Friday, April 29, 2016

Redheadlins Blog Hop

Bobby was super awful Wednesday, but super good Thursday, so I'm saving that post after I've done some ruminating. In the meantime, I love this blog hop from Redheadlins!

"If your horse was your co-worker what kind of reports would you have to make to the HR department?"

Complaint #1: Bobby shit in the water cooler again.

Complaint #2: Bobby stole my snacks from the fridge. And right off my desk while I was sitting there. Apologize? No. He then proceeded to dribble the crumbs out his mouth all over me.

Complaint #3: Others got to leave work before Bobby did today. He started throwing objects around the office.

Complaint #4: Told Bobby he shouldn't line up the office chairs and treat them as a hurdling course. Pretty sure the whole office is destroyed after that tantrum.


  1. This is perhaps my favorite blog hop in awhile.

  2. Sounds like Bobby is fucking fired man lol

  3. Bobby is not a great coworker. I hate when they steal my snacks!

  4. Lol poor bobby can't handle cubicle life

  5. Ha! Sounds like a terrible co-worker!

  6. That sounds like Bobby!! Definitely made me lol.

  7. Pretty sure I don't want to work with Bobby lol


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