Friday, November 20, 2015

The Flying Changes Camps: Haikus

I've had a post on flying changes sitting in my drafts folder for ages. It was super long and rambling, but it basically talked about how the Big Three english disciplines see flying changes in such vastly different ways. I was saving it for the week I'm going to be gone for Thanksgiving, but with Nicole's haiku post sparking such hilarity across the blogosphere, I immediately came back to this idea.

Let's be honest. Haikus are better than rambling any day of the week.


What's a flying change?
I can't even count my strides.
I'm an eventer.


For the amateurs:

Oh my god, you guys.
My horse missed his lead changes.
I just lost my class.

Get the change, she said.
Sit up and add leg, she said.
Too late. We're jumping.

For the pros:

Auto change installed.
He's already four years old.
Plus he's an import.


Start flying changes?
They'll wreck your horse for a year.
Best hire a pro.

Upper level horse.
Mystical and magical.
This one has changes.


  1. HAHAHAHA thank you for being on the internet. Made my day.

  2. lol "i can't even count my strides" - yep sounds about right!

  3. HAHAHAHA Oh this is brilliant in so many ways!

  4. Lmao! Wonderful (Esp coupled wit bobbyface)

  5. Lmao! Wonderful (Esp coupled wit bobbyface)

  6. Love this. Having dabbled in all three (never as a pro or with upper level anything)... YES.

  7. Hahaha perfection.
    Too Late. We're jumping.

  8. Love this post, haha. Although, I'd love to hear the "long winded" version too :)


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