participation ribbons but way better, because they would come with booze and chocolate or something.

  10. That is a great win! Also winning at captions.

  11. YAY!!! Way to go!


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