Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Keep it together

My two days of jumping and two days of dressage are not going particularly well this week.

On Monday Bobby was sore and possibly definitely drunk. Yesterday went well, and his training ride is tomorrow, so I shouldn't throw the over fences work under the bus yet. His second flat day--that obviously being today--was uninspiring at best.

Bobby was having a bit of a passive aggressive temper tantrum. He wasn't pulling out the "I'm going to fly sideways, run us into the wall, and then show you how much I hate running into the wall." theatrics, but he wasn't even remotely interested in cooperating with anything.

To be fair, this morning was the first time in quite awhile where I felt really cold riding and couldn't warm up. Bobby's main issue was a super tight back that he wouldn't let go, so it's fair to assume he was having some of the same issue.

Also I think he just really fucking hates Ralphie. This isn't the first ride where we've been passing him going the opposite direction and Bobby tries to dive into him. I don't think it's for snuggles either, though who wouldn't want to snuggle a fat, fluffy, blaze-faced red Quarter Horse is beyond me.

the devil lurks within this giant fucking horse.

After lots of different attempts at troubleshooting, a long canter in half seat followed by a slightly out of control stretchy trot finally did the trick and I was able to log a few minutes of real dressage work. We did the shoulder-in to 10m circle to haunches-in rigmarole from 2-3, several rein backs that were preceded by halting and staying halted, and the turn on the haunches doodads between M ad H.

Bobby is strangely really good at turn on the haunches, and while part of me immediately jumps to the conclusion that he must be doing it wrong if he's doing it so easily, I've done a shit ton (actual measurement) of ground work with this pony over eleven years. Sometimes he actually retains things and transfers them to under saddle work.

Since those are so easy, I figured I'd take them one step farther and see if we could do a walk pirouette. I've never tried these before because why would I, but I was running low on tricks that came to mind that could be done on a 20m circle while we gave Ralph room to canter without Bobby trying to eat him.

Possibly I am the least inspiring dressage rider in existence, but that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

throwback to warmth. new media is sorely lacking around here.

I shortened up his steps as per the Second tests' advice (ugh, Trainer, come back and yell at me again), got him sitting on his booty, and asked him to bring the front half around. Bobby obediently lifted his front end and calmly sat down and stepped over. I kept pushing, he kept stepping, and then I started celebrating and was like, "HEEEEEE hee hee hee, you r doing fancy things!!!!" At which point the fancy thing kind of petered out and started to fall apart.


Haven't we run into this problem before?


Guys, I have got to stay focused and stop having a giggle fest every time my horse does one thing right. Jump one jump when there are six others to get to? WHO CARES YAY WE ARE ALIVE! Take one fancy step when there's a dozen more to finish? WHO CARES YAY WE ARE FANCY!

That mental fortitude is not just lacking in the bravery department right now. Apparently it's been depleted everywhere.


  1. I wish I could make my boring rides sound as interesting and entertaining haha Not saying you're boring, just, I can't make my rides remotely interesting to a reader haha. Blogger fail.

  2. I wanted to have a bitch sess with you on fb but you weren't there, so I cried.

  3. I too have problems finishing the thing because I am too busy celebrating the tiny part of the thing we just did. Ah!

  4. Dino basically hates everyone and new trainer called him a "shark pony" last lesson, so I feel your pain as far as horse trying to attack other creatures while you're attempting to be productive. But super exciting that the fancy is IN THERE, despite your brain wanting to peace out!

  5. haha but who doesn't love giggles fests when bobby shows off his unexpectedly fancy side?!? interesting break through tho - i can DEFINITELY see how that translates to jumping... good food for thought.

  6. There must be something in the air. Tucker has been set to attack mode lately too.

  7. I think it's the mares. Taran got attacked by one from ACROSS THE ARENA last night. He had no idea what he'd done to offend her, but she was SO OFFENDED. I think the geldings are just mirroring the mares.

  8. Yeah, I kind of do the same thing. Woohoo celebrating we are awesome....shit, it all fell apart. I guess admitting it is the first step to recovery!

  9. Most of my rides are uninspiring unless I am having a lesson or just had a lesson

  10. Ralphie sounds freakin adorable - be nice Bobby! My rides are pretty boring and the bar is set pretty low hahaha.... I stayed on? Yes, that's a win. I am a champion.


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