Tuesday, April 19, 2016

TRM Blog Hop: Honest Sale Ad

Cathryn has another great blog hop going that I hope gains a lot of traction because I feel like it has the potential to show all of our horses in the best possible light.

Only not.

Which should make it even better.

Without further ado, I bring to you....

Bobby Magee

wow! such presence!

This is an eleven year old gelding that I was recently told looks much older when aged from his teeth. Fortunately, he still has all of them so ignore anything that might imply.

He's a Thoroughbred who I have known his entire life. I can tell you the whole history on this horse! I can also tell you he hasn't lost his baby fixation with putting things in his mouth or carrying his feed tub around with him.

He's not very tidy in his stall, but he loves to be outside. Only don't leave him out there all the time. Bobby requires a least a few inside hours each day to find the choicest spot of pee and take a nap in it. He also needs a bit of a reprieve from his turnout buddies. Even when pastured with the gentlest, most geriatric cripples, he will find a way to get chewed on and chased away from food.

"zomg, the horse is after me, go away horse."

Bobby will ground tie for eternity anywhere you park him...unless there's something else he'd rather be doing...like leaving. 

He finds stationary vehicles deeply disturbing, but will self load onto any trailer. Although please do not drive your truck by the arena while he is in it. He finds that deeply offensive.

Use only your jankiest, oldest, most decrepit horse supplies because he will not acknowledge or appreciate anything expensive you buy him. Don't worry. You can spend all that money you saved on hipster items keeping him in applesauce for the rest of his life. He won't eat his food unless you mix it in.

"applesauce all the time, please."

He does not bite or kick although the awful, horrible faces he will make at you while you brush him might lead you to believe otherwise.

He has no vices unless you count peeing in the aisleway after every ride a vice. And then he does. And it is an unbreakable habit I'm afraid.

Bobby is just now learning to pose, mostly because it's spring and the grass is coming in so he's often caught looking for ways to escape you and go eat.

such drama.

If you want a very large, mostly friendly, endlessly patient while being dressed for photo opportunities, and surprisingly sound pet for you or your children, this is the horse for you!

If you're looking for a riding horse, I'd look elsewhere.


  1. that applesauce pic tho... Such expressiveness!

  2. He even comes complete with his own internet fan club!

  3. He would sell just by being the majestic, photogenic beast that he is!

  4. awww Bobbicakes (though I wrote boobicakes first..)

  5. This makes me want a pet Bobby.

  6. Sold. I'll pick him up next week. :)

  7. You always make him sound so entertaining. Even when he's being a bit of a tool.

  8. I kind of want a Bobby of my own now :)

  9. That last sentence killed me. HAHAHA.

  10. I love that second picture. Bobby is adorable!

  11. I always read your posts and think "I'm going to comment something witty and hilarious because Carly is so witty and hilarious and I have to match that level, or atleast try"

    then, it usually comes out as "OMFG I LOVE BOBBY SO MUCH. I WANT HIM AS MY OWN. GIVE ME HIM NOW."

    great post. best horse. I fan girl over both of you on a daily basis.

  12. Omg the peeing in the crossties would drive me mad


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