Friday, September 25, 2015

Redemption for a good ride

Phew, I have a much better lesson recap post for you guys than last week. Hallelujah for crappy rides!


sometimes he's adorable and meets me at the gate when he sees my car pull in.

As I mentioned briefly in yesterdays post, thanks to all the various lumps and bumps Bobby accrued this past week, I'd only ridden him twice between these two lessons. He came out a little creaky and grouchy this morning no doubt thanks to another flare up of hives (ARHGBJKSKJGHDKJHGKHGH WITH THESE FUCKING LUMPS) and just general malaise that he had to work, and he never really let go and softened up during our ride.

Fortunately for blog fodder, that meant Trainer dropped some good one-liners on us again.
  • You find life very tiring, don't you, Bobby? You're a very philosophical thinker.
  • Get him walking more briskly. You look like you need an electric shock.
  • With the half halt, you slide your hips forward and hold. A half halt is a release once you've readjusted the balance of the horse. The upper level riders are half halting all the time. I want you to work on riding for a halt. Half halt, but then don't let it go--hold your hips in place until you get a halt. None of this giving up and going to the reins.
  • Come in here right now, Carly. I have no idea what you're doing, but it's a today problem. You're bring your leg back here (just behind the girth) and constantly nudging him asking him to do something, I don't know what. Your leg needs to hang here, at the girth, and stay there. If you keep it back where you had it and I asked you to move his haunches over, you'd have to kick him in the stifle to get it done.
  • He's a long horse, his steps can be long.
  • Bring his haunches inside the track about the width of the horse. Well...that's about two inches. Maybe. You'll need to work on that.
  • He's at medium mold today.
  • He's not using his diaphragm in the canter as well today as he usually does. He's got to show up and go to work four, five, six days a week, but we'll cut him some slack. He is trying. 
  • We won't charge admission for it, but he did get both leads. 
  • When asking for the leg yield, step him over, don't just push against his big meaty side. Make him cross his legs like a dancer. 
  • That's embarrassing. It takes a lot of talent to trip over sand at the walk.
  • He's not really feeling up to it today, but he's got to be a good christian and try. 
  • I can't wait for you to get out and start competing next season. You're going to have a very easy time with these tests. I'll be quite disappointed if you don't. That is unless he gets excited at shows. No? No, he doesn't get excited about anything, does he?
  • I'd like to see boots on his legs for jumping and increased flat work instead of bandages. They look sharp, but that's about all they do. (Wh-whaaat?! But white polos make a dressage horse!!)
he also looks cute when i disappear into the tack
room for more than two seconds and he thinks i've
left him for all eternity, and he's so grateful when i
come back to claim feed him.

We didn't get pushed for much today because Bobby was just in a bit of a funk. Trainer said he's allowed to have a day like that when he needs one, but be prepared to work twice as hard next week. No doubt that means plenty of opportunities for yelling!


  1. I lol'd at "We won't charge admission for it yet..." She's hilarious!

  2. "We won't charge admission for it" made me LOL!! Love her!! You need to have someone do an audio recording.

  3. giggling @ bobby the 'good christian.' i kinda hate the days when they're a little blah, kinda always feels like a wasted lesson - except that it teaches me how to sorta work through it i guess

  4. Can I just come listen to your lessons? They sound awesome hahaha

  5. I think it's time we get some audio from your lessons, the charging admission comment and his big meaty side were amazing bahahaha

  6. Some of those one-liners sound like a lot more than one line... but, OMG, hilarious!!

  7. I liked that he's 2" wide. Haha. I have one of those too!

  8. I litterally started ROFL when I got to the tripping over sand at the walk comment.

    So.Damn.Funny and I'm sure we've done that at least a half a dozen times lol.

  9. Omg dying!!

    I think I need a shock some days too lol!!

  10. These are great. Some days I wish I could reach back and kick my horse in the stifle.

  11. Love! I want lessons like yours.

  12. I love this trainer.


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