Monday, October 19, 2015

A sort of lack of focus

Getting in a couple of constructive rides at the end of last week and over the weekend maybe possibly did not happen. I think I can safely say that my October goal of doing more fitness work is maybe possibly definitely not getting checked off at the end of the month.

Two point? I missed the deadline for twopointober by giving Bobby an extra day off after our show, and then Death Cold struck, and the one time I've managed to intentionally hover over my saddle I can't say the fear of drowning in my own mucus wasn't a valid concern.

No stirrup work? Well, I did totally nail that shit Saturday.

skeptical bobby is skeptical. skeptical on how he ended up with me as an owner.

Thanks to continuing vehicle troubles (Is my truck's transmission going to blow up today? Is that grating noise from my car's brakes ever going to stop, even after we've replace every single part possible? We may never know!), Hubby was guilted into taking me to the barn over the weekend. Since the weather had put a momentary kibosh on the snow and it was sunny outside, I figured there was no better time to get some nice outdoor riding pictures.

Unfortunately, thanks to the alternating random downpours and wet, shitty snow on Friday that I experienced in all their glory while turning twenty horses out for BM since she was wrangling teenagers at some fancy week-long show, the footing in the outdoor was pure slime.

look, we are riding outside! and also doing the gangsta lean. #reppin

In to the indoor we went, where I took Bobby through his paces in approximately three minutes before calling it quits. How many boring indoor flat videos can one person endure?

it was a good three minutes, but booooringgggg.
So instead I left Bobby parked in the middle of the ring while I dumped my dressage saddle back in the tack room and grabbed my neck strap/ancient stirrup leather. I hung ye olde Micklem on a jump standard, had Hubby give me a leg up, and then away we went to make sure Bobby remembered the basics of bridleless riding while in the relative safety of the ring.

Like all other bad spur of the moment ideas I force upon my horse (Remember the time I decided to teach him to drive? I just did it. In a week. With no problems. And now you can hitch him after six months off to cruise around he doesn't even blink.), he went right to work without issue. After a quick w/t/c, I told Hubby we were going for a quick romp outside, and if he could get some pictures, I'd finish up and stop torturing him.

can we just take a moment to marvel at how this horse's forelock
does not know the meaning of laying straight down the middle EVER?
it's permanently parted, like a big, silly fucking mustache on his forehead.

Once the field full of OTTBs caught sight of us loping down the trail, they all went into full racehorse mode. Bobby did a sassy head snake at them, and then let out the prissiest of bucks, but other than that, he completely ignored them. It was too muddy to do more than wander around a bit anywhere besides the main path outside the paddocks, so our photo shoot wasn't too exciting.

However, any pictures where Bobby has his ears forward are treasured by me, and I think he looks pretty adorable.

bobby has such a man crush on hubby.
every time we passed him, he'd crane his head towards him to check
if he was willing to stop the nonsense and dole out snacks instead.

no tack and the great out of doors equals the quietest canter ever.
i think this is how we'll start competing at shows.

As of today, Bobby will be going on day six of doing pretty much nothing but short lived shenanigans. October or November has always been when I give him off after a full show season. He didn't have to go through that this year, but I guess I can pretend like that's what I'm doing this time around? But maybe I should ride him for real just once before our lesson Friday. Or not because then we'll get yelled at more and I'll have a good lesson post for you!

are we the best at posing? i think so.
i also think i need to really re-clip that floofy fucking tail.

There will be plenty of time to be stuck in the indoor to work hard on dressage and jumping. We need to play outside while we still can.


  1. That "outdoor arena" shot looks suspiciously like a water jump...

    Also, love the forelock 'stache!

  2. You and Bobby are my heroes! He is amazing, you are amazing... if the whole eventing thing doesn't work out you could DEFINITELY join the circus.

  3. Bareback, bridleless AND outside?! You are my idol.

  4. Now that's cool. Not sure Courage is the best horse to try that on at this point... but it needs to happen.

  5. Wow, no tack! Incredible!

    Eww. Gross footing. I thought our's was sloppy.

  6. I love his uphill, quiet canter!!

  7. Bareback bridle less... I will probably never accomplish that...

  8. Ummm, I'm officially jealous. My horse would probably wander off and eat grass :/

  9. This is amazing. I miss riding bareback and bridleless. Nilla would kill me. Bobby is seriously awesome.

  10. Just a couple of bad asses making New York as cool as it could be.

  11. That outdoor arena footing looks incredibly similar to the one at the show this weekend, awful isn't it!?

    You are super brave, tackling the wild outdoors with nothing but a strap around the neck! Would make me so nervous, especially riding past a paddock full of fluffy hooligans! Carry on making the most of the outdoors, the year is going far too fast and you'll soon have winter. blergh.

  12. awwww good man Bobby! tho it's kinda depressing to think that you're already dealing with snow. ugh.

  13. Wow! Tackless outdoor ride? #goals

  14. Always jealous of people that can ride at more than a walk while bareback! I have been playing around with going no hands at the end of our rides with Sydney, and she has been very confused by the whole situation. We will get there...maybe.

  15. Bareback, bridleless and outside... You got guts lady! Love the pictures!


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