Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WW: A Photoshoot

A quick non-wordless introduction first.

I had originally planned on taking these with my real camera while it was sunny out. Then I forgot my camera at home and it started lightly raining by the time I got to the barn. Not one to be backed out of an idea once it's in my head, I decided to see what I could get with my phone. I really wanted some dark bay winter coat Bobby pictures with a nice fall leaves background before it snows this weekend (No, but really. I might die if that actually stays in the forecast.).

Really the only problem I ran into is that I own Bobby. A chill dude by nature, I have inadvertently bomb proofed him to life. I stuck my empty peppermint bag on top of a broken tree branch and waved it around while hopping up and down and crinkling a peppermint wrapped in the hand with my phone, and he couldn't even be bothered to look my way half the time.

me: pose on this bridge dramatically, bobby!
bobby: pass. going to eat some wet leaves instead.

Few of these turned out well, but I think they fit with the blog perfectly. This is my horse. He is an internet celebrity for not being able to pose. Ever.

one ear forward is progress


watching horses in the paddock race around.

totally what i was going for, bobby.

at least he didn't wade in. 

super mad because i waved the reins at him to get him to pick his head up from the grass

"you parked me in head high snacks. what do you expect?"

surely if i crouch in the grass underneath you and
crinkle the bag you'll put your ears up. 

"hullo. are you having fun leaping around in these weeds?"

i don't even know how this one happened.


  1. This is HYSTERICAL. And 100% Bobby.
    Such a celebrity, he is.

  2. OMG that bridge video is amazing. I heart Bobby.

    My horse is equally difficult to pose, but mostly cause his resting state is "alarmed giraffe."

  3. I love Bobby! He's so endearing.

  4. You definitely captured his personality in these!

  5. This made me laugh way too hard.

  6. That was HILARIOUS!

  7. d'awwww robert!!! i kinda love his dopey ears :D

  8. This is really funny. Way to go Bobby, just keep being yourself!

  9. Excellent Bobby pics... captures him perfectly!


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