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"sorry, can't listen. too busy not listening."

I'm glad the Braideez Review and Giveaway post bumped my ride recaps back by a day. Otherwise I would have written one yesterday and told you all what an over reactive, prone to meltdowns, distracted by life and all its things, insufferable ass my horse can be.

But then, you've already gathered that if you've read, you know, like one post of this blog before.

Instead, let's move on and focus on some positive!

he still has feet! so that's a positive.

I had the barn's farrier trim Bobby for me yesterday because ever since my brain smashing, hanging upside down underneath a horse do physical labor became a major problem. I was able to round up his toes a little bit, but that was about the extent of it. It's still essentially winter, so they haven't been growing much, but his hind feet were getting to the point where they really needed a real trim. I also like to just have a farrier check my work every now and then, Farrier was nice enough to squeeze me onto her list, and I killed two birds with one stone.

I'm very picky about who gets to touch my horse's feet, but I've been watching Farrier work since last July and not only does she do a good job, but she also knows how I trim and that I'm maybe a little bit crazy about how things get done to my horse.

She didn't do much to the fronts but roll the toes a bit--they hadn't been done in about a month so were due--and deemed them perfectly acceptable Thoroughbred feet. I told her he was sound on gravel with them, so it didn't bother me much that his soles weren't titanium strong, and she agreed it wasn't a big deal.

On the backs, she left a little bit of the flare that Bobby lands on because of how cow-hocked he is behind. I was really happy to see her rasp most of it down, but not try to make his foot look textbook perfect. He's so crooked that he needs that extra bit back there. She told me not to be afraid to take it back a little more when I do it, but if I wasn't sure, err on the side of leaving too much.

She gave me a couple other pointers, obligingly made fun of Bobby's mule ears, and sent us on our way. Definitely worth the little bit of money to have them cleaned up by someone else this once.

spring grass is coming.
but also more snow.

Our ride after wasn't great, but we won't touch on that. He finished well, there were some really good moments, and no one died. I don't think giving him that week off after his chiro adjustment was the right way to go upon further reflection. I talked with BM about it today, and we agreed that it probably just made his muscles tighten up. Next time, if we're prescribed rest, I'll just hop on him and walk it out until we're cleared to go back to real work. He's definitely the type of horse that gets worse sitting.

Today I decided to take all the pressure of being an upper of the lower levels dressage horse off and throw my jump tack on him instead. A jump lesson was finishing up when we came in, so we chilled by the mounting block to stay out of the way, but once I sent Bobby off, he was like, "We're doing the jumping!!! BM said go faster to that horse!!! She must want me to go faster too!!!!!"

Um, Bobby, no. Once we reestablished some whoa the fuck down, he actually flatted fairly respectable. BM was like, "He must really clean up at hunter shows." Having only been to one hunter show with him, and indeed cleaning up, I guess. He definitely knows how to rock the round back, round neck, slightly poked nose, low hunter frame. He just doesn't really jump sanely, no bigs.

winning the flat.

I shouldn't say that, because we then did do a very little bit of jumping, and it was supper sane!

BM dropped the 2'9" vertical the previous lesson had been jumping down to an X for us without me even asking, and then left a little 2' vertical up on the other diagonal. We started off with the X on a short approach, and Bobby was so good. Around to the vertical and still so good. We were consistently getting a bit of a gappy distance, but we both saw it and went for it without ever changing the rhythm. Just, there's the spot, it's a good one, off we go.

Off a long approach to the X the second time around, I could see from a good four strides out that we needed to move up. (I'm actually really good at seeing distances. My problem is making my brain respond when I know I need to change the approach to get the distance. Ughhhh, brain.) I closed my leg, and instead of flinging his head and sprinting to close the gap, BOBBY LENGTHENED HIS STRIDE.

Dudes, BM and I have been working so hard to make this his go-to response when leg goes on. He didn't break the rhythm at all--he just opened up, ate up the distance, and jumped from a perfect spot. I was soooooo proud of him. There was much rejoicing and cookie eating, especially since he hadn't been pointed to a jump in two weeks.

We'll see if we get a training ride in tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be a mix between sleet, rain, and ice all tonight, so my chances of even making it out to the barn are slim. Begone, winter!


  1. YAY BOBBY! So exciting that he's learning and improving. I also vote for more hunter shows. COME TO THE DARK SIDE

  2. lolz bobby is a very fancy hunter pony ;) yay for figuring out how to lengthen to the fence tooo bobby!!

  3. YAYAYAYAY for you guys!! Love those moments where the right things actually happen. :-)

  4. Hunter pony for the win!!!

  5. GO BOBBY GO! Love Hunter Bobby, he's so cute.

  6. I've seen horses with bigger ears winning the flat at Hunter Shows, so congrats Bobbems, you aren't a rabbit yet!

  7. Haha that's awesome! I only hope I can get Tango to that point.

  8. Awwww, yay for perfect and sane jumping!

  9. He looks awfully cute as a hunter! Go Bobby!

  10. PS. I think we need another crazy LL story ;) I am highly anticipating the series.

    1. I need to find a way to do private/password protected posts. Someone "anonymously" sent the last amazing story to my BO who had a cry about it. Or something. Boo hoo whatever.

  11. Not only does he clean up at hunter show, she's he's the poster child!

  12. Wonderful about the lengthening! Nice hoofies too :)


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