Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Small Things

Two posts in two days! Whaaaat. It must mean something exciting has happened.

Now that I can do more with my horse than walk in circles, I'm going to mount a blog come back and see if I can't keep the old lady going a little more consistently.

So what have Bobby and I done since yesterday? Not a lot, especially since I didn't even go out to the barn yesterday. Pouring rain plus kids camp does not equal Carly sharing space in the indoor. Sorry.

Not sorry.

But! Today we did the most exciting thing. Bobby jumped his first jump in almost two months!

"uh, der, wut?"

First though, I had a moment of panic when I walked into his stall and his ankle was giant again. It wasn't warm, but it was big enough that I was convinced the two minutes of cantering I've been incorporating in the last few rides had been too much, and I was already resigning myself to having to restart this whole rehab process from square one.

However, I threw him on the longe and he was one hundred percent sound. BM told me everyone had to stay inside last night because of the crazy storms blowing through, so we figured the swelling was probably just from that. So on went the jump tack with fingers crossed he'd remain sound under saddle and I could pop him over one of the tiny jumps in the ring for funsies.

here is a picture of a lounging black bear because my media is lacking.

Robert felt awesome under saddle. Another girl was getting a dressage lesson as I was riding, and she kept getting told to stop pulling and lighten up her horse's front end. Meanwhile, Bobby's over here just like, "What up, I look like a well trained fancy prancer, bitches." Sometimes he makes me look good.

Sometimes he makes me look like I beat him and have never ridden a horse before in my life and we're both lifelong drivers of the struggle bus, but sometimes we look good.

nobody panic, we're professionals.

Anyway, we did the w/t/c, and then snuck in over a small X set up on the quarter line. Bobby perked his giant mule ears when we turned in, but he never changed pace and popped over it like it was an actual jump from the perfect distance and cantered off also like he'd been trained to do things once upon a time.

Yay, I jumped my horse!!!! So what if it was 18" and only one time!

I finished with a long walk break and a few laps each direction of no stirrup posting trot. His leg felt tight and cool when we were done, so I'm going to blame the swelling on stocking up. Maybe that leg will just do that from now on, the same way his hind legs stock up when he gets left in.

When I got done with RuPaul, I headed down the road to ride a pony for one of Niamh's friends.

not me riding.

The pony was adorable, and was basically like riding a mini, spotted Thoroughbred. Only she would actually stop when you asked her to. Not that I'm saying there are large, bay, and a little bit ugly Thoroughbreds out there that don't always stop when you want them to...but I've heard that's a thing. 


  1. asdfghlshfgakba! The pony! I hope it comes here! Emily said I was going to freak out!

    1. If you guys do end up with her, wait until you jump her. You. Will. Die. She's amaaaazing!!

  2. yay! jumping!!!!!

    rascal's let hind pastern keeps blowing up to epic proportions. but he is totally sound and works out of it. his heels are tender but i cant find a reason for him to be so huge back there. has he been talking to robert? if so that has to stop!

  3. Eeeeek pony! Also so happy Bobby is doing well!

  4. Agreed. When Paloma had her canon bone incident, vet student told me to keep her inside for the day. I came to see her at night and her leg was a tree trunk. A bit of hand walk later since she was never lame on it.... tadah! Normal!

    Nice to see you back in the game.

  5. yay for jumping your mule again!!!!!

  6. Yay fancy prancy Bobby! And that spotted pony is too cute.

  7. Jump! Pony! Updates! Look at you go!

  8. Woohoo! Hopefully this means you guys are 100% back in action! Bobby just wanted a nice extended vacation I guess. Glad he's feeling so good!


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