Thursday, August 13, 2015

Like a real event horse. Just ask Bobby.

I am happy to report that my horse's under saddle personality has returned in all its bipolar glory.

My main focus right now is rebuilding muscle while not pushing too hard and re-aggravating Bobby's leg. This compromises mostly of walking whether we're off the walk-only schedule or not.

One of the biggest draws of my new barn is that there are actual trails with actual terrain, so now we can do actual conditioning work without the stress of trotting and cantering in endless circles.


Now, having a hill to walk up and down may not seem exciting to most people. We did move up here from PA where it was difficult to find a flat area to work on after all. But it's such a rarity around here that when I came to look at the barn, the BM trudged all the way to the back of the property to show it to me.


A hill!

So majestic!

Board here! People come from miles to use our hill!

well, at least the neighboring barn comes over.

Anyway, that was a completely random tangent that had absolutely nothing to do with the story I was going to tell about my horse being a complete fucking idiot when no one is looking. Oh, wait. I was going to write that we're doing more trail riding than arena work now because I'm trying to rebuild muscles. And then I was going to extrapolate on yesterday's trail ride.

And then I took a break to eat some candy and contemplate erasing this entire post so far and writing something that's cohesive and not rambling, but when has that ever been my prerogative? Never!

also we have a pond to go with our hill

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I'd let Bobby walk over one of the smaller cross country jumps on a trail ride, and that he then got in touch with his super fast event horse side and had a minor spaz attack. Yesterday I threw on his snackamore and we wandered back into that same field.

As Bobby strolled around mowing down grass while we "worked out" (he would probably build muscle faster if I actually made him march for the full hour-ish we're out, but....whatevs), we ended up grazing by that same jump.

sighted in

He stopped to graze a few feet away from it, but I wasn't allowing any actual stopping. Graze and go, as you will. I gave him a squeeze with my legs that he ignored, so then I gave him a nudge with my heels.


captured by my phone which was in one hand apparently still taking pictures

i swear i wasn't falling

Really, I'm not sure what it is about this tiny fucking stack of logs he finds so inspiring, but it awakens the beast in him like no other.

He did, however, get his tiny brain under control quickly enough and remained sane for the rest of the trail ride. I parked him by the outdoor to graze while watching kids' camp play games, and BM was like, "I swear if he didn't get skinny I wouldn't believe he was a Thoroughbred. He's the calmest horse I've ever met!"

To which I was like, "......................."

"oh, hai! do you have the cookies for me?"

"yeah, no. that was a demand. GIVE ME THE COOKIES."

Today I was actually going to try to get a little bit of dressage schooling done. I put Bobby back in a snaffle since I was planning on staying in the ring, but he was an absolute fuck face and a half in it. Leaning, pulling, yanking, head flinging, you name it. I was just about to get off and stick his stupid face back in the elevator that he goes so quietly in (with one rein because obviously I abuse my horse. Pretty sure we've been through that before.) when BM stuck her head in and asked if I wanted to go on a trail ride.

Um, yes. Yes I do.

pissy pants ears that no one acknowledged he's the fastest horse in the land.

I did end up throwing the elevator back on, but with the rein attached to the snaffle ring. Baby steps to a nicer bit. Bobby was happy to trudge along at the back on the line until we started trotting. I didn't have to worry about him running up the back of anyone though because we were too busy going sideways.

Love this dude.

I let him hop over a log stack (significantly bigger than the stumps he so loves) and that actually mostly settled him for awhile. We finished off in the front field where there are more cross country jumps (there's nothing big here, but yay, jumps on terrain!).

Even though I was in my dressage saddle, I let Bobby take a touring loop of the field at the canter and jumped four things: an X, 2'6" tires, a 3' brush box, and a 2'6" table. He was strong, but in a powerful beast mode way and not an asshole way. First cross country jumps crossed off the list!

then i made him wear the ice boot for eternity. 

Tendon-wise, his leg looks really, really good. He hasn't had any fluid in it since being left in overnight. Cosmetically, I'm still dealing with his random cut. It started scabbing over in a way I didn't like and was starting to exude some pus, so I pulled the scab off, gave it a thorough betadine scrub, and told it to try again.

freshly scrubbed and picked at.

After a night with a dab of furazone and a quick bandage over it to keep it clean during turnout, it already looked better today. Let's hope it stays that way. This horse has always been sound and mostly blemish free. I guess he's trying to make up for that in one fell swoop now.

And, as a quickie in mule news--real mule news, not my imposter--check out Olivia's 200th post giveaway! A blonde mule? Bobby would be in love.


  1. Thanks for the link. He might love her. Some horses love them, but some horses freak the fuck out and cannot handle the existence of mules. I had to take Nilla to stand far away at a ride because a horse was flying sideways over logs and nearly trampling spectators all because Nilla was standing there doing nothing. But I could see Bobby loving her.

    1. My last horse thought mules were the devil. He tried to say hello to one over an electric fence once and zapped himself right as one let out a bray and ever since associated mules with electrocution.

  2. I missed this somehow--what happened to Bobby's poor leg?

    1. He cut it. In turnout. While wearing boots. In short, fuck if I know.

  3. lol i love the random pictures of you totally not falling off. oh bobby... glad his legs are doing better and that he's making such excellent impressions with mgmt! lol

  4. With the scab, try and put a thick sheen of baby rash cream on it. It'll loosen the scab so it won't tear/rip open again and it'll still let the wound heal. I did that with Suzie and found that the cuts healed much better that way vs me picking them and scrubbing them all the time.

  5. Galloping horse side shot photography is excellent. Pro status.

  6. once an event horse... always and event horse

  7. I love the term snackamore!! So true. I'm also super jealous of your pond, we have lots of hills around here but no ponds for ponies! None that I've found at least.

  8. Glad Bobby is back in action... no matter WHAT that action is.

  9. Snackamore!! bahahaha LOVE IT. Bobby will always be The Greatest Event Horse Ever.

  10. Snackamore is still the best term ever. Also, in one of the treat begging pictures, Bobby actually looks really adorable and not like a mule, even though he is the best mule ever<3

    1. Blogger freaking hates me so I had to use Google instead of my Back in the Tack normal wordpress. UGH

  11. Bobby leans on the bit too? So glad I am not alone...

  12. Jealous of your pond and all that luscious grass!! Glad you're back to doing fun things like not falling off and jumping XC in a dressage saddle ;)


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