Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WW: Barn Tour

Because it's hot, and humid, and the stallion has the day off, I figured there was no better time to give you guys a tour of my new-ish barn! Also because neither the BO or BM creep me out by being in their presence (coughlastbarncough), and I finally have barn friends, I plan on being here for my NY duration.

Which will not be permanent.

But anyway....

the boarders' tack room. my trunk is the open monstrosity.

lesson horse tack room, bathroom, office.

feed room, tack rooms, and stalls to the right, indoor to the left.

the indoor, which is in the process of getting its footing reworked

front view of the barn from the driveway. 


grazing brown beast between the outdoor and barn

bobby's paddock. all but 2 of the paddocks are dry lots which sucks, but pasture around
here is very hit or miss which we knew when we moved.
fortunately, the hay here is unbelievable quality. 

out to the trails

BO's house in the background.
you can also get to the trails from the driveway.

stalls. obvi.

eating brown beast in his stall. 

It's not the prettiest place, but it works for us!


  1. I love the fact that the boarders and lesson people have separate tack rooms!!! Shame about the lack of pasture, but overall looks like a great place :)

  2. Totally jealous of the dry lots! As someone with a fat pony that would be the best part of that barn. Too bad I can't send you our rich pasture so that we can trade.

    1. I actually really don't mind it because Bobby was getting SO footsore being out on grass at the last place. He gets hay out there, and he gets to wonder around at will and graze whenever I'm out, so he's not missing out on too much.

  3. Heh I want to move the hot tape on his paddock so he gets a few feet of grass to munch on. Slowly you could have his paddock magically enlarge. ;)

  4. If it wasn't in NY, that barn would be really lovely.

  5. Your barn looks really nice. Jealous of the trails.

  6. Your trails look amazing! Sometimes the best places are the least pretty.

  7. The trails are gorgeous and all that grass.....swoon!

  8. It looks nice! Has a homey-feel :) Glad you found your NY barn home.

  9. certainly looks like you've got everything you need! i'm also jealous about the indoor!!


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