Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Puppy

Because my horse is just a boss at dressage, and oh my goodness so fucking fancy, and someone might have laced his cookies with Xanax, and if they ever come forward I will thank them profusely, so I don't have anything I can make a full blog post about.


I'll give an update on my poochie poo because who doesn't like puppy spam on a cold winter day? You are Satan if you don't. So go away. 

remember this little nugget? when she was a wee baby?

Mags will be seven months in a week, and she currently weighs in at sixty five pounds. But that's this week. She puts on three to four pounds a week. Now I grew up around big dogs--mostly Shepherds and Shepherd mixes, and Mags is a Shepherd/Pyrenees--but the only big dog we actually had as puppy was a Pyrenees named Moby (after the great white whale...because he was just that). Moby was a brute and too much dog for our at the time very old Akita/Shepherd Jake, so he went to go live with one of my mom's friends at six months where he proceeded to eat their kitchen table, back door, and Christmas tree.

Puppies are fun.

with my old man thor over thanksgiving.

Anyway, my point there was that it's a little alarming how fast this puppy is getting big. We're keeping her on the leaner side so she doesn't put quite so much stress on those growing limbs, but she still eats five cups of food a day. And of course she has to eat the closest thing to grain free we can find because we found right off the bat that she's allergic to grain--and our vet was happy to inform us that Pyrenees are prone to all the allergies ever. 

Want to know what's expensive? A fifty pound bag of all natural large breed puppy dog food that needs to be replaced every few weeks. 

she already looks like a full grown dog to me.
i kind of want to just finish growing already so i can see what she looks like.

Aside from the grain allergy, the only other problem we've encountered with her so far is really dry winter skin that makes her really itchy. We just started her on fish oil a week ago in hopes that it will help her out. 

Training-wise, we're starting to hit some road blocks. As long as you have her attention, she's super smart and picks things up lightening fast. But if there are any distractions around, forget it. It's like talking to a wall. A really fucking dumb wall. She completely ignores you and acts like she can't hear anything. She takes all her cues from Pig, so if they're off playing and you call only Mags back, she won't come unless Pig does too. Not cool.

Also not cool is when little prancey deer come frolicking into the yard when the dogs aren't tied. Our deer like to play this fun game where the dogs chase them into the woods behind the house and then the deer just stop. When we had Darcy, she'd turn right around and bring Pig back with her because Darcy was the best baby dog ever. 

her go-to snow pose. face plant.

But Pig, the little shit, just uses the deer as an excuse to go for an unsupervised jaunt in the woods, and she takes Mags with her. Pig comes back when called. Mags turns into Dumb Brick Wall and doesn't. Do you want to know how happy it makes me to hike out there and find her in dense brush, get eyes on her, know she sees me too, and still have her just meander around on her own and not acknowledge my existence whatsoever?


a little patented pyr drool

Hubby and I have been working religiously with her that whenever she comes, she is the best dog ever and best dogs ever get so many cookies, yay, good dog! It's very difficult to reprimand her in any way because then she's like, "Nope. No way. If I come to you, you're going to beat me." Which we're not, but who knows what her history was the three months before we got her. 

The other thing we're struggling with is that she seems to have entered the Chewing Phase of puppy-dom. She. Eats. Everything. 

luff snow.

She has eaten the corner off the bottom stair of the stair case. She's working her way around the baseboard in the living room. She finds the tiniest snag in the carpet and pulls up giant chunks. Of course she has about a thousand fucking bones laying around the house, copious amounts of toys, she goes for a two mile walk almost every day, gets to play at the barn almost every day, and has a high energy sister to play with whenever she wants. 

No excuses for the chewing. I've filled a spray bottle with vinegar, and that's deterred her from spots she's already visited, but it's like a guessing game where she'll hit next. 

luff snow so much.

But overall we're really happy with her. She has loved every dog she's met. She's great around the horses and stays put in the arena when I ride now. She thinks kitties are the greatest thing in the whole entire universe. She's got a great big bark and looks like a fucking monster with her hair raised which makes me feel better living out in the middle of nowhere with Hubby being gone a lot, but she doesn't actually have a mean bone in her body. I think once she's done growing and has settled the puppy brain down, she'll be pretty much perfect. 

Anyone want to take guesses on what she'll finish weighing in at? The vet says 100 pounds. Hubby thinks eighty. I think five hundred gazillion.

totally blown away by the magic of skis.


  1. She's so adorable! Brick Wall Syndrome sounds a whole lot like Husky Brain. I've solved, or am at least working with, Husky Brain through the use of an e-collar. It's awesome. It's taught my dogs that, god-dammit, I can touch them when they are off leash, and they better listen to me all the time, because I am doggy-god, and dammit, I said so.

    So there.

    Might give that a try. Though, they aren't cheap.

  2. You should do a guessing game and tally for guessing her finishing weight. Just sayin'.

  3. My dog is exactly the same with the brick wall thing. So frustrating!!

  4. That's a Pyr for you. They don't come when called, they can't be bothered to fetch, and they're piiiicky eaters. Also, the drool is special. Thank God for tile floors.

    But they're sweet and huge and have that giant WOOF that will keep anything at a mile distant. So yeah, wait till she outgrows the puppy phase and you'll end up with a giant black fur rug. And the accompanying "ruglets" that happen during shedding season. :)

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth! They are special dogs who require special owners, but I think you've got the right stuff. I also second the e-collar training. Good stuff right there. I am also going to go with Lauren and say maybe 90lbs. But hell, maybe more. She is so damn adorable.

  5. I'm going to split the middle and go 90! She's so fluffy and cute though :)

  6. She is so cute!! Our pup is also super easily distracted...oh silly dogginses.

  7. Oh god puppies are terrible/wonderful. I raised this phenomenal german shepherd (ex has her now, sadface) and I remember the brick wall when her hearing stopped working for a while. I thought I'd kill her. I'm going to guess 90 pounds just because I think vets overestimate to scare us a little.

  8. 'patented pyr drool' - lol! she's such a sweetie!

  9. She's a beast - but a beaut. I lol'd so hard reading this post. #sorrynotsorry

  10. Oh wow. I could not deal with that. I'm very familiar with brick wall syndrome due to having a beagle (NEVER GET A BEAGLE) but when your brick wall only weighs 25lbs and is baying, he's a lot easier to track down.

    I like the idea of big dogs, but I live in town and my teensy12 pound bonus dog is making me really happy.

    Unless I'm alone at night.

  11. I'm going to go with 110. Because why stop at 100 when you can be bigger?

  12. Try tea tree oil shampoo (one you let her soak in) for they dry skin. it's helped my lab pup and my old man dog.

    Ranger is probably over 80lbs right now and still growing. I'm scared to weigh him...... though thankfully he is a porkchop and has to be fed on a strict diet because he was so fat when we got him. also on grain free..... but not 5 cups a day for one pup!

  13. I've heard coconut oil is helpful for dry skin too. :) She has the cutest face!!


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