Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Review, October Goals

September Review:

1. Take two lessons, or... I took a lesson once a week all month! I'm so happy the trainer BM recommended and brought in turned out to be the perfect fit for both my learning style and Bobby's somewhat volatile brain. Lessons will continue, although I will be missing this Friday's due to some scheduling conflicts.

2. Take one lesson and send in a show entry. See lessons above, and I sent in a show entry as well.

3. Jump a full course. Yes and no? I strung some jumps together, but this barn's indoor is not very well equipped for a lot of jumps being out unless you set them right on the rail which makes its narrowness even worse. Bobby's not a fan of the outdoor's footing so we don't do much out there ever, and there isn't a lot of jump stuff out there anyway.

4. Up the work load and expectations for Bobby. This one's kind of tricky because a lot of the stuff I'm making him worker harder at are things he already knows. However, due to all the fitness he lost while being broken, we're having to...not relearn them, but rebuild the muscle to do them at all. That makes sense, right? It makes sense in my head. Anyway, he's for sure gotten much stronger.

freshly clipped with a patchy bald butt. klassy.

October Goals:

1. Work on lengthening and shortening the canter in both saddles on both leads. I had the best flat ride the other day where I was able to really adjust Bobby's canter to ten different canters and it was amazing. It was also in my dressage saddle and only on the left lead. I know the key to better jumping is getting that awesome canter, so I need to get my body to function properly in my jump saddle. I also need to up the ante on that bastard right lead.

2. Maintain contact and connection during all transitions. This means no throwing of the head in the air when I shorten my reins from free walk to anything besides free walk, Bobby. Going to ask for help with this in my next lesson.

3. More fitness work. More conditioning rides for Bobby, more no stirrup and two point work for me.

4. Finish our show season on a positive note. Doesn't matter if that means we come home with zero ribbons from this last show, or pull up halfway, or whatever. I just want this to be a good experience so I don't feel like I ended the season on a complete shit note.


  1. You are smashing those goals. Well done!

  2. Great job on the goals - esp since he injured himself and whatnot.

  3. i love your new trainer haha - the recaps are solid gold. also, yea i could pretty much steal each of your october goals as my own since i really need help in all of those areas (and also want a happy ending!)

  4. I really really love goal #1....this is something I think a lot of us eventers forger to do. Dressage saddle means serious, jump saddle means fun. Love it.


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