Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Being all brave and shit.

I managed to get Hubby to come out to the barn with me Saturday by sneaking it into the middle of a full morning of running other errands.

And by errands I mean just eating a lot of food. So. Much. Food.

i bought a purple shimmable half pad. so much love.

I wanted him out there so I could run through a heavy-on-the-ground-poles grid that is obviously easier to manage when you have a person on foot to adjust things as you progress. When we pulled in, there was one person in the ring finishing up their ride, and I knew they'd be done by the time I got Bobby groomed and tacked up.

Then, from her horse's stall, I hear the barn's residential crazy lady ask if I was going to jump. I told her I was. She asked if she'd be getting in my way if she longed her horse at the same time. Well, yes, Longe Lady, you would be, but if you get your crazy ass around and go in the ring right now, you won't be in my way. To which she said, "But there's a horse in the ring right now."


Because I won't be in the ring when you longe with me in the ring?



Bobby and I ended up stuffed onto a twenty-ish meter circle to do w/t/c while we waited for her to finish longeing. Only she didn't finish. She just kept going. So I finally got off, loosened Bobby's girth, unbuckled his breastplate, pulled off my helmet, and told Hubby we were done since I didn't have access to the rest of the fucking ring.

i even waited around and took some bobby pictures.

At which point Longe Lady stopped longeing and left the ring. Obviously then I handed Bobby over to Hubby and ran down the aisle to strangle her crazy ass. I would have maybe gotten back on (but maybe not because I was so fucking annoyed at that point), but then BM had a lesson getting ready to come in. I opted to cut my losses and try again the next day.

Fortunately, when we rolled in bright and early Sunday morning, the only other person there was B feeding and turning out so I had the ring to myself.

I set back up my one stride ground pole extravaganza: pole, 9', pole, 9', pole, 9', pole, 9', pole. I added in an X on the diagonal just off the rail to warm up for when I raised the "jumps" in my grid.

I have so many videos thanks to Hubby playing with the slo mo on his phone while simultaneously videoing on my camera (he has to do something to amuse himself), and Bobby really just went around and did his job (!!!!), that I'm going to media dump on your asses.


I'm too lazy to upload the start of the grid where it was just poles, and then one vertical, so let's fast forward all the way to two (itty bitty baby) verticals:

And in slo mo:

Fascinating stuff, I know! Let's make it even more exciting by going through the progression of the X. From the very first time, trotting up to it:

And then cantering it:

And then slowly cantering it:

Okay, this game is boring me already. But we did one more exciting thing. I jumped my first "big" vertical on Bobby again!

It was only 2'3", but since I was riding my horse to a stop in front of a 1' (yes, that is one foot) vertical just a couple weeks ago, I felt like a champion. And look at the britches. No bit snatching full fury charge ahead that ends with a stutter step at the base of the fence and a rocket propelled launch over to the other side. Plus I cantered up to it the very first time, kept my leg on, released my half halt, and gave him a nice, soft rein over the jump.


But I'm not uploading that video because he drifts so far to the right over the jump that it's awkward and ugly. I think I turned him off the rail too late, and then didn't have the brain power to really shove him back over with my outside leg. He drifts right anyway, so coupled with a not-straight approach pretty much did us in. Oh, well.

To end on a good note, I had Hubby drop it back down to an X and we trotted in making sure he was super straight over it (note left rein saying, "Come over here, Bobby!"):

Not the most exciting jump school we've ever had, but for where I'm at right now with my bravery levels, it was awesome. Go, me!


  1. You two look great! And his canter looks so nice.

  2. killin it!! also that purple half pad is perfection

  3. YEAH!! You both look great! Good boy Bobby!!

  4. Hahah this is great, I just love you

  5. Awesome!

    Also- so annoying when you want to accomplish things, and get railroaded by stupid people. With everyone and their brother having to ride in our covered arena recently, I can commiserate.

  6. Yay! Looks so good. Nice and calm.

  7. hahahaha yeah yay boarding! Glad you are getting good rides, even if they're not when you planned them.

  8. Love the videos... so not boring! And looking pretty damn fly there, both of you!

  9. Yassss. Finally blogger is letting me comment again. WOOT! Did you get the shimmable half pad from Riding Warehouse? I've been thinking about getting one; they're so cheap!
    Rebecca - http://backinthetack.wordpress.com

  10. You feel like a champion because you ARE A CHAMPION *tosses confetti*


    You, my friend, have lady balls!

  12. You guys look great, and I love all the "yayyy good booooys!". That's a happy rider :)

  13. I saw this article that I thought was kinda interesting and I have actually had trainers have me drop my reins so I am not as reliant or adding to the problem of a rushing horse. It's been a long time since I have done it but seems like it would be helpful for you guys maybe?


    1. Not having grabby hands? How will I survive??? I will most definitely be trying this! BM is really preaching at me to stay back and sit tall which your article also contributes to the rushing. Excited to see how Bobby reacts!

  14. You are so nice, i might have purposefully put jumps out so that they were in her way and she got the point lol!

  15. Why does every barn have to have a Crazy Lunge Lady(s)?? We have a Crazy Trainer who insists on lungeing all her students' horses before every lesson, and then for whatever reason none of them can steer so they just toilet bowl spiral in the middle of the ring so it's impossible to make a circle on either end. SO MUCH FUN.


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