Wednesday, May 11, 2016

See, this is the problem.

When the horse is good, I get stuck in this quandary of "What the fuck do I blog about now?"

Honestly, I feel like I turn into a little bit of a braggart to people after a few rides in a row where Bobby hasn't sat down on top of any supporting structures in an attempt to show me how displeased he is with...whatever it is that displeases a Bobby. There's really not an in-between space with him. He is either Very Bad or Very Good. Since last week, he has been nothing but Very Good.

You guys read about the rides over the weekend/Monday where he was jumping like a rock star, flatting like a rock star, and even popping over cross country jumps in the field like a rock star. My horse is easy fucking peasy, yada yada, I'm sorry that's so boring.

the pond monster goes swimmies for the best snacks.

I know it's absolutely bat shit crazy and wrong of me, but sometimes I kind of like the low key cray cray because it's funny and it makes posts funny. What's not funny?

Yesterday we ran through 2-3. I figured a week out from our first dressage show, I better start putting some shit together here.

Bobby started out on the forehand so badly that his first medium he ended up splatting on his face with his front legs flailing and his hind legs cantering. What the fuck even, horse? I pulled him up, quite sharply as we were rapidly heading into the corner practically doing a head stand, and then took him out for a loop of the driveway figuring he was going to take offense to me cramping his style and telling him he was wrong.

Only he didn't take offense. He didn't even really seem to notice. We entered from outside the arena and went straight down center line to start the test. Bobby didn't get tense, he wasn't upset, he just went around and did his job, nailing his canter and counter canter work so well that my face hurt I was grinning so hard.


lots of trail riding both before and after rides

Today my knees are killing me to the point where the idea of sticking my legs in stirrups ever again ever seems like death. You think galloping racehorses is fun when you're all young and sprightly? Don't. Don't fucking do it. It will destroy your young sprightly body and make you a fucking cripple before you hit thirty.

But I did feel like I should ride since I was going to be there anyway to turnout and feed ponies, The solution was obviously to get on bareback and make my inner thighs and vajay hurt just as badly as my knees. Solid game plan, right?

After a super quick w/t/c warm up, I walked through 2-2 and then got to work.

Dudes, Bobby beasted that shit. He was so. fucking. good. Alright, so he tried to take over at the medium canter and continue it right on out the open arena door, but other than that? Totes perf. I wouldn't have changed a single thing.

spent ten minutes trying to explain my very simple camera phone to the neighbor.
she asked if this pic was ok or if i wanted more. i was like, "no! it's fine! thanks! please join the 21st
century and learn how to press one single button! thanks again!"

I don't know how else to apologize for my horse going through a Solid Citizen phase right now. Provided the weather holds, our hunter show this weekend should probably take care of that phase and provide some hilarious blog fodder. If nothing else, seeing my broken AF in the confidence department self compete against ten years old should be amusing.


  1. I hear you. I literally just wrote a post about how when my horse is good I have literally nothing to say. Because.... boring.

  2. Well I'm a geek enough to find it intersting. :) mostly becasue I'm pining for the day when it's all boring. That said, it's nice to see that all your hard work is paying off.

  3. Wait... so do you mean to tell me that people don't like reading lengthy summaries of your rides when things are going relatively well and you're just humming along working on the usual stuff and nothing particularly interesting happens other than a slight improvement to your right lead canter? Blogging: Am I Doing it Wrong?

  4. Yay for the solid citizen phase! We need to celebrate it, even if it as not as exciting and dramatic as "As the World Turns - Bobby Style"

    Plus, shows coming up, sooo exciting!

  5. Only thing more boring than a dressage post about a horse behaving is a hunter post about a horse behaving ;)

  6. I dunno, I think posts about how awesome your horse is are THE BEST. Because you have to hang onto those moments and it's what we all do this for anyway!

  7. Woohoo for him being a good boy!

  8. Hahahahahahahahaha!
    However, this:
    "the pond monster goes swimmies for the best snacks"
    is what you blog about when he's so perfect! LOLOL

  9. Posts about Good Bobby are great too! Enjoy your show!

  10. "Dressage is boring as shit unless it goes wrong"...THIS is gold.

  11. I feel like you probably jinxed the good behavior by talking about it and now he'll return to being a backwards running sitter-downer tomorrow.

  12. I totally know what you mean, my horse is always so disgustingly and boringly good, no one reads anymore.. at least I don't read my own blog your guys' blogs are way more interesting.

    The only antidote to good bobby being good is to dress him up in more weird shit as punishment.

  13. If you're going to bore us with how wonderful Bobby is being, then I ask for more awkward ears photos, please.
    Glad he's on a good streak!

  14. You are due for some good horse behavior for a while. And the comment on your last photo... been there before!

  15. I like reading about the good stuff, but that's because I'm always looking for good training nuggets, and because I like hearing about all you other blogger people having fun and being successful with your ponies.

  16. but i <3 good bobby britches tho!!

  17. My horses are such ass hats I really enjoy a good post about a well behaved horse. I mean, I'm jealous... But I enjoy it.

  18. NO! You do not need conflict to make interesting blog posts and it's not bragging if he's being good and you want to post about it! I LOVE posts about you guys at Second and want to hear more about 2-3 and how that's going and what is good and what is slightly less good and yay showing and yay Bobby being a boss at dressage. You guys have come so far and I want to hear all about it!

  19. I like the good stuff because it gives me hope that maybe someday my horse will brain again and we can get there.

  20. No I like hearing good stuff! It makes me feel all warm inside knowing that strangers on the internet are doing good (lol I'm so weird). You are gunna kick those 10 year old's asses lol

  21. I know what you mean! But I also like reading about good Bobby. He's got such contrasting personalities. Love it!


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