Friday, February 26, 2016

You so fancy and famous.

Call it divine fucking providence that my horse waited to bash my head in and scramble all my "Training or DIE, bitches!" confidence once we moved states. You know what's not in abundance around here? Eventing. Specifically cheap, one day, less than four hours of driving eventing.

But do you know what is? Dressage! Western New York apparently loves them some dressage.

Schooling shows? Check.
Local GMO hosted shows? Check.
Five thousand USDF/USEF rated shows? Double check.

While casually looking through all my options for a show schedule this year--a show schedule that will revolve around flat work and hunter paces until I stop giving BM the stank eye every time she's like, "Get on and jump your horse! He's so good!" and there's a vertical higher than six inches in the ring--I discovered there are also a ton of clinic opportunities. are some of my options throughout the year if I don't want to drive more than a couple hours (which I don't) (because poor) (and lazy):

Jenny Veenstra
Tracy Durham
Eric Horgan (Ridden with him before. I'd like to try to make one of his for over fences.)
Susan Strong Kelley
Eddo Hoekstra
Dorothy Maxfield

Does anyone have any strong opinions on any of the above one way or the other? I'd prefer to ride with someone who is an advocate of walk breaks and patting your pone because Bobby cannot horse without walk breaks and frequent, "You are so goooood, oh em geeee."

walk it out.
(so in need of new media.)

In other news, I cantered Bobby down a four stride line of cross rails yesterday and he didn't speed up and we didn't die, so, yeah. Kind of a champion over here. Nevermind BM rode him for half an hour first over way bigger jumps. Still winning.


  1. Can you try riding with Carol Koslowski? she is out your way I believe and she is so nice and very knowledgeable about eventing

  2. woooo Bobby tha Champion!! sadly i don't really know much about clinicians, so don't have a ton to offer about relative attributes of each... hope you love whoever you ride with tho!

  3. OOOH, I rode with Eric like, 15 years ago when I lived up in NY. He's fantastic, although I remember him asking me if I ever jumped Cash over anything "big". When I said we jumped 3'6 at home all the time, he said, "No, I mean big like 5'." So uh, don't tell him that you jump. Like at all.

    1. I rode with him the for year I owned Red and he was actually relatively nice to us. I don't think anyone at the barn who's hosting rides above training so if I put in to jump with super beginners I should be okay. Or at least this is my thought process. I may die.

  4. I've been away from your blog for too long now I have to go read what happened. But since I'm a bit of a chicken I wholeheartedly believe that a four stride line is a big deal. Honestly not sure I could do it with confidence right now, haven't jumped in months. As for clinicians, the only one I know is Eric Horgan, whom I absolutely adore, but you said you rode with him already so you know how great he is.

  5. Well done on the jumping! :D

    I don't know any of those ride with all of them...and then tell me about it :P

  6. If I were closer to New York I would come to visit you just because you also have a love of purple.

  7. Yay! Congrats on the jumping. Don't sell yourself short. You've been working hard. So winning!!

  8. I have the same problem around here. Part of the reason that I don't think I will ever seriously chase my former dreams of galloping cross country. The events around here are stupid expensive, and all of them are over an hour away. Dressage shows are much more abundant, much more affordable (though they did another price hike this year, grrr), and much closer by.


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