Thursday, March 17, 2016


As I alluded to in my last post, I ordered so many presents from Smartpak Monday night. I'm only able to really stock up on any horse stuff I need to replace once a year, so I make sure to take full advantage of it and load up on all the things.

Also on the list to do is get my trailer looked at (this weekend) to make sure it's in primo running order, and see if my truck is going to make it through this year (poor old Growler) and get it all fixed up if it is. But those things are boring.

Let's look at presents!

As I also pointed out, none of these things are remotely exciting. There's a fancy bridle on its way down from Canada (that I probably could have driven up and gotten faster than it's taking to ship) that I'll do a post on when it arrives because that's about the only actual exciting purchase.


she was so excited for presents.
she didn't even care that they weren't for her.
she's kind of a simpleton. 

A new Weatherbeeta sheet (actually from State Line as SP doesn't have much choices for WB) and a new medium weight that was on sale. Bobby was in dire need of a new wardrobe this year. Everything I own except the high neck Mio I bought last year was starting to see the end of its life expectancy. He's had the same blankets since I bought him six years ago, and a couple others he inherited from Red that were even older. And let me tell you, 75" and small 78" do not fit a horse that comfortably wears an 81" and could probably go in an 84" if he had to.

red pony's ancient weatherbeeta.
clearly time for an upgrade.
I love WB products, and they fit Bobby perfectly, so I specifically sought out that sheet. The Mio just happened to be on sale and I also needed another medium, so I stuck that on, too.

not a blanket model.

so dapper. love this sheet.

I'll probably look into donating my other blankets to a rescue. They're not in bad shape, just not spoiled, one owner horse worthy anymore.

Boring. New fly mask (on sale) and a small hole hay net since Bobby ate a giant hole in his other one, and I just chucked it.

New girths! BM and I came to the conclusion that my old girth that didn't have elastic ends wasn't getting tight enough to keep the saddle in place. I've been borrowing hers for a couple months and finally bought my own. The jumping girth fits great. The dressage girth, which I actually ordered a size down from my normal one, was waaaaaay to big. That will be getting exchanged for a smaller size. They're nice girths--identical to my old Wintec one that I loved, but with elastic and the fabric reinforcements on top.

I finally snagged both the RWR hair net you guys kept recommending to me, and my first pair of Pipers! I know you're either in the love or hate camp for Pipers, and I have to say I'm in the love category. I put them on and immediately wanted to buy another pair. In fact, once I see what the damage to my truck is, I will probably definitely be getting a second pair. I guess I lucked out and am the exact shape these were made for because they fit like a dream.

Bobby absolutely, irreconcilably demolished the hind pair of Dover boots he had when throwing a month's worth of tantrums when he decided he could not horse in December, and honestly the fronts are barely hanging on to life. These only come up to a size large, and Bobby wore an XL in the Dover boots, so I was a little worried they wouldn't fit, but they're actually very generous sizing. They're not quite as rigid as the Dover boots, but still look like they'll hold up just fine.

obviously a really good picture showing these off.

And I restocked my Braideez. These are all I know how to braid with, and I had my last bag for something like five years before I just straight up lost it sometime this winter. I have no idea where it went to. These things are awesome, by the way. Highly recommended to anyone that's not a phenomenal braider with thread or yarn like myself.

And that's all! Like I said, a new bridle is also on the way, and probably another pair of breeches, but I think we're all set until next year!

happy st patrick's day from this dude!

What have you guys bought recently as show season begins to descend upon us?


  1. Never heard of braideez. Looks like yarn?

    I've never been a huge WB fan but they also never fit Houston and I found a nice Rambo sheet for Annie on sale, bought her a SP indestructible medium, and bought her another Rambo medium on sale. I need to see what kind of sales I can snag some stuff for Houston this year.

    1. They're actually coated wire! Very cool, they stay nice and snug in the mane with little effort which is what I've always had problems with.

      I thought it was funny the WBs are the official blanket of the AQHA because they fit my narrow, high withered TB perfectly, and I can't imagine them working on any other body type.

  2. Replies
    1. You're going to show me how to do hunter hair when you come out!

  3. Gina has the same sheet! (I hear all the best bay horses do.) I want to hear a full review of these Braideez you speak of. I do the yarn thing, but it's SUCH a pain in the ass.

  4. Review of Braideez please! I'm just curious about them- I sew my braids in with wax thread and fine it very easy to do. I just like knowing how other options work!

  5. um so i just googled braideez (and subsequently watched their youtube videos lol) - genius!!!! now i'm if they'll work on a horse with a longer mane......

  6. I'm glad you liked the Pipers. I like them, but they don't like my hips & ass ;)

  7. I don't know why but I stupidly thought Braideez sucked because they were expensive..and just now realized they are reusable

  8. I'm SO HAPPY that you're SO HAPPY with the Pipers! They really are great quality breeches at a great price point, and they come in all kinds of fun colors! Plus, PLAID.

    I'll echo what L said: sweet haul, yo :)

  9. Yay presents!! I also love the Pipers.
    That blue looks so good on Bobby.

  10. So much cool stuff, the RWR hairnets are my favorite

  11. I looooove WB blankets. I was beginning to think I was the only one :)


  13. ANY horsey haul is an exciting one! Also Bobby looks fabulous in that sheet - excellent color!

  14. I didn't mind the fit of the pipers (I got side zip) when I tried them but they pilled up after 2 rides so I returned them.
    Looks like bobby will be well outfitted especially once the bridle comes!

  15. oooh im WAY curious about the braideez... im a big proponent of sewing my braids in because apparently im 54 years old. we're lucky i dont use braiding tape.

  16. I'm also curious about the Braideez! I've never braided before in my life and in sure I can figure out how to sew them in but I'm a little intimidated by the idea. These look cool!

  17. Oooo, like everyone else says, deets on the braideez! Bacon cannot stand the snapping if rubberbands, and dislikes pull throughs, so I am wondering if this might be a good option. You scored all kinds of cool stuff! I love it all.

  18. Hooray presents! He looks so freaking good in that royal blue sheet!

  19. Eee! Love buying horsey stuff, even if it's just the basics. We should start a video series mocking tween "haul" videos!

  20. Love presents!! So need to try braideez, I have heard good things and Mia would be an EXCELLENT candidate for them with her damn mane that needs braided and her non appreciation for braiding.

  21. I wish I was organized enough to actually plan what I need for the whole year. Instead I'm more like "dammit, hubby lost ANOTHER dressage whip" and we go to Dover and buy one. Also I feel like buying blankets for 4 horses all at the same time would make me cry. Somehow it seems like less money if I spread it out some?


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